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“Management best practices on

          V. Kovaichelvan,
     TVS Motor Company Ltd.
           INDIA – Opportunities…
• Indian economy grown at an average rate of 8%; likely
  to maintain this growth
• Likely to be one of the largest economy with the
  fastest growth rate
• Highest proportion of population below 35 years who
  work, earn & spend driving domestic consumption
• Youth population, rising income levels and affordable
  prices and shorter product life cycles driving demand
• Global opportunities for Indian companies- through
  export, organic and inorganic growth
             India Inc. Going Global
• Indian companies making global foot prints; organic
and inorganic
   •   Large M&A deals showed a big spurt since 2000
   •   More Indian co’s entering Global 500
• Emerging Indian companies   need support building
capabilities to become multinational
• Create an eco-system that provide a forum to for Indian
companies to learn from each other
• Concept of cluster which helped CII for its Quality
       India Inc. Going Global

Create at least 100 Indian MNCs with turnover
of > 1 Billion USD
          India Inc. Going Global
• Conceived by
   •   Core group- Asian Paints, ICICI Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra ,
       McKinsey & Company, Infosys Technologies, CII
   •   Prof Tarun Khanna, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard
       Business School,
• Clusters
   •   Entry Strategy for Global Markets
   •   Inorganic Growth
   •   Leadership Development & Talent Management
   •   Knowledge Management
             Cluster- Value Proposition
   Unique suite of services that ensure that member
       Stay connected with global trends
       Anticipate and prepare for change
    Learn from member companies who established
    global reach and penetration
   Leverage on strategic consulting firms to sharpen
    business perspective and strategy.
   Institutional linkages with global academics to
    stay updated with information on global markets
          Cluster- Medium term objective
   Evolve into a Centre of Excellence with
    Experience-sharing, Advisory & Research

   Members of the program will be able to…
       Experiential knowledge sharing through network with peer
       Sharpen decision-making and strategizing processes
       Assess risk and mitigate
       Create an innovative partnership with peers / mentor
       Influence policy changes that could result in common benefit
        to industry
           Leadership Development &
             Talent Mgmt Cluster
   Initial Members
       Infosys Technologies – Anchor company
       Asian Paints Ltd
       Mahindra & Mahindra
       Praj Industries Ltd.
       TVS Motor Company
       McKinsey & Company [Knowledge Partner]

   Cluster has been active since June 2007

       Cluster Governance Structure in Place
       Service Offerings at the Cluster Level
       Past Experience & Way Forward
            Current active members

   Asian Paints             L&T IT
   Kotak Mahindra Bank      Satyam Computer Services
   Mahindra & Mahindra      Kemwell Pharmaceuticals
   TVS Motor Company        Infosys Technologies
   Praj Industries          McKinsey & Company
   Marico Ltd                TVS Logistics
   Essel Propack
    Services at LD&TM Cluster Level

• Workshops
• Case Studies
• Theme Seminars
• Mentoring
• Consultancy Services
• Webinars
• Advisory / Assessment Services
• Panel Discussions
• Secondment
                     Cluster Activities
   Workshops – Leadership development
   Practice Sharing Session at Infosys, Asian Paints,
    TVS Motors, Satyam Computer Services, Praj
    Industries Ltd and Mckinsy
   Focused Services – Company Visits [Specific Interest
          TVS Motors  - Project Management System @ Infosys
                       - Leadership centre of M&M at Nashik
                       - Study of Performance Management at Infosys
                       - In campus Logistics & House Keeping
          Satyam Computer Services - Leadership Practice at Infosys
   Portal for cluster is being planned for members
       Leadership Development practices
 Leadership competency framework & Values
 Competency & values linked to Recruitment, promotions
and PMS
 Talent management process with focus on Career
planning and succession management
    Formal Identification, assessment and tracking of HIPOs
    Clear differentiation of HIPOs
    Communication of their status and career plans
    Senior management held accountable retention of HIPOs
 CEO and board providing leadership and Inspiration
      Leadership Development practices
Focused personal development plans (PDP)
  Feedback Intensive program
  World class learning opportunities
  Experiential learning/Action learning
  Leaders as Teachers; Customers as Teachers
  Mentoring & Coaching
  Job rotation including global posting
  Executive education programs
  Learning strategy for entire life cycle
Create development opportunities with SBUs
  Distributed leadership
  Full lifecycle leaders
  International placements
      Leadership Development practices
Create high performance culture
   Target setting process
   Cockpiting or Dashboarding
   Reviews and feedback for improvement

Holding senior management Accountable
   Measuremnt on leadership behaviors today & improvement in
 those behaviors over time
  Understanding correlation between performance and these
   Linkage of senior leaders incentive compensation to leadership
Diversity in leadership pipeline
Setting up Corp Universities or Leadership Institutes
      Challenges of leadership development
 Building leadership over the functional/domain expertise
 Defining leadership behaviors sharp and relevant to
 Integrating Leadership development with business
  Creating forums for potential leaders to provide
opportunities to discover more about themselves
 Creating ability and space to think and reflect
 Creating culture of coaching and developing others
actively and owning action learning, observation of
behaviors, providing feedback etc.
  Taking succession management for at least three levels
to allow for adequate development
     Challenges of leadership development
 Global presence with distributed leadership
 Global positions and movements- ex- patriation and re-
  Businesses which is actively supported by extended
enterprises who are SMEs- How do we develop leaders in
their enterprises
 Flow of talent between academic institutions and
corporate to leverage on each others wisdom
           Secret sounds of the forest
   A wise king set out to teach his son, the Crown Prince,
    the wisdom necessary to become a great ruler. He
    decided to send him to a forest for a year and asked him
    to describe sounds of forest on his return…
   The prince spent a year listening to all the sounds he
    could hear and returned to his father, What he heard…
       Leaves rustling in the wind
       Leaves falling to the earth
       Birds surging
       Bees buzzing
       Small & large animals coming and going
   The king was not pleased..
   He asked him to go back to the forest and listen more
    and come back…
           Secret sounds of the forest

   This time the Prince went back and sat beside huge trees
    pondering his apparent lack of understanding.
   After several days and nights, the prince began to sense
    a strange awareness.
   He returned to his father and reported what he had
       The leaves of the trees awakening in the morning dew
       The sound of woodland flower opening and closing
       The clamor of earth as it bared itself to the warming rays of
        noonday sun
       The heartbeats of a thousand animals and birds
   His father was pleased and said “My son” “ to hear the
    unhearable is one of the discipline for being a great
Leadership development is not just
 about the process or practice; but
     it is about reflections and
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