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					                      NATIONAL IPR COORDINATION CENTER

     Intellectual Property Right Theft Enforcement Teams Fact Sheet

The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) is a collaborative effort by
15 U.S. Government agencies and two international governments to stop intellectual property theft that
threatens the U.S. and global economy, endangers the public’s health and safety, and threatens the war
fighter. The IPR Center uses a three-pronged approach of interdiction, investigation, and outreach and
training to combat IP theft.

As part of these efforts, the IPR Center supports and coordinates training through its state and local
engagement initiative that provides the Homeland Security Investigation’s (HSI) led IP Theft
Enforcement Teams (IPTETs) with specific training on combating IP theft. In addition, the IPR Center
works with other entities, such as the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition’s Foundation, the
National Association of Attorneys General and the National White Collar Crime Center to support
their domestic IPR training efforts.

Established in each of the 26 HSI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) offices across the country the
IPTETs build on the investigative best practices identified by the IPR Center, its partner agencies and
private industry. The IPTETs use an informal task force approach to enhance coordination of IP theft
investigations between federal, state and local law enforcement partners in their local area.

The IPR Center also provides training to IPTETs and serves as a resource to support the IPTET’s
investigative efforts. The IPTET training includes participation from the IPR Center, its partner
agencies, the Department of Justice Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section, HSI SAC
offices, state and local law enforcement, private industry representatives and rights holders. These
training events are tailored for state and local officers, detectives, prosecutors, and their federal
partners to provide them with information on IPR Center the capabilities, federal and state IP laws,
investigative techniques and tools, and product identification.

In FY 2010, the IPR Center trained 16 IPTET locations and in FY 2011, the IPR Center is planning to
conduct another nine training sessions.

For more information about the IPR Center’s outreach and training efforts, please contact the Outreach
& Training Unit by phone at 1-866-IPR-2060, by email at, or by U.S. mail at
National IPR Coordination Center, 2451 Crystal Drive Stop 5105, Arlington, VA 20598-5105 attn:
Outreach & Training Unit Chief.


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