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Logging On

WORMS can be accessed from the internet using the website address:
You will be issued with a username and password by Tony Dunne or
Richard Passey to enable you to login to the system.

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                               1
[1] Adding a New (£) Sterling Requisition and Saving a Draft

To add a new Requisition click [Add New] choose a supplier and then
fill in the item details accordingly: catalogue number, description, unit
size, price and quantity. You can also add comments and attachments
(quotations etc.) at the bottom of the form. It is VERY important you
use the correct user code in the [End User] section, using an incorrect
code WILL result in the item being delivered to someone else.

When you have completed this, click [Check Requisition]. If your
requisition appears to be valid a new button will appear [Submit
Requisition], use this to finally submit your requisition to purchasing. If
the requisition is not valid the submit button will not appear. The fields
missing correct data will be highlighted. You can check the grant code
by clicking on the grant code [check] link. This will bring up a list of
grants and their codes.

After checking the requisition you may instead choose to save the
requisition as a draft.

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                                      2
[2] Adding a New non-sterling Requisition

To add a new non-sterling requisition click [Add New non £] and fill in
the details as described above. Select the currency in which you are
going to be ordering and WORMS will automatically convert your non
sterling requisition to a sterling purchase order with details of the
currency conversion. This is very important for costs to be accurate
and to enable invoices to be correctly matched against purchase

New Supplier Requests

If a supplier, that you wish to use, is not listed in the requisition
section you can click on the [request new] link to add a new suppler.
These details will be approved and added to the supplier list and you
will receive an email confirming that the supplier has been accepted.
Please check there are no UK distributors before adding a new foreign

[3] Ordering from a Linked Supplier

There are a number of supplier’s websites which are linked to WORMS
via the [Supplier Catalogues] button on the main menu screen. If you
connect to them via WORMS you will be able to place orders on their
website. Click the checkout button or equivalent on the supplier’s site
when your shopping is complete and completed orders will be returned
to WORMS automatically.

[4] Reordering a Favourite Item

When you have built up a list of past requisitions you will be able to
simply reorder items using the [Reorder] or alternatively the [Paste
Data] button. Click the [Reorder]/[Paste Data] button and select the
supplier and date range when the order was placed on the system. A
list of previous requisitions for the supplier within the specified date
range will be listed. To reorder an item or multiple items simply click
on the requisition number and then tick the lines you would like to
reorder. You will then be able to edit and resubmit the requisition.

[5] Querying the Database

a) PO Search
You can search the database for orders using the Queries PO’s section.
The PO search page allows you to search for Purchase Orders in a date

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                                     3
range. You can also narrow the search by specifying a keyword (of
description) or part of a word, a supplier, a grant, a user, invoice
number or by catalogue number. You may use all these search options
at the same time or just 1 or 2. The supplier search is either by free
text (i.e. sigma which will return all suppliers with sigma in the name)
or drop down which overrides the free text supplier box.

b) Other Searches
You can also search specifically by order number, between two dates,
by keyword, user, supplier and grant, from relevant links on the main
menu. These searches are against all orders not just those from your
personal requisitions.

[6] Tracking Requisitions

To track requisitions click [Track] on the main [Switchboard] this will
display all lines that you have requisitioned. You can customise which
requisitions are shown by changing the dates and/or supplier and then
clicking [Requery]. By default all suppliers are shown only for the last
month, although you can edit the date range displayed. From here you
can view requisitions by clicking the requisition number or even view
the actual order if it has been placed by clicking the order number. The
current status of each requisition line is also displayed (as shown in
the table below).

Cancelling Requisitions

When you are viewing requisitions you can decide to cancel them by
clicking cancel. The cancel button will not be available if the item has
been ordered or is soon to be ordered. A table showing the requisition
status, explanation and likely next stage is attached below.

        Status                 Explanation                 Likely next stage

                        Initial starting status given
Requisitioned                                           Authorised
                        to all requisitions

                        Line has been checked by
                        an authorizer for financial
Authorised                                              Ready to order
                        viability and compliance
                        with financial regulations.

                        Line has been checked
                        again by purchasing staff
Ready to order          for suitability to be           Ordered
                        processed prior to adding
                        to a purchase order. Order

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                                         4
                     may stay in this state until
                     Thursday if they are not
                     urgent and under £50 in

                     Line has been aggregated
                     with other lines from the
                     same company and
Ordered                                             Delivered
                     assigned to a purchase
                     order which has been sent
                     to the supplier.

                     Item line has been
Delivered            completely received into       -
                     our deliveries department.

                     Line has been deleted by
Deleted                                             -
                     an Authorizer.

                     Line has been temporarily
                     held by an authorizer. If
Temp_Held                                           Authorised
                     action is required you will
                     be contacted by email.

                     Line has been cancelled by
User_Cancelled                                      -
                     the original requisitioner

                     Line has been taken out of
                     WORMS and will be
Isotope_order        processed by purchasing in -
                     the UCL paper based
                     radioactive orders system.

                     Line has been saved by a
                     requisitioner due to
Draft                                               -
                     incompleteness or some
                     other reason

                     A draft was deleted prior to
Deleted_draft                                     -

                     A draft was converted into
                     a requisition. The
                     requisition will now
                     proceed under a new
Draft->Req                                          -
                     requisition number. This
                     line will become defunct
                     (except for reordering

                     Identical to "Ready To
VAT_Pay_waiting      Order" except line will be
                     sent as "VAT Payable".

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                           5
                         Identical to Ordered except
VAT_Pay_ordered          line was sent as "VAT

Receiving Deliveries

Once your order or part of an order has been delivered it will be
entered onto WORMS and this will be indicated on the individual
purchase order. Deliveries will endeavour to transport your order to
your office or laboratory as soon as possible. The status will also be
shown as delivered in the track items section.

WORMS TRAINING HANDOUT                                                   6

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