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									Paper Size:
                                                                                       15 mm
 C5 (162 mm x 229 mm)                                                             for other pages

                                        45 mm
                                     for first page                                                              16 mm

                                                            130 mm
                           INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS (12 pt, bold, centred)
                                                                24 pt (9 mm)

 16 mm                           Johny FIRST1 and Peter SECOND2 (10 pt, bold, centred)
                                                  Department of Automation,
                                                    University of Miskolc
                                        Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungarian Republic,
                           (10 pt, centered)
                                                  Address of the second author
                                                                24 pt (9 mm)

                  Abstract: The abstract must not exceed 150 words (10 pt)
                                                                10 pt (3,7 mm)
                  Key words: Lists of 4 – 5 key words (10 pt)
                                                              20 pt (7,5 mm)

                  1 Introduction: general instructions (12 pt, bold)
                                                                12 pt (4,5 mm)
         169 mm

                         The contribution must be prepared according to these instructions and must be
                  uploaded in PDF format with no Security option. The manuscript must be prepared on C5
                  format (162 x 229 mm). This file must be uploaded via the ICCC 2005 web information
                  system. Send also one copy of the camera-ready manuscript (printed on white paper using
                  the laser printer only) to the address, which is shown in Figure 1. The max length of the
                  paper is 6 (six) pages.
                         Extra pages cost 10 EURO each.                        20 pt (7,5 mm)
                  Do not type page numbers. Instead, write
                  first author’s name, paper ID number and                       ICCC’2005
                  the page number on the backside of each                  Department of Automation
                  sheet. Do not bend or fold the                             University of Miskolc
                  manuscript. Paper should be prepared by
                  means of any word processor (MS                         3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros
                  WORD, LATEX) with text font Times                           Hungarian Republic
                  New Roman. Required page format C5
                  (162 x 229 mm). Margins: top 15 mm,                     Figure 1. Figure title (10 pt)
                  bottom 15 mm, left 16 mm and right 16                         20 pt (7,5 mm)
                  On the first page, top margin must be 45 mm, for adding the conference heading. The width
                  of typeset area is 130 mm and the length is 199 mm. The paper must be written in English
 16 mm            only. The words Abstarct, Key words and titles of all principal Sections,                      16 mm
                  Acknowledgements and References must be typed starting from the left margin of the
                  page in bold face in the same font as the text of the paper (10 pt). For the main text Times
                  New Roman 10 pt size font is required.

                               15 mm                                                     15 mm
Paper Size:
                                                                                     15 mm
 C5 (162 mm x 229 mm)                                                           for other pages

              Paragraphs must have approximately 7 mm indent. References should be given in the
         square brackets, for example [1].                                                                    16 mm
                                              10 pt (3,7 mm)
         1.1 Further information (10 pt, bold)
                                              10 pt (3,7 mm)
              The title of the paper, the names of the authors and the addresses must be centred
         between the left and right text margin. The title must be placed immediately below the top
         margin of the first page (that is 45 mm) and typeset in bold face 12 pt size. Subsequently,
         you must skip 24 pt (9 mm) and print the name(s) of the author(s) in bold face and the
         address(es) in normal face. Then skip 24 pt (9 mm) and print the abstract. Identical authors'
         addresses should be omitted. The following address form is required:
 16 mm
         First line/row:                  Institute or Department
         Second line:                  Name of Company or University
         Third line:                           City, Country,
         Forth line:                          E-mail address
                                              10 pt (3,7 mm)
         1.2 Figures, tables and equations
                                              10 pt (3,7 mm)
               All figures and tables must be included in the PDF file of the paper and must be
         centred. Figures or pictures must be included to the text of paper as separate objects.

                                                                                                         199 mm
         Number and title of a figure should be placed under an illustration and centred with respect
         to it only black-and-white figures and tables are allowed.
                                                                     10 pt (3,7 mm)
                                               M S  M m  sin( )                                 (1)
                                                                     10 pt (3,7 mm)
         where: Ms - actual size, Mm - maximal size, φ - gradient.
                                                                     10 pt (3,7 mm)
            Equations are centrally justified and numbered consecutively from (1) upwards.
         Number must be justified to the right text margin.
                                                                     10 pt (3,7 mm)
                                          Table 1. Table title (10pt)

                                                                     10 pt (3,7 mm)
              Table needs to be centred, and its number should be placed above the table, left-
              For more information, please, look for the conference Web information system or
         contact the organisers by e-mail.
                   20 pt (7,5 mm)

                   12 pt (4,5 mm)
         [1] AUTHOR, F. 2005. Paper Title. In International Carpathian Control Conference 2005.
               Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 2005.; pp 165-256. ISBN 895 421 358
         [2] AUTHOR, S. 2002. Title of Book, Publisher, City of Publisher, 2002.; 200 pp.
 16 mm                                                                                                        16 mm

                                                  130 mm

                       15 mm                                                           15 mm

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