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									      Field                         Name                           Local Connection
Year NOBEL PRIZES connected to the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts
2010 Economics            shared Peter A. Diamond                  MIT-Ph.D and serves as an Institute Professor
2009 Chemistry            shared Thomas A. Steitz                  Harvard-Ph.D in biochemistry and molecular biology
2009 Physiology/Medicine  shared Jack W. Szostak                   Harvard
2009 Physiology/Medicine            Elizabeth H. Blackburn         Honorary Doctorate of Science from Harvard
2009 Peace                          Barack H. Obama                Harvard- J.D.
2009 Economics            shared Oliver E. Williamson              MIT-undergraduate degree in management
2008 Chemistry            shared Roger Y. Tsien                    Harvard-undergrad degree in chemistry and physics
2008 Chemistry            shared Martin Chalfie                    Harvard-undergrad degree in biochemistry
2008 Economics                      Paul Krugman                   MIT-Ph.D
                                                                   Harvard-Ph.D in biophysics, assistant and associate professor at Harvard Medical School
2007 Physiology/Medicine  shared Mario R. Capecchi                 1969-1973
2007 Peace                shared Al Gore                           Harvard-undergraduate degree in government
2007 Economics            shared Roger B. Myerson                  Harvard-undergrad degree in applied mathematics
2007 Economics            shared Eric S. Maskin                    taught at MIT from 1977-1984) (taught at Harvard from 1985-2000
2006 Physics              shared George F. Smoot                   MIT-Undergrad degree in math and physics and Ph.D in particle physics
2006 Chemistry                      Roger D. Kornberg              Harvard-Undergrad degree in chemistry
2006 Physiology/Medicine  shared Craig C. Mello                    Harvard-Ph.D
2006 Physiology/Medicine  shared Andrew Z. Fire                    MIT-Ph.D in biology
2005 Chemistry            shared Richard R. Schrock                MIT Professor of Chemistry
2005 Economics            shared Thomas C. Schelling               Harvard Professor Emeritus of Economics
2005 Physics              shared Roy J. Glauber                    Harvard Professor of Physics
2004 Chemistry            shared Aaron Ciechanover                 MIT Post Doctoral researcher 1981-84
2004 Physics              shared H. David Politzer                 Harvard PhD 1974
2004 Physics              shared Frank Wiczek                      MIT Professor of Physics
2004 Physiology/Medicine  shared Linda B. Buck                     Professor at Harvard Medical School from 1991-2002
                                                                   Undergraduate Student at UMass-Boston for a year and studied at Tufts School of
2003 Chemistry            shared Robert McKinnon                   Medicine and at Beth Israel Hospital
2003 Economics            shared Robert Engle                      MIT Professor of Economics 1969-77
2002 Chemistry            shared William S. Knowles                Undergraduate Degree from Harvard University with a major in Chemistry
2002 Physics              shared Robert Giacconi                   Harvard Professor of Astronomy 1973-1982
2002 Physiology/Medicine  shared H. Robert Horowitz                MIT Professor of Biology, MIT B.Sc. 1968
2001 Chemistry            shared K. Barry Sharpless                MIT Professor of Chemistry 1970-77, 1980-90
2001 Economics            shared George A. Akerlof                 MIT PhD 1966
                                                                   Harvard PhD 1972, Professor and Dean of Faculty for College of Arts and Sciences from
2001 Economics            shared A. Michael Spence                 1984-1990
2001 Economics            shared Joseph E. Stiglitz                MIT Phd 1966
2001 Peace                shared Kofi Annan                        MIT M.Sc. 1972
2001 Physics              shared Carl E. Wieman                    MIT B.Sc. 1973
2001 Physics              shared Wolfgang Ketterle                 MIT Professor of Physics
2001 Physics              shared Eric A. Cornell                   MIT PhD 1990
2001 Physiology/Medicine  shared Leland H. Hartwell                MIT PhD 1964
2000 Economics            shared Daniel L. McFadden                MIT Professor of Economics 1978-91
2000 Physiology/Medicine  shared Eric R. Kandel                    Resident in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School 1960-64, staff psychiatrist 1964-65
1999 Economics                      Robert A. Mundell              MIT PhD 1956
1998 Economics            shared Amartya Sen                       Harvard and Boston University Professor of Economics
1998 Physics              shared Robert B. Laughlin                MIT PhD 1976 and researcher at MIT Magnate Lab
1998 Physics              shared Horst L Stormer                   Researcher at MIT magnet Lab
1998 Physics              shared Daniel C. Tsui                    Researcher at MIT magnet Lab
                                                                   Harvard Professor of Business Administration and MIT Professor of Management 1970-88,
