Mentor_Project_Record_Keeping_Procedure by wuzhengqin


									   Mentor Project
   Record Keeping Procedure

      Record should be made electronically on the template provided.
      Record should be password-protected (you can choose your own password )*
      Record should be emailed to as an attachment (please mark confidential
       and request delivery receipt)
      Password should be emailed to (please mark confidential and request
       delivery receipt)
      As soon as you have received delivery receipt:
           1. Both emails should be deleted from the computer you are using.
           2. The record document must be anonymised if you wish to save it for your own
               records. Please use a code number rather than initials.
           3. If you are keeping a list of code numbers with student names, make sure you also
               password-protect this document.

   Please ensure that you when you first meet with a student you make them aware that you are
   required to keep secure records.

   Mental Wellbeing Advisers will save the session records in the student’s DDS electronic folder,
   removing any information that is considered particularly sensitive

   Session records may be used during supervision sessions.

                                                                 Lynne Fisher, revised 16th Nov 2010

*Please let me know if you need guidance on how to password protect a document.

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