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									Indigenous Outreach Project

          Asociacion Mayab
 The Central American Resource Center
      January, 2008 to June, 2008
    Indigenous Outreach Project
The Purpose of the Indigenous Outreach Project
  is to increase access to health and other social
         services, as well as to increase their
      knowledge about available resources for
    health and other services of the Indigenous
      Immigrant communities in San Francisco
    Indigenous Outreach Project
• Context
• Over the past decade San Francisco and other Bay
  Area Cities have become the point of attraction for
  thousands of Indigenous immigrants from Mexico and
  Latin America
• Indigenous people are different from other
  immigrants in that we speak our native languages and
  practice many of our original cultural traditions in our
  daily lives
• Indigenous communities in Latin America suffer
  discrimination and there is a legacy of oppression and
  racism over our communities.
   Indigenous Outreach Project
• We estimate the Yucatec-Maya population in
  San Francisco at about 15,000 members and
  in Marin county some 10,000. Most of these
  immigrants speak their native Language.
• We are in contact with other groups of
  immigrants such as Tzeltal, Chol, Tzotzil,
  Quiche and Mam
    Indigenous Outreach Project
• CARECEN and Asociacion Mayab started a
  collaboration on January of 2008 to
  implement a health education intervention
  aimed to reach out to the indigenous
  communities of San Francisco.
    Indigenous Outreach Project
• CARECEN housed this project under their
  Wellness Program.
• Program Coordinator
• Outreach Program Coordinator
• 6 Outreach Workers (Maya-Yucateco, Chol,
      Indigenous Outreach Project
    Workshops on Different Health Related Topics
•   Health in the workplace
•   AIDS/STD’s
•   Alcoholism and Drug Addictions
•   Health Insurance and access to services
            Cultural and Traditional Events
•   Carnaval San Francisco 2008
•   Mayan Traditional “Vaqueria”
•   5 de Mayo Celebration
    Indigenous Outreach Project
   Training Workshops for Outreach Workers
• 3 Trainings were provided
  – Orientation
  – Outreach Techniques
  – Health and Health Education Concepts
Indigenous Outreach Project
Indigenous Outreach Project
Indigenous Outreach Project

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