1997 Economics            shared Robert C. Merton                  MIT PhD 1970
1997 Economics            shared Myron S. Scholes                  MIT Professor of Management 1968-1973
1997 Physics              shared William D. Phillips               MIT PhD 1976
1996 Chemistry            shared Robert F. Curl                    Held a post-doctoral position at Harvard for several years
1996 Physics              shared David M. Lee                      Harvard Undergraduate degree in Physics

1995    Chemistry             shared   Mario J. Molina             MIT Institute Professor, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences / Chemistry 1989-04
1995    Literature                     Seamus Heaney               Harvard Ralph Waldo Emerson poet in Residence
1994    Economics             shared   John Forbes Nash Jr.        MIT Professor of Mathematics 1951-59
1994    Physics               shared   Clifford G. Shull           MIT Professor Emeritus (deceased)
1993    Economics             shared   Douglass C. North           Was born in and spent elementary years in Cambridge
1993    Physiology/Medicine   shared   Richard J. Roberts          Taught at various times at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School
1993    Physiology/Medicine   shared   Phillip A. Sharp            MIT Institute Professor, Biology
1992    Literature                     Derek Wolcott               Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Boston University
                                                                   Harvard Professor of Organic Chemistry and MIT B.Sc. 1948, PhD 1951, Professor of
1990    Chemistry                      Elias J. Corey Jr.          Physics (deceased)
1990    Chemistry             shared   Thomas R. Cech              MIT post doctoral researcher 1975-76
1990    Economics             shared   Merton H. Miller            Born in Boston and attended Harvard University for Undergraduate and Law degrees
1990    Economics             shared   William F. Sharpe           Born in Boston
1990    Physics               shared   Jerome I. Friedman          MIT Institute Professor Physics
1990    Physics               shared   Harry W. Kendall            MIT B.Sc. 1948, PhD 1951, Professor of Physics (deceased)
                                                                   Attended Harvard Medical School, Works or worked at Brigham's and Women's Hospital,
1990 Physiology/Medicine      shared   Joseph E. Murray            and Harvard Professor
1990 Physiology/Medicine      shared   E. Donnall Thomas           MIT postdoctoral researcher 1950
1989 Chemistry                shared   Sidney Altman               MIT B.Sc. 1960
                                                                   Harvard Professor of Physics and leader, fundamental development group, MIT Radiation
1989 Physics                           Norman F. Ramsey            laboratory 1940-42
1989 Physiology/Medicine      shared   J. Michael Bishop           Attended Harvard Medical School, Worked at Mass General Hospital
                                                                   Attended Harvard University for graduate studies on the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
1989 Physiology/Medicine      shared   Harold E. Varmus            Program
1988 Physics                  shared   Jack Steinberger            MIT Radiation Laboratory 1943-45
                                                                   Attended Harvard University for graduate studies, professor at Both Harvard School of
1988    Physiology/Medicine   shared   George H. Hitchings         Public Health and Harvard Medical School
1987    Chemistry             shared   Charles J. Pedersen         MIT M.Sc. 1927 (deceased)
1987    Economics                      Robert M. Solow             MIT Institute Professor, Economics
1987    Physiology/Medicine   shared   Susumu Tonegawa             MIT Professor of Biology
1986    Chemistry             shared   Dudley R. Herschbach        Harvard Professor of Chemistry

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      Field                         Name                           Local Connection
Year NOBEL PRIZES connected to the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts
1986 Peace                          Elie Wiesel                    Has been a professor of humanities at Boston University since 1976
1985 Economics                      Franco Modigliani              MIT Institute Professor Emeritus, Management, Economics (deceased)
                                                                   one of 7 founders of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, retired MIT
1985 Peace                shared Eric S. Chivian                   Psychiatrist, Medical Department
                                                                   one of 7 founders of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Harvard
1985 Peace                shared Bernard Lown                      Professor
1985 Physiology/Medicine  shared Michael S. Brown                  Spent several years as both an intern and resident at Mass. General Hospital
1985 Physiology/Medicine  shared Joseph L. Goldstein               Intern and Resident in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital (1966-68).
