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1109 update


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									               U P D AT E
                           TEXAS STATE EMPLOYEES UNION


                              Did you think this
                             fight was over? 
                                    Pension slashers
                                     are at it again.
                                      see full story on page 2

                                                                  @ Verizon
                                                                 TSEU members
                                                          stand with fellow CWA
                                                         members on Labor Day
                                                                 see full story on page 3
      Thinking                                      T
   and acting,                                      S            Houston group plans
                                                                 all-out assault on public
  globally and                                      E            worker pensions
       locally!                                     U            U
                                                                          nhappy that anti-public worker legislators were unable to
                                                                          gut our pension plans in the last legislative session, a group

                                                                          of wealthy, conservative corporate chieftains has banded to-
     he challenges are greater than ever. Here in Texas a        gether to try again. Led by Bill King, a group from the Greater Hous-
     powerful circle of corporate chieftains is plotting to      ton Partnership has formed “Texans for Public Pension Reform.”
     dissolve our pension plans. As Texas tumbles further        King is a lawyer at the notoriously right-wing law firm Bracewell
into a third-world standard of living, anti-government           Giuliani. Bracewell specializes in defense of polluting corporations
radicals plot to slash state services even more. Nationally,     and is a noted union-busting law firm. Greater Houston Partner-
one of the most profitable corporations in the country –         ship is described as “ an über-chamber of commerce with business
Verizon – is trying to eliminate pension, health care, and       members representing $1.5 trillion in assets,” in press reports.
other benefits that workers won over decades.                         “I think the state needs to get the hell out of this (pension) busi-
                                                                 ness.” King told a reporter for the Austin American Statesman. He
Cuts will hurt all Texans
                                                                 also said that he plans to make pensions an issue in the Texas Leg-
     While we defeated many of the attacks, the 2011 ses-
                                                                 islature, and that he would support a constitutional amendment to
sion of the Texas Legislature was the worst in memory for
                                                                 eliminate defined benefit public employee pension plans.
Texans. Education funding was cut by billions of dollars.
                                                                      See pressclips in the “members” section of the TSEU website
Billions of dollars was cut from crucial health, human ser-
                                                                 for a full copy of the press article.
vices, and similar programs. Thousands of state employee
jobs, in agencies and universities, will be sacrificed.
We’re all in this together
    From Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid at the na-
                                                                 New ERS Medicare plan
tional level, to public employee union rights in many states,
to Verizon workers hard-won benefits, to state services and
                                                                 starts in January
state employee jobs and benefits here in Texas, a far-right      Plan will cut costs, simplify services for many

movement fueled by corporate funds and anti-government                     n January 1, all ERS retirees who are in Medicare or Medi-
radicalism is threatening many of the basic building blocks                care eligible will be transferred to a new Medicare Advan-
of our society. The attacks threaten all of us.                            tage plan, unless they opt out. ERS Medicare retirees can
Fighting back works                                              opt out before the plan starts, and can opt out or in at any time after
    TSEU members have proved that fighting back works.           that. The plan has caused a lot of confusion and concern, but will
Earlier this year we defeated plans in the Texas Legislature     produce significant improvements and/or savings for many retirees
to furlough state employees, to eliminate our longevity              This change was forced by the Texas Legislature, which man-
pay, to gut our health plan, to close down state supported       dated that ERS find ways to save on health benefits. ERS convinced
living centers. We did this by working together, by orga-        legislators to let them try this plan instead of immediately cutting
nizing every day, by getting our co-workers involved, and        benefits for all participants or imposing major cost increases on
by building a coalition of people and organizations that         employees and retirees.
was much stronger than any of us could be alone.                 1. Who: The change will affect all ERS health plan participants who
Building power & unity to defeat the attacks                        are enrolled in Medicare or are Medicare eligible. All Medicare
As TSEU members, we understand that it’s important to               enrolled retirees will be automatically transferred to the new
build the strength of our Texas state employee movement             plan unless they opt out (see #8) Surviving spouses of retirees
as a part of an overall movement to push back the attacks           who have passed away are eligible if they opted to stay in the ERS
on working people. We will be there, for our own pension            health plan. Retirees who are not Medicare eligible, and Medi-
plans, for education funding for young Texans, for Social           care retirees who live outside the United States are not eligible
Security and other federal benefits, and for fellow CWA             for the new plan.
members at Verizon.
                                                                 2. What: The (ERS) Humana Medicare Advantage Plan will be
To-do for today: ORGANIZE                                           managed by Humana Health. It will be a unified plan: partici-
    It’s what we do every day that makes the difference.            pants will get all services (except pharmacy) through the plan
We are in the period between legislative sessions, between
                                                                                          contintued on page 5
elections. This is our chance to build our strength. Every
new member of TSEU, every member who signs up for
COPE, makes a difference.
                                                                2.                                                     TSEU UPDATE
   LABOR DAY                                                              TSEU
                                                                                              SEU members organized Labor
                                                                                              Day events at TSEU offices in
                                                                          STYLE               Austin, Houston, and San An-
                                                                                          tonio. In Houston and Austin, we
              Members mark Labor Day with Unity@Verizon                                   mixed partying with solidarity action
               action and good times at area TSEU offices                                 as TSEU members, wearing our red
                                                                                          TSEU/CWA solidarity t-shirts, set up
                                                                                          picket lines at Verizon stores. We did
                                                                                          the solidarity actions to support CWA
                                                                                          members at Verizon, where the com-
                                                                                          pany is trying to eliminate decades of
                                                                                          progress on employee benefits in the
                                                                                          on-going contract negotiations.

