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					        Welcome to ITApps
     Induction for New Students
Learning Mgmt System:


FdIT: FdIT website

                Health & Safety
   Fire alarm/drill – check       Report suspicious
    out instructions for exit       people to Security
    and assembly                    Desk/telephone 555
   No Smoking policy              Toilets
   Health & Safety for            Lunch and coffee
    Display Screen Users
    (ref Browsers)
                 About the School
   School of Computer Science and Information Systems   for details of research, staff, facilities
   First floor North Block Senate House
   Student Identity Card for entry to Senate House with
    photograph – must be shown at weekends - £10
   STRICTLY no visitors without written permission
   Workstation rooms for classes and independent study
    when not used for teaching
   Social spaces - ‘Superior environment for superior
    students’ – Pls take care of the environment.
Finding out without killing
         trees …
   Short courses for professional development
   Cert/Diploma in IT Applications
   Dipl in Multimedia & Web Authoring
   Dipl in Open Source IT Applications
   Dipl in Web-enabled Databases
   Dipl in Office IT Applications
   Foundation Degree in IT
        Finding out about Diplomas …
   information on ITApps modules
        (schedule, module specifications)
        (information on assessment, deadlines, policy)
   learning resources
   Administrator: Tara Orlanes
       Book classes, enquiries, change in personal and banking details.
   Programme Director: Janet Billinge
       Learner support, advice, and individual surgery appointments.
       Dipl in IT Applications, Dipl in Open Office IT Apps, Dipl in Web-
        enabled Databases.
   Programme Director: Ian Harrison:
      Learner support, advice, and individual surgery appointments
      Dipl in Office IT Applications, Dipl in Multimedia and Web
   Chair Exam Board: Ian Harrison
      Assessment enquiries, requests for extensions.
Fees and discounts
   £300 per class BUT
       AFTER you submit your work for
        assessment discounted fees
       6th module free to get certificate (£1500)
       8th module free to get diploma (£1800)
   Send changes in bank account/card
    details to Administrator to avoid bad
   Tara Orlanes-Angelopoulou ITApps Administrator - to update contact details, book
   Tutors - for help with content of module.
   Class Forum Discussion Board – for advice from peers
   Book individual surgery appointments

.. If you have a problem with a class ….
    If you have a problem with a
               class …
   Discuss first with your Class Tutor.
   Use Class Discussions Help to get
    help/advice from colleagues.
   Book surgery appointment. Don’t just
    turn up and expect to meet with staff
    who are rarely on-site. Email for an
   Check EARLY that the
technologies work for you …
                 For System Support …
   CCS                                     SCSIS
       workstations in SHB43,                  workstations in SH128,
        321, 352, 402, 536                       SH131, B12
                                                 Support info:
       WebCT            
       Student websites                     
       Support info:                        include workstation
     -
        or tel 7631 6543 include
        workstation number
       Help Desk Room 101
        (collection of basic PC skills
        documents and videos)
               CCS or SCSIS Network
   Understand EACH network - two separate networks managed
    separately by CCS and SCSIS.
   Logon CCS UserName/Password - note logon is case sensitive.
    ONLY YOU KNOW YOUR PASSWORD. If you forget password
    this can be reset ONLY during support working hours.
    Passwords are not synchronised.
   Your file space is N: drive (CCS), I: drive (SCSIS), probably C:
    drive at home/office.
   You are responsible for backing up - CCS/SCSIS do not
    guarantee to maintain files between sessions.
   Anything on C drive may be automatically removed and no
    applications can be installed on workstations
    Use websites and FAQ first

   How to purchase hardware and software with student
   How to get technical support?
   How to avoid viruses, security, rules for use of
    computers …… etc?
How am I doing?
   Review learning points after completing
    exercises and complete the reading
   Keep a Learning Log
   Self-test with quizzes
   Peer feedback in group exercises
   TMA feedback from tutors
         Assessed components of
             ITApps modules
   Quizzes 0%
   Group Exercise: Usability Evaluation of
    Websites 0%
   TMA Tutor Marked Assignment 25%
   FMA Final Marked Assignment 75%
    (deadlines Jan/May/Sep)
    Assessment deadlines and
          tutor support
   Do not ask class tutors to extend deadlines as
    they are not authorised to do so.
   Ask your tutor for help any time before the
    support deadline which is 2 weeks before the
    FMA deadline. Tutors do their best to respond
    promptly but be involved with other higher
    priority tasks.
   Start work on day 1 – don’t delay assignments as
    we cannot provide help at the last minute.
    Assessment deadlines and
   Apply in writing IN ADVANCE to Assessment Co-
    ordinator to change a deadline in the case of
    serious illness or family situations. Formal
    documentary evidence is required to present to
    examination meeting.
   Plagiarism is claiming the work of others as your own. If
    you clearly reference any work done by others in your
    assignments you will not be penalised. Indeed using
    components developed by others mirrors how IT systems
    are efficiently built so this is encouraged.
   Plagiarism is regarded as a serious infringement and in the
    worst cases you may be banned from all university courses.
   Do not copy work from internet, other students, books,
    tutors UNLESS you attribute any work that is not your own.
   Your work is automatically checked out for plagiarism using
    IT tools.
   Ask your tutor if you need advice on what and how to
    reference other people’s work in your assignments.

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