1984 Physics              shared Carlo Rubbia                      Harvard Professor
                                                                   Spent Middle School years at private school in Cambridge and Harvard Undergraduate
1982 Physics                        Kennth G. Wilson               degree in Mathematics
1981 Chemistry            shared Ronald Hoffman                    Received PhD from Harvard in 1962
      Physics                       David Hubel
1981 Economics                      James Tobin                    Undergraduate Degree from Harvard also did some graduate studies there as well
1981 Physics              shared Nicolaas Bloembergen              Harvard Professor and grad student
1981 Physiology/Medicine  shared David Hubel                       Harvard Professor of Biology and Microbiology, won with
1981 Physiology/Medicine  shared Torsten Wiesel                    Harvard Professor of Neurobiology
                                                                   Performed Post Doctoral Research and was a Biology Research Fellow At Harvard
1981 Physiology/Medicine  shared Roger W. Sperry                   University
1980 Chemistry            shared Walter Gilbert                    Harvard Professor
1980 Economics                      Lawrence R. Klein              MIT PhD 1944
1980 Physiology/Medicine  shared Baruj Benacerraf                  Harvard Professor of Comparative Pathology
1979 Physics              shared Sheldon Glashow                   Harvard and Boston University Professor of Physics
1979 Physics              shared Steven Weinberg                   Professor at MIT 1967-73 and Professor at Harvard

1979    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Allan M. Cormack             Professor at Tufts University late 1950's-late 1970's, chairman of Physics dept. from 68-76
1977    Physics                shared   John H. Van Vleck            Harvard Professor (deceased)
1976    Chemistry                       William Lipscomb             Harvard Professor of Chemistry (deceased)
1976    Literature                      Saul Bellow                  Professor Emeritus of English at Boston University (deceased)
1976    Physics                shared   Samuel C.C. Ting             MIT Professor of Physics
1976    Physics                shared   Burton Richter               MIT B.Sc. 1952, PhD 1956
1976    Physiology/Medicine    shared   D. Carleton Gajdusek         Attended Harvard Medical School and worked at Boston Children's Hospital
1975    Physics                shared   Ben R. Mottleson             Harvard University Graduate studies and PhD
1975    Physiology/Medicine    shared   David Baltimore              MIT post doctoral research, MIT Professor of Biology 1968-90, 1994-97
1973    Chemistry              shared   Geoffrey Wilkinson           MIT research associate, 1950 (deceased)
1973    Economics                       Wesley Leontief              Harvard Professor of Economics
1973    Peace                           Henry Kissinger              Attended Harvard University for Undergraduate Degree
                                                                     Received PhD from Harvard in 1943, also was an instructor and Assistant. Professor at
1972 Chemistry                 shared   Christian Anfinsen           Harvard Medical School
1972 Chemistry                 shared   William H. Stein             Received an undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1933, with a major in Chemistry
1972 Economics                 shared   Kenneth J. Arrow             Harvard Professor
                                                                     Was a Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University while doing Graduate
1972    Physics                shared   John Bardeen                 work at Princeton University
1972    Physics                shared   John Robert Schrieffer       MIT B.Sc. 1953
1972    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Gerald M. Edelman            Was a Medical House Officer at Massachusetts General Hospital
1971    Economics                       Simon Kuznets                Harvard Professor (deceased)
1970    Economics                       Paul A. Samuelson            MIT Institute Professor Emeritus, Economics
1969    Physics                         Murray Gell-Mann             MIT PhD 1951
1969    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Salvador E. Luria            MIT Professor of Biology (deceased)
1968    Physics                         Luis W. Alvarez              head of special systems, MIT Radiation Laboratory WW II (deceased)
1968    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Har Gobind Khorana           MIT Professor of Biology and Chemistry
1967    Physics                         Hans A Bethe                 MIT Radiation Laboratory WW II
