Important Deadlines by wuzhengqin


									                               Timeline of Important Deadlines

Selected Program Participants will be invited to submit the Application Packet.    December 2011
Deadline for Participants to submit completed Application Packet to                January 6, 2012
Please note that participants who do not submit a complete application to
JHSPH will be dropped from the program.
Participants will receive a Final Acceptance Letter and a Formal Visa Letter of    January 26, 2012
Support from JHSPH and the University of Pretoria via email and Federal
Participants needing South African visas will contact the South Africa             January 30, 2012
Embassy for a visa appointment.
Participants to inform JHSPH of their scheduled visa appointment.                  February 15, 2012
Deadline for participants to submit a photocopy of South Africa visa to            March 23, 2012
If participants needing a South African visa do not obtain a visa and/or do not
submit a photocopy of their visa to JHSPH by this deadline, then any available
participant spots will be filled with participants or partner organization staff
who already hold a valid South African passport and/or valid South African
Participants will have air ticket booked by JHSPH via BCD Travel.                  April 2012
Participants arrive in Pretoria, South Africa.                                     May 13, 2012
Program Sessions Dates                                                             May 14-18, 2012
Participants depart Pretoria, South Africa.                                        May 19, 2012

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