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					                                         Ballard High School Music Department
2011-2012                             PO Box 17774, Seattle, WA 98127 http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/

August 8, 2011

Dear BHS Band Members and Parents,

Welcome to another wonderful year in the Ballard High School Music Program! I hope you have had a restful
and relaxing summer and are able to enjoy the last few weeks of August before we kick off another fun and
rewarding year.

As is tradition at Ballard, the first weekend of school is our annual Band Camp, which will once again be held
at Camp Seymour near Gig Harbor. This is a required activity for all band students and drumline members and
is a way for us to start the school year off running (or marching!) as we learn a lot of the music that will be used
for football games, pep assemblies and the Homecoming halftime show. A particular focus of this year’s camp
will be to prepare us for the Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade which is at the end of September.

Band Camp is also a time where all freshmen and new students to Ballard will get to know the other people in
their sections as well as the rest of the members in the band. There are even a few hours of free time on
Saturday where you can hang out with your new (or old) friends, enjoy the activities and scenery of Camp
Seymour or work on some homework with each other. The camaraderie among band members is just part of
what makes the Ballard Band so special and many of you will leave this weekend having made some of your
best friends that will be with you throughout high school!

The BHS Marching Band has a reputation as one of the best bands throughout the state and it is a reputation we
are very proud to uphold. I am excited to begin the 2011-2012 school year and I look forward to working with
you as we continue the strong tradition of musical excellence in the Ballard Band!


Mr. James

Michael James
Director of Bands and Orchestras
                                              Ballard High School Music Department
2011-2012 Band Camp                      PO Box 17774, Seattle, WA 98127 – http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/

                      Ballard High School Marching Band Retreat
                            Camp Seymour, Gig Harbor, WA
                               September 9, 10, 11, 2011

Band Camp is a required activity for students in Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and the Percussion Drum
Line. These classes combine to form the Award Winning Ballard High School Marching Band.

Band Camp is the only time during the year where students receive intensive field and parade marching band
skills training and practice. New students will learn how to march in the Ballard style, and continuing students
will be able to improve their marching skills. At Band Camp, students will begin to learn music for the
Homecoming Halftime Show, parades, and football games. Some instruction will be provided by guest staff.
The weekend is also a great time for students to get to know each other through games, goal-setting activities,
sectional practices, and bonding opportunities.

To make this retreat possible, the enclosed registration form and payment of $165 must be returned to the
Music Department as soon as possible and no later than Friday, September 2, 2011. This fee covers the cost
for the buses, two night’s lodging, and food.

Buses will pick up students and chaperones at Ballard High School at 3:30 pm on Friday, September 9 and
will return them around 3:00 pm on Sunday, September 11.

You will need to bring:      *Your Instrument
                             *Your Pep Music
                             *Bedding (sleeping bag and pillow)
                             *Toiletries (soap, shampoo, sun screen, etc.)
                             *Old clothes and comfortable shoes

Please get your forms and checks in, and have a great time at camp!

Thank you,
Mr. James
Director of Instrumental Music
Ballard High School
                                               Ballard High School Music Department
2011-2012 Band Camp                        PO Box 17774, Seattle, WA 98127 – http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/

                  Camp Seymour Marching Band Camp
                      (Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Drum Line)
                               September 9, 10 and 11, 2011
                                      (Due Friday, September 2, 2011)

Student Name: ____________________________________________________________________________



Email(s): __________________________________________________________________________________

Please select one of the following:
_____ Enclosed is full payment in the amount of $165.00. Due Friday, September 2, 2011. Payment may be
     made in cash or check (payable to Ballard High School Music). PLEASE NOTE: Do not make checks
     payable to Music Boosters!

_____ I will need financial assistance to attend this retreat and will apply for a partial scholarship (Scholarship
     forms are available in the Music Room or on line at http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/ . Up to 50% of
     a given cost may be requested through our scholarship program.)

_____ I am able to pay the camp fee in full, but will need to make two payments of $82.50. (First payment
     due on September 2, 2011, and the second payment due on October 2, 2011.)

Let us know if you have any special dietary needs________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Signature:__________________________________________________________________

_____ I am interested in being a chaperone for the Camp Seymour band retreat, please contact me at:

           We will need at least 4 moms and 4 dads to chaperone. It is fun, and relatively easy!
 Contact Kathy Adolphsen (206-284-2864, adolphsen@earthlink.net) if you are interested or have questions.
                                                 Ballard High School Music Department
2011-2012 Band Camp                         PO Box 17774, Seattle, WA 98127 – http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/

                               RULES FOR Ballard High School BAND CAMP
                                           CAMP SEYMOUR
                                       SEPTEMBER 9th-11th, 2011

   1. Be at the right place at the right time…ON TIME!

   2. Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, or weapons of any kind. You will be sent home at your parents’
      expense if you violate this rule. School consequences will also apply.

