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									Material ID: 27                                            Date Catalogued: 4.29.05

 Online Catalog Description for NCEA National Training Library Materials
Title of Material: Health and Safety Issues in APS

Primary Content Area: (CHECK ONE OR MORE)
Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation:                    General Information:
 Domestic Violence                             Cultural competence
 Elder Abuse                                   Ethics/self awareness
 Financial Exploitation                        Organization/administration
 Neglect                                       Public Education/Awareness building
 Self-neglect                                  Coalition Building/Community Outreach
 Sexual Abuse                                  The aging process
 Verbal/Emotional Abuse                        Other
 Other:
                                               Health/Mental Health:
Care Giving:                                    Developmental disabilities
 Care giving                                  X Medical Aspects of Abuse & Neglect
 Guardianship/conservatorship                  Mental illness
 Long-term Care Ombudsman                      Physical disabilities
 Family dynamics                              X Substance abuse
 Other:                                       X Other: Health hazards for workers

Case Management:                               Legal Matters:
 APS intervention & case planning              Legal documentation & reporting
 Assessing victim capacity                     Legal Issues
 Assessing victim risk                         Preparing for court
 Case documentation                            Other:
 Case termination/follow-up
 Intake/gaining access                        Training Aids:
 Interviewing perpetrators                     Adult learning theory
 Interviewing skills                           Curriculum evaluation
X Worker safety                                 Distance learning
 Other:                                        Trainer’s guidebook or instructions
                                               X Training content/agenda outline
                                                Other:

                                                Other:

Brief description of the primary content area: (ABSTRACT) This one-day training was
developed to provide workers with information that will assist them in recognizing
potential risk factors, as well as guidelines to safeguard them in the home setting.
Though the agenda for this training as it was originally presented is more
comprehensive, materials donated to the library include only informational handouts on
standard precautions, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS.

Material ID: 27                                                 Date Catalogued: 4.29.05

Year created: 1999

Contact Person
Organization       Rutgers, State University of New Jersey

Permission given to:
X House the material
X Share a written description of the material
X Duplicate to distribute as needed
 Lend one copy for a limited time only
 Additional copies of this material may be purchased from contact person (listed above)
       (Purchase cost is: $ _____ per copy)
X Other: Requestors should not use materials directly, but rather use them as resource materials
for developing their own curriculum.

*All original sources must be cited.*

Level: (CHECK ONE)
 Basic (general overview)
 Intermediate (specialized discussion)
X Advanced (in-depth for experienced practitioners)

Ease of training replication: (CHECK ONE)
 No training instructions
X Some training instructions
 Complete training instructions
Comment: Includes an agenda and training objectives.

Material ID: 27                                                 Date Catalogued: 4.29.05

 Article/Paper                                         PowerPoint (electronic)
 Audiotape                                             Video
 Booklet                                               Web site
 CD                                                    Other:
 Printed PowerPoint slide copies
X Printed handouts
 Photos/Pictures
Comment [number of pages, number of slides, etc.]: 11 pages of printed material.

Audience description: (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
APS Workers:                                        Caregivers:
 Aging network professionals                        Family/Primary caregivers
X APS professionals                                  Long-term care ombudsmen
                                                     Other
Medical Personnel:
 Emergency medical technicians                     Social Services:
 Health care providers                              Social service workers
 Nurses                                             Other
 Physicians
 Other                                             Other:
                                                     Clergy
Law Enforcement:                                     Collaborators
 Attorneys                                          Financial professionals
 Judges                                             Policy makers
 Law enforcement detectives                         Researchers
 Law enforcement street patrol                      Trainers of trainers or general trainers
 Prosecutors                                        Other:
 Other


Audience size: (approx.)
 General public
X Unlimited large group
X Average workshop/classroom size
 Small group only
 One-on-one

Material ID: 27                                            Date Catalogued: 4.29.05

Trainer requirements: (CHECK ONE)
 No trainer needed (self-help)
X Trainer(s) necessary
      X Needs specialized skills, experience or knowledge
       No specialized skills needed
      Comment [list background, special skills, etc.]: The material available can also be
used simply as reference material.

Training length specified:
X Yes
 No
 Not clear
 Not applicable
Comment: Developed as a 1-day training

Costs required:
X Facility
X Paper duplication
 PowerPoint equipment
 Overhead projector
 Video equipment
 Not applicable
 Other:

 Case studies/Anecdote                          Role-play
 Interactive with material                      Simulation
 Interactive with peers                         Slide (PowerPoint) presentation
 Interactive with trainer                       Small group
X Lecture                                        Video
 Questionnaire                                 X Written material
 Reflection                                     Other:

Predominant Type(s) of Learning: (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
X Cognitive (facts)
X Skill acquisition (how to)
 Affective learning (attitude, comfort)
 Other:


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