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					                                 6th Grade Science Syllabus
                                      Ms. Tracy Shisler
                                  (252) 995-5730 ext. 3205

Seventh grade science will be a fun and exciting class. Students will participate in many
different types of assignments in the classroom, the hatchery and occasionally in the
sound. Each student is expected to participate and get involved in activities and
discussions during the class. It is the student’s responsibility to complete their work and
to ask the teacher for assignments missed when absent. The topics that will be covered in
science this year are: geological cycles, energy and matter cycles, solar system, energy
transfer and transformation, and population dynamics. The hatchery/oyster reef program
is also an integral part of their science education.

The grading system will be based on a points system. Each assignment will be given a
point value, depending on the amount completed and quality of work, points will be
earned. The final grade will be student’s total points out of total points possible for all

Student supplies                               Classroom Supplies
~ Binder                                       ~ Paper towels
~ Pencil                                       ~ Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
~ Colored Pencils                              ~ Tissues
~ Glue stick and/or tape
~ Scissors

Students are expected to have all student supplies in class daily. The binder will be a very
important part of your child’s success in this class. The notebook will contain all notes
and assignments and provide an organized way of keeping up with all assignments.

The classroom supplies will be needed throughout the year. There will also be other
supplies needed throughout the year for particular labs and experiments. Your child will
be informed of these supplies as the labs and experiments approach.

I have read and understand the guidelines for success in sixth grade science this year.

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