Accelar Upgrade by xiagong0815


									                                                       Core Network Switch Upgrade Project

Task                               Detail                                                             Date          Notes
A. Install new switch                                                                                 Friday PM
                                   Install Cisco Catalyst - remove Accelar, Cisco 3360, and Peribit
                                   Patch cables from wiring closets to new VLAN's
                                   All servers assigned to new VLAN - rearrange wiring
                                   Migrate old 167.187.51.x VLAN (Dataworks, HHC domain)
B. Change servers' IP settings                                                                        Friday PM     Modify subnet mask and gateway (, 10.8.5
                                   Test servers (start with Dataworks)

C. Re-assign static IP systems                                                                   Friday PM
                                   Janus display boards
                                   Other servers - scanrouter02-pc, adapuet-pc, chikiosk5, wbsec1, tpiersm

D. Create and activate new DHCP scopes (7)                                                            Friday PM
                                  Can not create new scopes until current 10.8.x.x deleted

E. Re-assign printer IP settings                                                                      Saturday AM Use JetAdmin, configure remainder (20+ printers) manu
                                   JetAdmin for most HP printers
                                   Also must re-configure Pacific print queues

F. Test printers                                                                                      Saturday PM

G. Test desktop DHCP re-assignments                                                                   Saturday PM
                                 Test from each Building area
H. Test app servers                                                                                   Saturday PM
                                 Dataworks, etc.
                     Core Network Switch Upgrade Project


printers) manually

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