SpeedTouch SDSL Router
Firstly power on the SpeedTouch, by default it uses DHCP so all you need to do is set
your PC for DHCP and connect to the SpeedTouch using the Ethernet Cable.
Once you have connected your PC and turned it on, try to open in your
web browser and you should get the following:

(The default username/password is admin/1234)

Click Next to Start the Wizard, (if for some reason the Wizard doesn’t start up
automatically click Quick, Easy Set-up to start the Wizard)
Select PPPoA and click next.
Select the VPI/VCI as 0.38 and click next
Type your username/password and click next (you will need to add
@altohiway.bddsl.com to the end of your username)

Skip the SNMP settings by clicking next. (You can always set-up SNMP later under the
System Config Menu)

Enter an administrative username and password so only you can access your router and
click next.
Check the config before its saved and once your happy with it click start.

And finally finish.
You can check your Connection status by going into Quick, Diagnostics, WAN,
PPPoA_1 - shows you the amount of Tx and Rx packets on the line, your username, and
the Uptime.
IP Connectivity - Shows the status of the WAN Interface and if its connected.
You can also see the Connection status under IP, PPP and ATM.

It’s also a good idea to back up the config, you can do this by going into System Config,
Upgrade, click the remove passive and select the location you want to save the Config.
The configs can be edited in notepad and you can also upload them. This is handy if
you’re configuring a number of routers.

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