8th Grade Science Syllabus

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					                                                       8th Grade Science Syllabus

Objective: The purpose of studying science is to develop problem-solving skills that will be useful throughout the student’s
life. In eighth grade science, students will also learn more about the world in which they live, how they interact with that
world, and the possibility of life beyond our world. The last field of study is known as astrobiology, which is the newest
and, perhaps, the most exciting branch of science to investigate yet!

Requirements: Students will be using a spiral notebook and a two-pocket folder to keep important information and hand-outs, or
a 3-ring binder. The information collected throughout the year in this notebook will be very beneficial to the comprehensive final
test. Students will also be required to participate in the local Science Fair with the expectation of qualifying to compete at the
League Science Fair.

Expectations: Students are expected to treat school property with respect. This includes the science textbooks.
Unfortunately, students are not allowed to write in or on their textbooks, but use them as instructed. Eighth grade science
students will be using the internet for assignments, in addition to their textbooks, and doing many hands-on activities that
deal with exciting, NEW equipment!

Attendance: Students must be present in order to learn. However, when a student must be absent, they must do the
     1. Have parents notify the office and the teachers in advance, in order to get assignments.
     2. Students will be given two (2) days to make up any work they have missed when absent.
     3. If students know they will be absent, they are required to complete any homework or tests before leaving.
     4. Students are required to attend at least three (3) full class periods before they can participate in any school-
         sponsored activity.

Tardiness: In the science classroom, the “obvious consequence” for being tardy is missing instructions for assignments
given that day. In addition to this consequence, the student will sit at the tardy table at lunch. To avoid being tardy, you
need to be in your seat when the bell rings. Three (3) tardies to a first hour class will require the student serve a Saturday
school detention.

Late Work: Assignments that are one day late will automatically receive a grade of 50%. Assignments that are two days
late will receive a grade of 0%. Plan ahead, and turn assignments in when they are due. The only exception for late work
is an excused absence.

Extra Credit: I do not give extra credit projects or assignments, but students do have opportunities to improve grades they
have received. If an assignment or test is below 80%, students have one day to make corrections to receive half their credit
back on incorrect answers. Also, students may bring a current science article weekly from the internet, newspaper, or
magazine, and present a summary to the class. Students will receive 5 points credit toward any daily assignment. This is not
applicable to test scores.

GRADING SCALE: The following grading scale is used only for academics and not for citizenship grades.

           100 = A+                            89-87 = B+                          79-77 = C+                          69-68 = D+
           99-93 = A                           86-83 = B                           76-73 = C                           67-66 = D
           92-90 = A-                          82-80 = B-                          72-70 = C-                          65 = D-
                                                                                                                       64-0 = F
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