   3. All school policies and procedures apply while on this trip.

   4. Never go anywhere alone! Always be in groups of three or more.

   5. Respect all chaperones. If they ask/tell you to do something, you need to do it.

   6. Do not be late to rehearsal. For every minute we wait for you to start, the entire group will stay that many
      minutes after the rehearsal is over.

   7. Students are not permitted to bring inappropriate toys (for example stink bombs, lighters, look-alike weapons,
      squirt guns etc.).

   8. Dress appropriately at all times. The itinerary may specify appropriate clothing for different occasions.

   9. Respect all camp rules/policies. Take care of your cabins. Do not shout or be loud after lights out.

   10. Students from other groups/schools are not allowed in your cabins and you are not to go in theirs.

   11. No one is allowed in the cabin of a friend of the opposite sex. Meet each other in the common areas of the

   12. At curfew, only those staying in your cabin should be there. Room checks will occur.

   13. Don’t do anything stupid! Use your brain and think ahead.

   14. Always remember that you are representing your family and the Ballard High School Marching Band. Treat each
       other with respect and behave in the best possible manner at all times.

I have read the rules for Band Camp and understand that I/my child will be sent back home at my expense if they cause
a serious rule violation.

   Student ____________________________________________________________                    Date ___________________

   Parent/Guardian ____________________________________________________                    Date ___________________

                                                   Ballard High School Music Department
2011-2012 Band Camp                          PO Box 17774, Seattle, WA 98127 – http://www.ballardbeavers.org/music/

Student Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Description of Field Trip: In state: __√__ Out of State:_____
                                                                                   Band Camp forms & fees
Location/Address:       YMCA CAMP SEYMOUR                                                    due:
                        9725 CRAMER RD. KPN
                                                                                  Friday, September 2, 2011
                        GIG HARBOR, WA 98329

List of Activities During Trip:            Field and parade marching band skills training and practice. Learn music for
Homecoming halftime show, parades, and football games pep band. Opportunity for students to get to know each other
through games, goal setting activities, sectional practices, and bonding opportunities.

Telephone Number (if available):         253-884-3392
Departure from:         Ballard High School at 3:00 AM/PM Friday, September 9, 2011
and will return to:     Ballard High School at 3:00 AM/PM Sunday, September 11, 2011
Type of Transportation: Private Car ____ Bus ____ Commercial Transport __√___
Other: ______ Explain: ________________________________________________________________________

Medical Information: Please list any health problems, allergies, special diets or medications for your student:

Name of Physician: _________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________
Health Insurance: __________________________________ Policy Number: ___________________________
I have reviewed all above information. I understand that the School District will make a reasonable effort to provide a
safe environment while my child is participating in this activity. I also have reviewed the list of expected activities and
am aware of any special dangers and risks inherent in participating in this activity.

Field Trips are excused absences, and accordingly may adversely affect grades and credit.

As I am fully aware of the risks, I hereby give my permission for _______________________________________________
to participate in this activity. My signature reflects my knowledge of the details of the trip and its itinerary.

Parent/Guardian signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: _______________

Phone(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name: __________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________

            Complete the pre-arranged absence form on the reverse side BEFORE obtaining a parent signature.
                                                            MEDICAL RELEASE

 I, ____________________________________, the natural parent/legal guardian of

 _________________________________________, authorize and consent to medical, surgical, hospital care,
 treatment and procedures to be deemed immediately necessary or advisable by the physical to safeguard my
 child’s health when I cannot be contacted I waive my rights of informed consent to such treatment. I also
 authorize a copy of this consent to be treated with the same authority as the original.

 ________________________________________                            ________________________
 (Signature of Parent/Guardian)                                             (Date)

                                           BALLARD HIGH SCHOOL

 To Be Completed By the Activity Advisor/Sponsor                        Date _________________

 Student’s Name ______________________________________________________________________________

 Activity Advisor/Sponsor: Michael James

 PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE/PERMISSION FORMS must be completed and submitted to the advisor/sponsor at least
 two (2) days prior to the activity. Signatures of teachers whose classes will be missed must be obtained on this form. It
 is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete assignments missed due to pre-arranged absences.

                                      (IGNORE THIS SECTION BELOW FOR BAND CAMP)
                     To Be Completed By Class Teachers Before Parent Permission and Signature

 Teachers initial appropriate space                          Period 1    Period       Period 3    Period 4     Period 5    Period 6
 Will not need to make up work
 Will require make up work
 Will adversely affect class progress and work
 cannot be make up
 Puts student in danger or lowered grade or failing
 This student absolutely should not miss class
 Student’s current grade in class

 After completing the above information, the student should obtain the signature of a parent/guardian. This form is to be returned to the
 advisor/sponsor at least two (2) days before the planned absence.

Important Note: Because your students will be absent from one or more classes, you will receive the automated telephone message from our
Attendance Office on the day of this activity. Your student’s absence will be correctly marked after the activity advisor/sponsor turns in the
Attendance Sheet following the activity.

The activity advisory/sponsor will retain this form in his/her possession during the field trip. After the field trip is completed, this form must be
returned to the Attendance Office. This form will be kept on file for one year.

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