1967    Physiology/Medicine    shared   George Wald                  Harvard Professor (deceased)
1966    Chemistry                       Robert S. Mulliken           MIT B.Sc. 1917 (deceased)
1966    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Charles B. Huggins           Earned MD from Harvard University in 1924
1965    Chemistry                       Robert Burns Woodward        Harvard Professor and MIT B.Sc. 1936 (deceased)
1965    Physics                shared   Richard P. Feynman           MIT, B.Sc., (deceased)
1965    Physics                shared   Jullian Schwinger            Harvard Professor, MIT Radiation Lab WW II, (deceased)
                                                                     Completed his residence for the doctorate in 1953 and receiving the degree in 1955 at
1964    Peace                           Martin Luther King           Boston University
1964    Physics                shared   Robert H. Townes             MIT Provost 1961-66
1964    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Konrad E. Bloch              Harvard Professor (deceased)
1962    Physiology/Medicine    shared   James D. Watson              Harvard Professor
1961    Physiology/Medicine             Georg Von Bekesy             Harvard Professor (deceased)
1959    Physics                shared   Owen Chamberlain             Served as Loeb Lecturer at Harvard for year of 1959
1958    Physiology/Medicine    shared   George Beadle                Was an assistant professor of genetics at Harvard University in late 1930's

1956    Physics                shared   John Bardeen                 Served as Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University from 1935-1938
1956    Physics                shared   William Shockley             MIT PhD 1936 (deceased)
1955    Physics                shared   Willis E. Lamb               Served as Loeb Lecturer at Harvard for 1953-54
1954    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Thomas H. Weller             Harvard Professor of Tropical Public Health
1954    Physiology/Medicine    shared   John F. Enders               Harvard Professor (deceased)
1954    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Frederick C. Robbins         Attended Harvard Med School and was Harvard Professor
                                                                     At Harvard Commencement in 1947, General Marshall urged generous aid for post-war
1953    Peace                           George C. Marshall           Europe, a policy history calls "The Marshall Plan"
1953    Physiology/Medicine    shared   Fritz A. Lipmann             Harvard Professor (deceased)
1952    Physics                shared   Edward M. Purcell            Harvard Professor and MIT Radiation Laboratory WW II (deceased)
1951    Chemistry              shared   Edwin M. McMillan            Staff MIT Radiation Laboratory 1940-41 (deceased)
                                                                     Employed as and assistant and then as an instructor at Harvard Medical school (1922-
1951    Physiology/Medicine             Max Theller                  1930)
1950    Peace                           Ralph J. Bunche              Masters Degree from Harvard and Harvard Professor (deceased)
1948    Literature                      T.S. Eliot                   Attended Harvard University for BA and MA Degrees
1947    Peace                           Henry J. Cadbury             Chairman of American Friends Service Committee and Harvard Professor
1946    Chemistry              shared   James B. Sumner              Attended High School at Roxbury Latin, and majored in Chemistry at Harvard
1946    Peace                           Emily Grenne Balch           Was born in and spent childhood and teenage years in Boston
1946    Physics                         Percy W. Bridgeman           Received three degrees from Harvard and was Harvard Professor

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      Field                         Name                           Local Connection
Year NOBEL PRIZES connected to the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts
1944    Physics                        Isidor Isaac Rabi         MIT Radiation Laboratory 1940-45 (deceased)
1944    Physiology/Medicine   shared   Edward A, Doisy           Received PhD Degree from Harvard University in 1920
1936    Literature                     Eugene O'Neill            Attended classes at Harvard University
1934    Physiology/Medicine   shared   William P. Murphy         Harvard Professor
1934    Physiology/Medicine   shared   George Minot              Harvard Professor
1914    Chemistry                      T.W. Richards             Graduate Student at Harvard University and also Harvard University Professor
1906    Peace                          Theodore Roosevelt        Attended Harvard University for Undergraduate Degree

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