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					      Opportunity is missed by most people                                                 December 2010
      because it is dressed in overalls and
      looks like work. -- Thomas Alva Edison

   Spots &
                                                                                        "high rate
                                                                                            ...we have a
        Your carpet endures all kinds of     permanent and far more diffi-
   abuse. Daily traffic, food spills, pet
   accidents, tracked in grease and
   oil and other soils can cause spots
                                             cult to remove than spots. Stain
                                             removal usually involves applica-
                                             tion of specialized techniques,
                                                                                    success with
   on your carpet. Or are they stains?
   What's the difference?
                                             professional experience and more
                                             aggressive chemistry.                           spot and
       A SPOT is soil that has bonded            At A-Town Hi-Tech, we under-
   to carpet fibers. Spots can some-         stand the various factors involved,
   times change the texture of the           so we have a high rate of success

   carpet, and may be sticky, oily,          with spot and stain treatment.
   gummy, waxy, crusty, etc. Spots can            In order to achieve successful
   usually be removed with normal            spot and stain removal we need
   cleaning or spot treatments.              to categorize the source. There
                                             are three basic categories: Organ-      mustard, coffee, chocolate, grass,
       A STAIN is unwanted color             ic, Mineral and Synthetic.              flowers, mold, fruit juices, wine,
   added to a fiber. It is often a discol-                                           urine, feces, vomit and blood.
   oration left behind after cleaning            Organic spots and stains are de-
                                             rived from plant or animal sources.        Mineral spots and stains are
   or spot removal. Stains do not have                                               caused by sources like mud, carbon,
   texture, are generally considered         This category includes things like
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 How to Heat Butter or Oil Without Burning                                           Look High and Low to Save Dough
                             Although conventional wisdom says that you                                 In most grocery
                         should always heat your pan before adding oil or but-                          stores, prod-
                         ter for sautéing, this is not always such a good idea.                         ucts displayed
                                                                                                        at eye level are
                             If you heat the pan too much and then add butter,                          generally the
                         it will simply burn immediately.                            most expensive. Manufacturers pay
   Heating the pan and the oil or butter together gives you clues as to              a premium to get their products in
 when the pan is hot enough to add the other ingredients.                            those prime spots.
      Oil heating in a pan will begin to ripple and have movement when                   Up high or on lower shelves is
 it is ready. Butter will become completely melted and start to foam. You            where the real bargains are, which
 will then know the pan is ready without the risk of burning it.                     are often as good as name brands.

"Spots and stains" continued from front cover
metals, red clay, used motor oil,         maintained in the past? Has the                Professional assistance is always
charcoal and rust.                        carpet been protected in the past?         your best choice for treatment, but
    Synthetic spots                                 What kind of fiber is the        sometimes in a desperate attempt
and stains come
                                     "Quick         carpet?                          to remove a spot, a well-meaning
from sources like             response is                    Urine and pet related   homeowner may decide to take
                                                                                     matters into her own hands. Quick
make-up,        paint                                    stains are another chal-
pigments,       furni-        important,                 lenging source to remove    response is important, but care
                                                                                     must be taken not to do anything to
ture, inks, crayons          but care must               from carpet fibers. Urine
                                                                                     set a stain.
and artificial colors                                    is made up of a variety
(food dyes).                 be taken not                of chemicals that differs       So what should you do if you
    We also classify        to do anything               depending on the age,
                                                         gender, species, and
                                                                                     get a spot or stain? Scoop or scrape
                                                                                     up the excess. Then use a clean
spots as water-solu-
ble, solvent-soluble,       to set a stain."             health of the animal it     white towel to blot up any liquid.
or non-soluble. This further assists us                  came from.                  Place a weight, such as a phone
in developing a plan of attack.                     Since contamination such as      book on the towel to get spot to
                                                blood, urine, vomit and feces can    soak into the towel.
    Other factors may also de-
termine whether a stain can be                  harbor bacteria and viruses, our         Then call A-Town/Hi-Tech. We
removed. Is it near a window or                 primary concern is source removal    will tell you what to do depend-
strong light source? How old is the             and sanitization. Once this has      ing on your specific situation or, if
carpet? How has the carpet been                 been achieved, we can address any    necessary send a technician to take
                                                residual stains.                     care of it for you.
 10 Fascinating Facts about Reindeer                                                  Good Clean Funnies
1. Both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer.

2. Reindeer drop their antlers in late November to mid-December.

3. Wild reindeer of North America are called caribou.

4. Reindeer originated in northern Europe and Asia.

5. Reindeer were brought into Alaska from Siberia
between 1862 and 1902, following a famine to
replace the caribou that were over-hunted.

6. Reindeer milk is four times richer in butter fat
than cow’s milk.

7. A full-grown male reindeer weighs about 400 pounds.

8. Wild reindeer can migrate more than 1000 miles each year.

9. Wild reindeer survive on mushrooms, lichen and Arctic
                                                                                     Disorder in the Court!
10. Reindeer are good swimmers. They are aided by a layer of                         Think going to trial isn't funny? Think again!
hollow hairs on top of their undercoat that provides buoyancy.                       Check out these humorous exchanges that are
                                                                                     taken from actual court transcripts.
                                                                                     Q: What is your date of
      Easy Leftover-Turkey Sandwich                                                  birth?
                                                                                     A: March 3rd.
                                     Servings: 2                                     Q: What year?
                                     Ready In: 5 minutes                             A: Every year.
                                     No mixing. No cooking. Simple, fast and
                                     delicious way to enjoy leftover holiday         Q: What gear were you in at
                                     turkey and sides.                               the moment of impact?
                                                                                     A: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.
 Ingredients:                          Directions:
                                                                                     Q: This myasthenia gravis-does it affect your
 •	    Four slices of hearty           •	   On top slice of bread, spread a          memory at all?
       wheat or multi-grain                 dollop of mayonnaise, sandwich           A: Yes.
       bread.                               spread or salad dressing.
                                                                                     Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
 •	    1 cup cold leftover turkey                                                    A: I forget.
                                       •	   Add a little salt and pepper to taste.
       torn into bite-sized strips
                                                                                     Q: You forget. Can you give us an example of
 •	    1/2 cup cranberry sauce         •	   On bottom slice, spread cranberry        something that you've forgotten?
 •	    1 cup leftover stuffing
                                                                                     Q: All your responses must be oral, OK?
 •	    2 tblsp mayonaise, salad        •	   Layer on chunks of leftover turkey.
                                                                                     What school did you go to?
       dressing or sandwich
                                       •	   Add	a	layer	of	leftover	stuffing.	       A: Oral.
 •	    Salt and pepper to taste        Note: Toast the bread to add a satisfying     Q: How old is your son-the one living with you?
                                       crunch to this recipe.                        A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember.
                                                                                     Q: How long has he lived with you?
                                                                                     A: Forty-five years.
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 Dealing With Spots & Stains                                Trivia Challenge
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 10 Fascinating
 Reindeer Facts                                                This month’s trivia question:
                                                    Which of the following is NOT true:
 Great Online Deals                                a. reindeer are poor swimmers
 in YOUR Area                                      b. stains usually do not have texture
                                                   c. the best grocery bargains are on the top
 The Ultimate Leftover                             and bottom shelves
 Turkey Recipe                                     d. kinked Christmas lights should be
                                                   trashed, not repaired
 Good Clean Funnies                              Here is how to win: Find the correct answer in this
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