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               2008 ~ 2009 学年 第 2 学期        考试日期      2009 年 6 月 25 日

                                   考试时间 90 分钟

                            科目 网络基础(A 卷)
数理学院教育技术专业 本科 07 年级 师范/应用 班 姓名                                学号_____________
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                 Part I: Multiple choices (30*2=60)
1.   What are two components of network architecture? (Choose two.)
     A. people that comprise the human network
     B. programmed services and protocols that move the messages across the network
     C. corporations that operate and maintain the data network
     D. technologies that support network communications
     E. data transferred across the network
2.   Routers operate at layer __. LAN switches operate at layer __. Ethernet hubs
     operate at layer __. Word processing software operates at layer __.
     A. 3, 3, 1, 7
     B. 3, 2, 1, none
     C. 3, 2, 1, 7
     D. 2, 3, 1, 7
     E. 3, 3, 2, none
3.   When data is encapsulated, which is the correct order?
     A. Data, frame, packet, segment, bit
     B. Segment, data, packet, frame, bit
     C. Data, segment, packet, frame, bit
     D. Data, segment, frame, packet, bit
4.   Which type of addressing is found at the OSI Layer 2? (Choose two.)
     A. port
     B. IP
     C. physical
     D. logical
     E. MAC

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5. A network administrator is troubleshooting failed access to www.cisco.com.
    Typing the IP address of the web server into the browser successfully brings up the
    web page. What application layer protocol is responsible for the failure?
    A. HTTPS
    B. DHCP
    C. HTTP
    D. SSL
    E. CDP
    F. DNS
6. What is the purpose of TCP/UDP port numbers?
    A. Identify the number of data packets that may be sent without acknowledgment
    B. Track different conversations crossing the network at the same time
    C. Reassemble the segments into the correct order
    D. Indicate the beginning of a three-way handshake
7. Which protocol is connectionless?
    A. FTP
    B. TCP
    C. SMTP
    D. UDP
8. Which protocol utilizes port 80?
    A. FTP
    B. Telnet
    C. POP3
    D. HTTP
9. What commands can be used to view a hosts routing table? (Choose two.)
    A. ping
    B. ipconfig /all
    C. telnet
    D. netstat -r
    E. route PRINT
10. Refer to the exhibit. The numbers in the exhibit are part of a single subnet. Which
    statements are true regarding these numbers? (Choose three.)

   A.   They have 5 low-order bits in common.
   B. is a feasible network number for their range.
   C.   Their final octet has 4 of the most significant bits in common.
   D. is an appropriate mask for their range.

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    E. They have 27 high-order bits in common.
    F. is the broadcast address for their range.
11. Which address type has all host bits set to 1?
    A. network
    B. unicast
    C. broadcast
    D. host
12. A result of netstat command as following
   Proto     Local Address            Foreign Address          State
    What kind of server did the local host connect with?
    A. HTTP Server
    B. FTP Server
    C. DNS Server
    D. Telnet Server
13. What function allows routers to evaluate available routes to a destination and to
    establish the preferred handling of a packet?
    A. Path Determination
    B. Frame Relay
    C. SDLC interface protocol
    D. Data Linkage
14. What is the maximum value of each octet in an IP address?
    A. 128
    B. 255
    C. 256
    D. 1024
15. The network number plays what part in an IP address?
    A. It specifies the network to which the host belongs
    B. It specifies which networks the device can communicate with
    C. It specifies the identity of the computer on the network
    D. It specifies which node on the sub network is being addressed
16. Which of the following best describes one function of Layer 3, the network layer,
    in the OSI model?
    A. It manages data exchange between presentation layer entities.
    B. It is concerned with physical addressing and network topology.
    C. It is responsible for reliable network communication between nodes.
    D. It determines which path is the best path for traffic to take trough the
17. How does the network layer forward packets from the source to the destination?
    A. By referring to the bridge
    B. By referring to a name server

