6th Grade Syllabus

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					                                 6th Grade Syllabus
                              Textbook - Making Music
Welcome to General Music Class. (Room 223). Mrs. Marcone. Below is a list of topics that
will be covered, along with materials used and needed for the class. You will also find the
grading categories. Please review this information and maintain this document at the front of
your music binder. Good Luck!

Items Needed for Class:
    3 ringed binder with pockets (if you had one last year, you will need to update it.)
    Pencils (at all times!)
    3 holed notebook paper
    Tabbed separators for each subject covered

General Music Topics Covered
    Form
    Dynamics
    Multicultural Listening
    Timbre

Music History
   Students will enjoy a classroom discussion of the music of the 50s.
   Through listening demonstration, we will discover the artists of the Era and the
      societal aspects of that time.
   Students will then work in pairs to research on artist from the 50s and discover 5 facts
      about the era.

   Students will present their findings to the class.

Music Theory/Composition
   Students will learn concepts of the Pentatonic scale.
   Rhythm and simple music notation using quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes will be
      to the class.
   Students will discover the meaning of and how to add an Ostinato, and Bordun
      accompaniment to a simple pentatonic melody.
   Students will research to find a nursery rhyme and create a composition using the
      three forms above.
      Students will hand in their completed assignment for a grade.
Keyboarding and Chord Structure
    Students will continue their study of keyboarding concepts.
    Students will receive a “Music Theory 101” handout to read at home and discuss in
    Demonstrations of scale building will take place as well as practice sessions in
     various keys.
    Students will demonstrate proper fingering technique for playing eight (8) note scales
     for the keys of C and G major.
    We will continue to apply the rules for Major scale creation and play five (5) note
     scales for the keys of A, E. D.
    Students will practice in pairs

   Assessment: Students will demonstrate individually their progress in playing the scales
   listed above.

Guitar (201)
       Students will continue their study of the guitar first by reviewing chords learned
          last year.
          E major, e minor, G, C, D, D7, A and a minor.

          Students will add new keys of F major, B major, C7, G7, A7.

          Students will have class time for practice sessions.

          Students will also learn to play several simple songs using 2 or 3 strings of the

          Students will discover the technique of “tab” reading. They may download their
           favorite song and try to understand the concept of “tabs”. They will receive class
           practice time.

              Students will receive individual assessment for their improvement in the
       instrument and its concepts.

Software/Music Theory
    Garage Band
                    Create a song ABA form
                    Record from Piano to GB
    Students will access online musical games and those installed on the classroom
      computers to improve their skills in note identification and rhythm reading.

Overall grading based on the following categories:

Class Participation(40%) – this includes behavior during class, note taking, listening skills,
and your interest and interaction during discussions. This is the most important grade for this

Notebook(30%) – you will be required to keep an organized notebook displaying your
ability of preparedness. The notebook MUST be present in every class, unless otherwise
instructed. Failure to attain and provide a notebook for this class will result in a reduction of
your grade by one letter. Notebooks are checked randomly throughout the marking period.

Tests(20%) – there will be very few tests in this class. That is why the CP and the Notebook
categories are very important to your grade.

Responsibility(10%) – you will be graded on how well you take care of the equipment and
of your respect for the tools used in the music classroom.

Classroom Rules:

      No gum chewing
      Find your seat and prepare for lesson in a timely manner
      Attentiveness during Instruction Time
      Respect for your Classmates
      Raise your hand for questions or to comment.
      No disorderly conduct.

Please review this form with your parent or guardian and then place it in the front of your
binder for reference.

Good luck in your new music class!

Mrs. Marcone

I read and understand the music classroom rules and the syllabus content.

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