AUSTIN [above and immediate right]: It started at the Ve-
rizon Store where 23 TSEU members and several mem-
bers of CWA Local 6132 set up our informational picket
at about 3:00. When store security and Austin police told
us we could not picket on store property, we moved to a
nearby sidewalk and kept on marching. We ended with a
final march past the store just to make sure that Verizon
staff and customers got the message. At about 4:00pm we
gathered at the TSEU office for TSEU’s annual Labor Day
picnic. About 45 TSEU members, family, and friends gath-
ered for the afternoon of food, fun, and music.

SAN ANTONIO [immediate right]: TSEU members, family, and friends met at the
San Antonio Union Office to Celebrate Labor Day. Congressman Lloyd Doggett was
there to shake hands and address the members. He spoke of a joined and continuous
coalition of labor and politics. He talked about the partnership he and TSEU had dur-
ing the fight against HB 2292, as well as the contributions unions have made to society
in general. State Representative Joaquin Castro also attended and addressed TSEU
members. After both speeches, Doggett and Castro opened the floor up for questions.
TSEU Board member Arthur Valdez, along with Steve Brink, HHSC Joan Barasch,
Anna Perez Ingram, and Maria Frances Ortiz were
in charge of arrangements.
Pictured at right [l-r] Dorothy Shannon, Congress-
man Lloyd Doggett, Arthur Valdez (TSEU E-
Board), TSEU Legislative Director Derrick Osobase.

HOUSTON [bottom]: About 20 TSEU union
members and family came to the Houston La-
bor Day open house. Besides sharing opinions,
drinks, and food, members took part in a short
action at a nearby Verizon Wireless store. We dis-
tributed information to customers and passer-bys
about the attempt by Verizon to undercut work-
er’s wages and benefits at the bargaining table, de-
spite making over $6 Billion in 2011.
Pictured at right [l-r] Doris Cleveland, Samm Al-
maguer, Jerry Wald, Arturo Padilla, Claudia Uku-
tegbe, Vytas Gedutis.

TSEU UPDATE                                                                                                                    3.
Building state employee power:
2011 TSEU Summer COPE Tour

      olitical muscle definitely makes a difference. We can’t have enough. It took all we
      had to stop attempts to eliminate our longevity pay, to kill the furlough plans, and
      to turn back several other attacks earlier this year. And the fight is still on. Already          “It’s important for us to get people
a new attack on our pensions has opened up.                                                             elected that support our ideals and
    COPE – the Committee on Political Education – is both our political action fund and                 objectives. It’s really important for
our internal organization of members who want to be part of our political action. The                  EVERY (Union) member to become a
annual COPE tour is a multi-city push to get more members signed up. For this year’s                    member of COPE and contribute as
tour TSEU Legislative Director Derrick Osobase attended most of the events, where he                   much as possible to help elect someone
gave first-hand reports on the results from the Texas Legislature and discussed the im-                   that will listen to us, instead of
portance of building strong political action groups and funds.                                             shutting the door in our face.”
    As of Sept. 14, the COPE tour has been to thirteen cities and about 25 locations. Along
                                                                                                          Pearlie Crain, Hwy 6 HHSC, Houston
with 84 new COPE members, the tour has signed up 55 new TSEU members.

