2011 - August Buzz by xiagong0815


									Hello Sister Cascadians...

As "they" would say...OMG, it's August! We are having a little summer at
our place in south Thurston County? Any sign of it where you live? Pity
the poor people dealing with endless numbers of days in the triple digits.
At least we won't die from heatstroke in 60 degree weather!

We have had two weekend events since my last installment. Cultus Lake in
June and Lost Lake in July. Both venues proved once again that we are a
group of wonderfully flexible and adaptive women. Far be it from us to
let torrential rain or distance between sites curb our enthusiasm. Thanks
to all who attended those events for your willingness to "go with the flow"
and let nothing spoil a good time!

The Nominating Committee has been working to come up with a slate of
officers for the 2012 season. I have seen the completed, soon to be
published, list and have given it my wholehearted stamp of approval. Each
year we see new names and faces on the Board. I see that as a sign of a
healthy organization. I am confident that there are others in our ranks
who will step forward as nominees as we transition into the future. We
know you are out there....

The RVW National Convention is fast approaching. I recently got a phone
call from one of the organizers asking us for one of our attending
Cascadians to represent Cascadia at the First Timers Breakfast. This
would entail being recognized as the "go to" person for information about
Cascadia after the breakfast and while attending the convention. No
speeches required. Any takers? I am not sure how many people we will
have in attendance. If you are going, please let me know if you are willing
to represent us.
Now it's on to the last 3 events for 2011. Bayshore at Tokeland is coming
up in just a couple of weeks. We are right on the beach for that one,
then on to Leavenworth for the weekend of the Autumn Leaf Festival.
Life is good! I look forward to seeing you at one of our remaining events.
So long until next time and remember to keep smiling.....


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