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    C. By using an IP routing table
    D. By using ARP responses
18. How many usable host addresses are available on a Class C network with a default
    subnet mask?
    A. 256
    B. 255
    C. 254
    D. 128
19. What portion of the Class B address is the network address?
    A. 154.19.2
    B. 154.19
    D. 154
20. Performing the Boolean function as a router would on the IP addresses and, what is the subnet address?
    B. None of these
21. What is the primary reason for using subnets?
    A. To reduce the size of broadcast domain
    B. None of these
    C. To reduce the size of collision domain
    D. To increase the number of host address
22. If mask were used with a Class C network, how many subnets
    could exist, with how many hosts per subnet, respectively?
    A. 32 and 8
    B. 6 and 30
    C. 8 and 32
    D. 30 and 6
    E. 12 and 12
    F. 16 and 16
    G. 16 and 14
    H. 14 and 14
23. At which layer of the TCP/IP model does TCP operate?
    A. data link
    B. network
    C. session
    D. transport
24. You have a result that looks similar to this:

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     1 <10 ms <10 ms <10 ms
     2 30 ms 40 ms 30 ms fast1.accessone.com []
     3 30 ms 80 ms 30 ms
     4 30 ms 40 ms 30 ms Fddi-0.GW1.SEA1.ALTER.NET []
     5 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms Dist1-Sea.MOSWEST.MSN.NET []
     6 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms msft1-f0.moswest.msn.net []
     7 231 ms 170 ms 170 ms www.microsoft.com []
    Which command generated the above view?
    A. Nslookup
    B. Tracert
    C. Netstat
    D. Nbtstat
25. What type of RJ45 UTP cable is used between switches?
    A. Straight-through
    B. Crossover cable
    C. Crossover with a CSU/DSU
    D. Crossover with a router in between the two switches
26. How many bits are in an IP address of IPv6?
    A. 16
    B. 32
    C. 64
    D. 128
    E. None of above
27. The Texas branch network is displayed in the following diagram:

    Of the following choices, which IP address should be assigned to the PC host?
28. The network topology is showed in the following diagram:

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The routing table of R2-Central is showed in the following table
        C is directly connected, Fa0/0
        is subnetted, 1 subnets
        C is directly connected, S0/0/0
        S* [1/0] via
1) What is the default gateway of Host 1A
2) What is the default gateway of R2-Central
3) What would the router do with packets destined to
A. Forward it to
B. Forward it to
C. Forward it to
D. Drop it

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Answer table
1.                2.                3.                  4.               5.

6.                7.                8.                  9.               10.

11.               12.               13.                 14.              15.

16.               17.               18.                 19.              20.

21.               22.               23.                 24.              25.

26.               27.               28. 1               28.2             28.3

                Part II: Writing questions (40)
1. Are these following IP addresses valid for hosts? If not, Why? (10 points)         ______________________________       ______________________________
227. 0.0.1            ______________________________          _____________________________       ______________________________
2. Following diagram is a LAN in a small company.


Task 2.1 Please choose the proper media type between devices and connect them (draw
the line between devices) (4 points). You can use:
Serial cable:
Straight-through cable:
Cross-over cable:
Task 2.2 The network has following requirements:
 You have been given the address space to use in your network
    design. The network consists of the following segments:
    o The network connected to router R1 will require enough IP addresses to support
        15 hosts
    o The network connected to router R2 will require enough IP addresses to support
        20 hosts

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   o The link between router R1 and R2 will require IP addresses at each end of the
How many subnets are needed for this network? _________________ (2 points)
Complete the address table according to following rules: (10 points)
    PCs will use the first host address in subnet
    Routers’ Fa0/0 interface will use the last host address in subnet
    R1’s S0/0/0 interface will use the first host address in subnet and R2’s S0/0/0 will
       use the last host address in subnet
Device      Interface    IP Address            Subnet Mask          Default Gateway
               Fa0/0                                                        N/A
               Fa0/0                                                        N/A
  PC1           NIC
  PC2           NIC

3. Write down the full name of the following terms (8 points)

4. Fill the table with the name of each layer (6)
           OSI                                                  TCP/IP

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