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									Diversity. The Institute of Technology

Rusty and Barbara,

At the request of Dean Crouch, I am responding to your request for documentation on the equity
and diversity efforts within the Institute of Technology.

Human Resources
The guidelines for faculty position requests
( contains these statements
about equity and diversity:

Diversity. The Institute of Technology is committed to the University of Minnesota’s policy of equal
opportunity hiring, and it is therefore important to know something about the availability of women
and underrepresented minority candidates for open faculty positions. A position request should
provide an indication of the expected composition of the applicant pool, based on demographics
for the field.

Unexpected hiring opportunities occasionally arise during the year (for example, a potential
spousal hire or a chance to add diversity to the college). In such cases a “person-specific”
request may be made to extend an offer to a particular individual. If that person declines the offer
the authorization to fill the position expires.

Office of Diversity and Outreach
IT Students Services supports an Office of Diversity and Outreach with the mission of promoting
the value of a diverse science and engineering workforce, the value of science and engineering
education, and the value of science and engineering to improving the quality of life. A major focus of our efforts is in diversifying the student body
studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our program efforts integrate K-12 and collegiate programs with the intention of increasing the
number of applications from underrepresented students. The office produces its own
programming as well as sets a strategic direction for outreach programming offered by students
and faculty across IT departments. We also inventory and promote programs and encourage
evaluation of outreach programming. Our outreach website contains a searchable database of
outreach programming.

Programs range from spectacular shows such as Physics Force to wow students about science
to more in-depth camps which introduce high school students to different science and
engineering disciplines. A major emphasis is bringing students to campus to create a vision for
belonging in this setting as well as revealing the fantastic resources in this college and university.
Major outreach programs focus on leveraging opportunities when STEM students come to
campus for competitions, and working with Project Lead the Way schools, and scaffolding
programming across grade levels so that students can remain enthusiastic about STEM majors
and stay connected to the U of M throughout their middle and high school years. Our partner
schools are largely come from Minneapolis and St. Paul in order to engage underrepresented
students in our programs.

Our collegiate programs are focused on supporting underrepresented undergraduate students.
Summer Bridge funded by 3M brings 25 students to campus for summer term.
( )

North Star STEM Alliance: Our efforts in leading the North Star STEM Alliance support Summer
Bridge and other underrepresented students through to the baccalaureate degree. Our website, <> , represents our activity at the University
of Minnesota and across 15 other colleges, including UM-Morris and UM-Duluth.

To coordinate and align outreach and diversity efforts across the Institute of Technology, we have
organized a committee--IT Committee on Outreach, Diversity and Education. This committee,
which meets 2-3 times per year, is comprised of over 40 interested faculty, education and
diversity directors in research centers, and our staff in diversity and outreach. A list of the
committee is attached.

Please contact me with questions you may have about our efforts in equity and diversity.

Anne Hornickel

cc: Paul Strykowski and Susan Kubitschek
Anne Hornickel
Director of Diversity and Outreach
Program Director, North Star STEM Alliance
Institute of Technology
105 Lind Hall
207 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
fax: 612-626-1020 <> <> <>

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