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					                      8th grade Algebra I Syllabus
                            Mrs. Pam Stowe
Get prepared: you will need:
    A spiral notebook
    Pencils/erasers
    Optional – graphing calculator (will be provided daily in-class use only)

Things to know:
    All Algebra students will be required to take the 8th grade EOG and Algebra I
      EOC at the end of the school year
    The Algebra I EOC will count for 25% of final course grade
    If a student does not make a level 3 or 4 on the EOC, they will be required to re-
    This class will be high paced, rigorous, and demanding – some additional
      (independent) studying may be necessary!
    I offer help after school weekly if needed

Grading Policy:
    Tests and projects will count 50%
    Daily work (quizzes, class work, common assessments, etc) will count 40%
    Homework will count 10%

North Carolina Standard Course of Study:
    The learner will perform operations with numbers and expressions to solve
    The learner will describe geometric figures in the coordinate plane algebraically
    The learner will collect, organize, and interpret data with matrices an linear
      models to solve problems
    The learner will use relations and functions to solve problems

Classroom Procedures:
Beginning of class:
    Enter the room in an orderly way
    Get a calculator
    Sharpen pencil
    Sit in assigned desk
    Begin warm-up activity

During Class:
    Get quiet when teacher gives specific signal
    Receive permission to talk
    Receive permission to leave seat
      Get agenda signed to leave room
      Leave the room in a quiet single file line during fire drills

End of class:
    Pass calculators and other manipulatives to end of your row
    Throw trash away
    Copy homework in agenda

*Homework will be assigned nightly, with few exceptions and posted daily at –schools-middle-Belmont Middle-Faculty and Staff- Mrs.
Stowe’s website

*You may email me at .us

*Please sign your student’s agenda every Thursday night.

*I will allow your student time in class to record his/her grades in their agenda. At any
given time, your student should know what their grade is in my class. Ask to see these
grades weekly.

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