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					A to Z in Spring Jewelry Trends 2009 Antique jewelry – it's gorgeous, soulful and can add sparkle to any outfit. Bangles – From gold to personalized sterling silver, it's the year of the bangle bracelet. Cuffs – The bigger, the better; cuff bracelets continue to push the limit in terms of size. Details – From small embellishments to delicate handmade touches, the small stuff counts. Enamel – By fusing metal and powdered glass, we get this cool crafty effect in the form of bangle bracelets and necklaces. Florals – Ranging in size from miniatures to oversize pieces, flowers are of the moment. Gold – Delicate wire bangles, bold chunky cuffs and layered chain necklaces are just a few of the ways to incorporate gold into your wardrobe. Hippie – Beaded necklaces, butterfly broaches and long necklaces adorned with gold coins can bring a free-flowing vibe to your look. Ice – Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Sparkly baubles are always a hit. Jewels – A quick and easy way to update any wardrobe that needs re-vamping. Kid inspired –From Hello Kitty to bright neon colors, it’s a return to our youth. Lucite – Clear or colored, these necklaces and chunky bracelets are gorgeous graphics to take you into spring and through the summer. Modern – Geometric shapes for bold necklaces and bracelets are all the rage. Necklaces – Beaded, layered and multi-strands currently dominate the runway and pages of all the major fashion magazines.

Organic – Materials made from the earth, such as leather cuffs, suede corded bracelets and wooden earrings can take you back to your natural roots. Pearls – A bridal classic, pearl jewelry sets are also making the top of the must have list for everyday wear.

Quartz – Of all the precious stones, this is one that can be both feminine and rugged and can compliment a bohemian look. Rhinestones – They can dress up any outfit and look great day or night, especially in the form of chandelier earrings. Shells – Shell earrings and bracelets are a vacation must have and a big summer "Do". Tribal – This jewelry trend looks great in the form of a giant cuff bracelet. Unique – One-of-a-kind couture jewelry is always a hit. Volume – The bigger the necklace, the bolder the statement. Designers continue to push the envelope and make fun, yet wearable art. Wood – Naturally lightweight, wood makes for a fabulously stylish pair of earrings. 'X' quisite – Brilliant cuts and innovative designs usher in a new wave of jewelry trends this year. Youthful – From layered necklaces to earrings that dangle below the collarbone, women are enjoying a fun and fresh approach to wearing jewelry. Zebra print - This safari favorite has made a comeback and can subtly be added to basics to up the fashion ante. Resources: Necklaces: Earrings: Bracelets: Sterling silver jewelry: Jewelry sets: Fashion jewelry blog: