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									                          Riding Calendar
      2009 Washington Riders and Friends

May 23rd (Sat) Memorial Day/Chinook Pass Ride, (6th Annual)
      Meet at McDonald’s/Enumclaw 8am Breakfast, Ride to Minor’s Café, Yakima for
      Lunch, Ride Canyon Rd to Ellensburg then back across Snoqualmie Pass.
      Road Captain: GMan(Gary) GManOnline@Comcast.net
May 23rd-25th (Sat-Mon) Memorial Weekend Ride, (6th Annual)
      Start with Chinook Pass Ride Group and depart at Ellensburg to ride
      Eastern Washington for the Weekend, Itinerary TBA.
      Stay in same hotel in Ellensburg both nights, enjoy meals, friendship and more.
      Road Captain: GMan (Gary) GManOnline@Comcast.net
June (26th-27th)(Fri-Sat) Annual Honor Bound Motor Ministry(HBMM) Rally

June 18th – 21st (Thurs-Sun) West Coast Rally at Kimberley, BC(5th Annual)
      A great event approx 500 miles from Seattle, one day ride each way. Stay in
      Condos and a Catered Dinner, Organized Rides including one on a Ferry. For more
      info see: http://forums.delphiforums.com/AlbertaCruisers/messages?msg=1013.1
      Road Captain: Mike michzap@hotmail.com
July 19th-24th (Sun-Fri) Braveheart Motorcycle Tour, (10th Annual)
       Yearly gathering of mostly same riding friends, location varies. This year…. Slade,
       Kentucky. 3 organized ride, many meals, sightseeing and more/
       For info email GFordMan@Comcast.net.

Aug 14th-16th (Fri-Sun) Freedom Riders Leavenworth Getaway, (4th Annual)
      Couples Weekend Ride to and around Leavenworth. Riding, Shopping, Meals and
      more. Staying at B&B. Inquire with Gordon & Darla for availability:
      Road Captain: (Whoever doesn’t take a step back)

Sept 17th-20th (Thurs-Sat) Newbies 3 Day Ride (Innaugural Event)
       Specifics not ironed out yet, basically a ride for those new to riding and/or group
       riding. Ride pace to be conservative, stops frequent, routes easy. Two night, 3 day
       ride across Wash, Idaho and Oregon. Staying in Hotels, eating, learning,
       experiencing and fellowship/fun. Safety/learning being the prime objective.
       Road Captain: GMan(Gary) GManOnline@Comcast.net

Sept 27th (Sun) Oyster Run, Anacortes, Meet at Denny’s Restaurant, Kennydale. Exit #7
       off I-405 for 8am Breakfast then group ride to Anacortes, buy pins, look, eat, stay
       until 2pm then ride back across the Whidbey Island, take Ferry home by 6-7pm.
       Road Captain: Ralph Shaw(BigR) RalphJan@Comcast.net

                         There are always impromptu Rides!
          If interested send an email and we’ll try to keep you in the loop.
                      GMan(Gary)- GManOnline@Comcast.net
                         Big-R(Ralph) ralphjan@comcast.net

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