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					             Long Term Home and Hospital (LTHH) Test Case Script

After logging into SMS enter the Student Name or ID and click on the student. The selected student’s
Demographic page is displayed.

Navigate to the LTHH Info page by clicking the Upton menu item in the left navigation bar. Select LTHH
Info. A new LTHH Info page with “Student summary info”, “IEP info” and “LTHH info” panels displayed.
Verify that “Address Sync With” dropdown and all fields that followed it are disabled.

Click on the “Actions” menu item at the top of the page and select “Add LTHH entry”. The LTHH Entry
page is displayed.

Click the “Apply” button at the right bottom corner without entering any data. A dialog box will appear
with the following error message “Date Received is required”. And “Date Assigned is required”.

Enter “Date Received” and “Date Assigned” and any other data that is proper but leave Withdrawal
Date” field blank. Now click “OK”. The data is saved and you will retun to the LTHH Info page. The
“Address Sync With” dropdown and other data fields below it should now be enabled. The newly
created LTHH record is listed in LTHH Entry grid.

Select the “Address Sync With” dropdown list arrow. You will see the following items in this dropdown

       N/A
       Mailing Address and
       Physical Address

Select Mailing Address. The student’s mailing address and parent info should be populated. And
“Address”, “City”, “State”, and “Zip Code” 4 fields are read only.

Select Physical Address. The student’s physical address should be populated if is different from the
mailing address. And “Address”, “City”, “State”, and “Zip Code” 4 fields remain read only.

Select N/A. No data is changed except that “Address”, “City”, “State”, and “Zip Code” 4 fields are now

Make some change on the address and/or parent information and click “Apply”. Changes are saved and
the screen remains on the LTHH Info page.

Scroll down to LTHH Entry panel and select the LTHH record that was created previously by checking the
box to the left of the LTHH record. Now click the “Action” menu and select “Edit LTHH entry”.
Alternately you can click on the blue link located in the left most cell of the LTHH record if there is one.
(If the left most cell is empty, you can change the data display order and place the “Date Received” to
the top of the data list. To change the data display order, click the “Edit” menu item at the top and
select Choose Columns --> LTHH entry.)

Check the box to the left of “Lunch” subject, click on the “Action” menu and select “Delete LTHH
Subjects”. A warning message appears, which says “Are you sure you want to delete the selected items
and all associated information?” Click the OK button in the popup message. The “lunch” subject is

Click the blue link to the left of a subject. The LTHH Subjects page displayed with “Subject Name”, “1st”,
“2nd”,”Exam 1”, “3nd”, “4th”, “Exam2”, “EYO/Credit” 8 fields. Enter the data and click “Apply”. The data is
saved and the screen remains on the current page.

On LTHH Subject page, click on the “Actions” menu and select “Add LTHH SUBJECTS TRACKING…”. The
LTHH SUBJECTS TRACKING page displays with the “Subject Name”, “HHT Teacher” and “Tracking” fields.

Select the teacher and enter a tracking date then click “OK”. The screen return to LTHH Subjects page.
The newly created Subject Tracking record should be listed in LTHH SUBJECTS TRACKING grid.

Now click the OK button. The screen returns to LTHH entry page. Note that the data entered on the
LTHH Subjects page should now be displayed on the LTHH Subject record that is listed on LTHH Subjects

On the LTHH Entry page, click on the “Actions” menu and select “Add Related Services”. The Related
Service Info page is displayed. The TEACHER, Code, and Hr/Wk fields are editable. Enter the related
service information and click OK. The data is saved and you are returned to the “LTHH Entry” page. The
newly added related service record should now be listed on Related Service Teacher grid.

Now navigate to the LTHH Attendance module by first going to the SMS home page. Enter “police” in
Student Name or ID and select “Police, Police” from the list. The student demographic page for Police,
Police is displayed.

Click on UPTON menu item in the left menu bar and select “LTHH Attendance”. The LTHH Attendance
page displayed. The List of Attendance dates will be displayed.

Click on the date you want to work with. The LTHH Attendance Detail page is displayed. This page lists
the LTHH students.

Scroll to the student who you are working on. The default Attendance Code value for your student
should be “Present”. Click on the dropdown menu to select the Attendance Code for your student. For
the purpose of this training select “Absent” and click “OK” button. The data is saved and the screen will
return to the LTHH Attendance page.
Navigate back to LTHH entry page of your student and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The
absent date that was entered in the LTHH Attendance module is listed on LTHH Absent Date grid.

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