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     Our Environment, Our Future: Climate Change - Wise Use of Resources - Tuesday
     November 15, 2011

     The Ottawa Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario is organizing a special workshop on
     “Our Environment, Our Future: Climate Change - Wise Use of Resources ”. The event will
     provide a unique interactive learning opportunities on “Use of Our Resources, Climate
     Change, and Greener Energy Alternatives”.

     The workshop will consist of approximately one hour of presentations and two hours of
     Panel Discussion.

     Venue: The workshop will be held at Nepean Sailing Club, 3259 Carling Avenue, Ottawa.


            5:30pm-6:15pm: Refreshments and Networking

            6:15pm-7:30pm: Presentations:

                o   Dr. Yves Poissant, CanmetENERGY-PV Technology Specialist & Project
                    Manager: 'Current State of PV, 2 yrs, 5-10 yrs, & comparison with other
                    energy sources'

                o   Dr.William (Liam) O’Brien, Carleton University: 'Sustainable buildings:
                    design approaches, technologies, case studies, and energy sources'

                o   David Rhynas P.Eng, M.Eng.: 'Climate Reality Canada: Climate Change–Our
            o   Kathryn Guindon M.Sc (ecology): 'Sustainable Food & Gardens'

       7:30pm-7:45pm: Break; setup for panel discussion

       7:45pm-9:30pm: Panel Discussions with questions from the floor

Cost: There is no cost for this event, but you must register through Eventbrite: For more information, please contact: Sucha
S. Mann, P.Eng. at or call 613-591-3002.

Presenter Bios:
Yves Poissant, Ph.D. (Photovoltaics) Dr. Yves Poissant is a PV Technology Specialist and
Project Manager within Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY since February 2002
where he manages a portfolio of R&D and demonstration projects related to photovoltaics.
His research interests include PV system and module performance assessment, standards
development, the integration of photovoltaics to buildings; and solar cell R&D activities in
Canada. He co-chairs the Canadian TC82 committee on standard development for PV
systems and components, is a Canadian expert within the International Electrotechnical
Commission TC82 WG2 committee, and he is a member of the PV Innovation Network.

William (Liam) O’Brien, PhD is an assistant professor in Carleton University new
Architectural Conservation and Sustainability program. He finished a Bachelors and
Masters in aerospace engineering in Toronto. The product of the latter is about 10 kg of
satellite hardware, which was launched into orbit in 2008. He completed a PhD at
Concordia University in building engineering. He is heavily involved in the Solar Buildings
Research Network and International Energy Agency Task 40 on Net Zero Energy Buildings.
He has 20 refereed conference and journal papers. Liam is researching design processes
and energy simulation for low-energy solar houses. He developed a design tool for solar
houses that will enable efficient exploratory design of both passive and active solar
systems. The tool is directly inspired by some of Liam’s experiences using simulation tools
for consulting. Visualization of design spaces is a central part of the design tool. Liam has
participated in several high-profile building projects, such as the University of Toronto’s
Mining Engineering Building, NRCan’s Varennes building, the Tower Renewal Program, and
a volunteer facility in Uganda. He is a proficient user of several industry-leading building
simulation tools, such as EnergyPlus and ESP-r. Liam is interested in studying energy use
and production on all levels of society from building to communities and city-level. He is
      interested in how urban form affects transportation energy use and solar energy
      availability. He aspires to use his skills to aggressively push the envelope towards more
      sustainable buildings and urban environments. He would like to use his research and
      models to influence designers, policy makers, and planners.

      David Rhynas is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in planning and
      managing the development of computer-based communication systems. His academic
      background includes degrees in system design and electrical engineering. David is a
      volunteer with Climate Reality Canada, an organization linked with Al Gore’s Climate
      Reality Project. He became inspired after reading Al Gore’s most recent book Our Choice,
      inspired enough to attend a training session by Mr. Gore and to promote the Gore
      message that there are a number of initiatives our society could readily undertake that
      would contribute to a more sustainable world. David is married with two children.

      Kathryn Guindon is the coordinator of the Seventh Generation Learning Series at Maison
      Tucker House, an environmental education centre, and developed the Sustainable Food
      module of this program. She holds a Master's degree in Ecology from Carleton University,
      where she studied the biology of invasive species. Kathryn is interested in all aspects of the
      food production system, from growing to processing to eating, and has been an avid
      organic vegetable gardener for many years. She has presented Sustainable Food
      workshops for a variety of groups including churches, schools, community groups, and at
      eco-fairs. Kathryn is also the regional representative of the Greening Sacred Spaces
      program, and a member of the Community Energy Network and the Thousand Solar
      Rooftops Initiative.

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