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									                                                                                       KAREN JONES
                                                                   NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP INSTRUCTOR
                                                                        "STUDENT OF THE HORSE"
                                                                     If you have been looking for an opportunity to :

                                                                                   Improve your horsemanship

                                                                                   Transform your horses’ behavior

                                                                                   Get a better understanding of
                                                                                   “Natural Horsemanship"
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                                                   Karen has been around horses and in and out of the show ring for 40+ years and is
                                                   comfortable in the world of natural horsemanship, having been influenced by trainer
                                                   and educator, Pat Parelli, along with many other natural horsemanship clinicians and
                 horsemen. Being a true "student of the horse" has had a huge influence on her horsemanship skills and ultimately, on the
                 development of her own unique program of true and natural Horsemanship, "Student of The Horse".
                 As a natural evolution of her beliefs and principles, Karen's "Student of The Horse" encompasses the whole horse, not
                 just his education, behavior and psychology. Karen is a dedicated advocate of bare hooves and natural horse keeping, Karen
                 utilizes natural and complimentary therapies for her family
                 and her animals.
                 "My wish for any true horse lover is that they continue to
                 gain knowledge about the majestic horse. Understanding,
                 working with and developing a better partnership with your
                 horse is a peaceful, yet exhilarating emotion that is
                 Karen has been described as having “outstanding knowledge
                 and ability, dedication, passion, belief, contagious
                 enthusiasm, sensitivity and understanding” - and it is all this
                 that makes her an outstanding horsewoman and - as an
                 instructor - an enduring influence!! Karen will help you
                 create relationships, understanding and connect to your
                 dreams with our teacher, the horse!
                                                                    UNIQUE SERVICE!!
                                                    Karen also offers a unique service found nowhere else!
                                                      Holistic Approach to Horses and their Care
                           Karen will come to your farm and evaluate the environment and management program for your horses.
                 She will work with you to set up the best natural horse environment possible to promote a physically and mentally sound,
                 healthy horse. In addition she will work with you on diet strategies and help you identify issues your horse may have and
                 offer referrals to complimentary therapy practitioners to address your horse’s specific needs.
                              Contact Karen for more information or to schedule lessons/workshops/consultation -
                                e-mail: kjpuzzles@mindspring.com Phone: 770-251-1799 Cell: 678-877-4817

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