8th_grade_grading by xiagong0815


									                                                Grade 8
                                             Grading Policy
 Mrs. Ceresnik                                                           Team Leader & Science
 Mr. McLaughlin                                                          Social Studies
 Dr. Mordente                                                            Language Arts & Literacy
 Sra. Porter                                                             Spanish
 Mrs. Wellet                                                             Mathematics

 Eighth Grade teachers will monitor student progress using the following grading procedures:

          Student grades will be divided into two major categories: Learning Activities and Assessments.
              o In-Class and At home Learning Activities will be graded using the four point rubric
                  outlined below:
4 pts.     Exceeds Activity            All work is complete and submitted on time
3 pts.     Meets Activity              Most work is complete and submitted on time
2 pts.     Meets Minimal               Incomplete or submitted late
           Activity Requirements
1pt.       Does Not Meet               Incomplete and submitted late
           Activity Requirements
0 pt.      Activity Not Submitted      Activity not submitted

                        Unexcused late work will only be accepted two days after the due date.

                        Excused late work will be accepted without penalty at re-established due date.

                        Variations in the learning activity policy outlined above may differ according to
                         subject. Refer to individual teacher guidelines.

              o   Assessments will be assigned a point value.
                      Incremental Assessments may include, but not limited to:
                            Quizzes, tests, projects, lab reports, writing assignments, performance-
                              based assessments, portfolios, notebooks, research, study guides, take
                              home assignments
                      Each assessment may vary in total possible points.
                      Guidelines for each assessment will be communicated using one of the following
                            Rubrics, study guides, title pages, summaries, outlines, graphic organizers,

          Additional Grading Opportunities:
             o Elective Opportunities
                      Students will be eligible to participate in Elective Enrichment Activities for
                        additional credit provided that all Learning Activities and Assessments have
                        been completed on time and submitted to teacher.

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