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					6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Syllabus

Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts/Social Studies. I am Mrs. Dunford. You are on the
road to excellence this year! With hard work and excitement, you will achieve great
things! Please see my grade breakdown and expectations for this year.

Grading Policy

10% of grade will be devoted to daily homework. Each night you will read 20 minutes a
night and then complete a Reading Log sheet that is given to students on Tuesdays.
These Log sheets are to be completed and turned in on Fridays. Parents must sign the
completed work on Thursday nights.

40% of grade will be devoted to completing class work and quizzes. Each day, students
are to take notes, complete daily assignments, practice any concept learned, or
complete reading assignments as required while reading novels, short stories, or poetry.
Students will receive a new list of vocabulary or spelling words each Monday. Through
learning the concepts of prefixes, bases, and suffixes, students will be able to determine
word usage and definitions. Students will complete different tasks each week on these
lists and be quizzed on them on Fridays. Grammar will also be an important part of daily

50% of grade will be devoted to tests of different types and projects.

North Carolina Standard Course of Study
I follow the NC Standard Course of Study. You may also visit for more details.
Classroom Expectations

1) Students are to enter the classroom quietly and get to work immediately.

2) Sharpen pencils at the beginning of class. If pencil breaks, get up and sharpen it if Mrs.
Dunford is not teaching or a student is not speaking to the class.
3) No bullying allowed!

4) Students are to enter quietly and get to work immediately.

5) Students are to try their best on all assignments. They are to complete their nightly

6) Students are to always follow along as the teacher reads. They are not expected to read
aloud to the class, but they are expected to read in small groups or to the teacher.

7) Students must maintain a 3 subject notebook which contains only Language Arts work.
Another notebook is to be used for Social Studies. #2 Pencils are to be used in class for all

8) Cell phones must remain off and in the locker.

9) No gum.

Parent Expectations

1) Please observe and monitor nightly homework. Depending on your child’s reading ability,
monitor as needed. Your child can read to you aloud, or you can watch as they complete the
homework in a quiet place away from distractions. The success of your child depends on you,

2) Please sign your name below the Thursday night assignment on the Reading Log sheet. If
you feel you need to sign it nightly, feel free. Your signature is 10 points of this grade.

3) Check the agenda for homework. He/she may have a quiz, test, or project coming up. We will
be listing all of your child’s grades in the Agenda.

4) Sign the agenda nightly. Please feel free to write questions/comments in the agenda for the
Bobcat teachers.

5) Email or call if you have questions. My email address is We
normally meet with parents from 9:00-9:45 any week day.

6) Checked work will be sent home in a folder at Report Card time. Your child sees this work
weekly and should be writing the grades in his/her agenda.

Language Arts Expectation Form
signature…………………………………………………………please cut and send back
Student name__________________________________________________

Parent signature________________________________________________

*Students need to return this Mrs. Dunford. Thanks!

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