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17-11-11-Friends-Minutes by xiagong0815


									                      Elm Road Primary School – Friends Meeting
                                                                               Date: 17/11/11

Friends attended: Michelle Youngs, Jeremy Robins, Zoe Cox, Justine Youngs, Chelle Gilbert,
Suzanne Curson, Gavin Plume, Lisa & April Bryant.

Apologies: Graham Lockwood, Lisa Collins, Jane Fenner, Julie Malkin, Hayley Lockey, Jayne
Stubbings, Fiona Godfrey, Jemma Lawrence, Sue Kirk, Debbie Keeley, Roxanne Bhaloo, Louise
West, Jo Cook, Paula Preston, Jane Goose, Asta Siskiene, Ausra Stonkuviene, Zoya Skok, Sam
Toomey, Lisa Benincasa, Maria Ibbott, Sally Fields, Sarah Bedford and Sheena Sissons
cc: Alex Fougo & Melanie Martin

Main points discussed                   Decisions and Action                    when     by whom
Minutes of last meeting                 Zoe requested a paper copy of
                                        minutes                                 asap     Chelle

Christmas Bingo                         Michelle will print & laminate bingo
                                        tickets as can't find originals         21/11    Mich
                                        Just a reminder,selling tickets
                                        from Mon 21st with a 90 limit but
                                        flexible on this number to allow
                                        for helpers on night
                                        rota as follows:
                                        Mon – Mich/Zoe
                                        Tues – Mich
                                        Wed – Fiona
                                        Thurs – Justine
                                        Still need to ask Luxe and Currys                Chelle/
                                        for donation – anywhere else?           asap     Hayley
                                        Need to confirm set up time with
                                        Alex – aim for 5.30ish as hall being
                                        used after school                       asap     Mich

KS1 Parties                             Will supply crackers, plates &          asap     Mich/
                                        serviettes – date to be confirmed                Justine
                                        Speak to Hayley

KS2 Disco                               Wed 7th Dec 5-7pm
                                        Send letter to parents re helpers
                                        on Mon 21st                             21/11    Mich
                                        Friends to supply hotdogs, onions
                                        and ice-cream                           6/12     tbc

Cake Stall                              Friday 25th Nov – 3pm- last one of
                                        create poster for maths focus
                                        equipment to sell on day
                                        Cake stall reminder, inc maths          21/11

                           focus equip                                   Chelle

Peckover House Xmas Tree   School to take part in annual
                           Christmas Tree display at
                           Peckover House, where schools/
                           businesses decorate a tree ( with a
                           theme) which is then viewed by
                           the public at a cost
                           Friends will supply tree, lights and
                           sign ( see Mich/Chelle) & will need
                           volunteers to erect, decorate &
                           dismantle tree – Mrs Goose to          asap
                           advise on further details please              Mrs Goose

A.O.B                      April Bryant (ex pupil) attended to
                           ask friends to help raise money for
                           'Colitis and Crohns' which involves
                           hosting a quiz – this will also
                           benefit April towards a citizneship
                           award. We agreed to incorporate
                           into bingo night & April will sell
                           quiz on the door at 50p each, then
                           quiz can be done during break.
                           April also offered to volunteer for    2/12
                           other events – thank you                      April

Rose Fair                  Round table have announced
                           Parade date - Sat 7th July 2012
                           Theme – 'Olympics and other
                           sporting events'
                           Entries need to be in early & by
                           Fri 18th May

Next Meeting               Agreed next meeting for Thur
                           12th January @ 3;15 to discuss
                           planning for Rose Fair, please bring
                           your plans/ideas with you. Suzanne
                           kindly offered her classroom as a
                           Hopefully having meeting straight
                           after school will benefit those who
                           cannot attend eve meetings

Future points to be discussed                 when       who with
                                              12/01/12   all
Rose Fair 2012
Social Event ?

Dates of future meetings           Comments

Thursday 12th January 2012


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