EL PASO, August 3 - 4                                                         HOUSTON AREA, August 17 - 19
Judy Lugo, Christina                                                          Cassandra Crosby, Sheila Badzioch, Samm Almaguer, and Pearlie
Vargas, Yoly Griego, and                                                      Crain were among the TSEU members who worked to sign up 24
Cilia Casas were among                                                        COPE members along with 13 new TSEU members. The COPE
the members who helped                                                        tour visited the Polk St, Buffalo Speedway, Hwy 6, and Harwin
organize the events.                                                          offices; along with the University of Houston and the TSEU Fort
COPE tour events were                                                         Bend Area Organizing Committee meeting.
organized at the Frank-
lin State Office Building,
HHSC offices at Moun-
tain View, Riverside, and
McCombs; along with the
El Paso area TSEU meet-
ing. Eleven new members             EL PASO - Christina Vargas (left) signs
                                        up Diane Martinez into COPE.
and 6 new COPE mem-
bers signed up.

                                      VALLEY AREA,
                                      August 9 - 12
                                      Gloria Garcia, Joe Angulo,
                                      Janie Peña, Blanca Aleman,
                                      Teresa Jaramillo, J.J. Gonzalez,
                                      Yamili Chavez, David Rodri-
                                      guez, Violet Perez, Adela Vega,                       TSEU members at Hwy 6 HHSC office join COPE

                                      Letty Quintanilla, and Chris-
                                      tina Ortiz helped organize              DALLAS AREA, August 23 - 26
                                      events at Alamo HHSC, McAl-             Misty Corley, D’Andra Newman, Rodney Brown, Randall Parker,
                                      len Parole, U. T. Pan American,         Vivian Kirk, Mary Orozco, Dorace Armstrong, Dakota Stepney,
                                      Brownsville DFPS, and the               Dedra Richardson, and TSEU Board member Micah Haley all
HARLINGEN - Letty Quintanilla
signs up fellow TSEU member Cathy     Harlingen HHSC/DFPS office.             worked to make the COPE tour a success. The tour visited the Grand
Longoria into COPE                    Eighteen new COPE members               Prairie HHSC Office, Dallas II Parole, and Westmoreland DFPS.
                                      signed up along with 10 new             Members also organized a COPE tour party at the TSEU office. 23
                                      TSEU members.                           new COPE members, along with 6 new TSEU members signed up.

4.                                                                                                                                TSEU UPDATE
                                                                           New ERS Medicare plan starts in January
                                                                                                 contintued from page 2

                                                                             instead of having to work with both Medicare and Health-
                                                                             Select. Prescription drugs will be provided through the
                                                                             current ERS prescription drug plan.

                                                                           3. Participant costs: Many services will be 100% covered
                                                                              under the new plan, and there will be fewer co-pays or other
                                                                              out-of-pocket expenses. Full details are not available, but most
                                                                              diagnostic imaging, lab, and doctor visits are covered at 100%
                                                                              under the plan. There are no deductibles under this plan.

                                                                           4. When: Eligible participants who have not opted out will be
                                                                              transferred to the new plan on January 1, 2012.

                                                                           5. Providers: participants will be able to use any provid-
                                                                              ers who EITHER accept Medicare or are on Humana’s pro-
                                                                              vider network. No current Medicare participants will have to
       Legislative Director Derrick Osobase conducts legislative wrap-up
            at a TSEU Dallas office COPE cook-out and open house.
                                                                              change providers unless the provider drops out of Medicare.

                                                                           6. Savings for retirees: Many participants will see immedi-
KILLEEN, August 31
                                                                              ate savings in lower co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs.
Barbara Garrett, Jefferson Sanchez and Marcus Smith helped or-
                                                                              Retirees who cover their spouses will immediately begin to
ganize a COPE Day at the Killeen HHSC office, where they signed
                                                                              save $137 per month in premium costs. Surviving spouses
up 6 new COPE members.
                                                                              will save $275 per month. Spouses can “split” their cover-
                                                                              age: if only one spouse is Medicare eligible they can join the
CORPUS CHRISTI, September 8 - 9
                                                                              Medicare Advantage plan, and the other can join when they
The COPE tour stopped at the Corpus Christi Parole Office,
                                                                              become eligible.
Corpus Christi State Supported Living Center, and Greenwood
DFPS, in addition to a Corpus Christi TSEU/COPE Happy Hour                 7. Opting out: Medicare eligible ERS retirees who want to
at the CWA union hall in Corpus Christi. Vanessa Lujan, Juan                  opt out from the start can do so between November 7 and
Granados, Brenda Samudio, Janet Kearney, Brandy Young, and                    December 9. These members will never go into the new plan
Rose Soto helped organize the activities. Seven members joined                unless they change their minds. Members who go into the
COPE, and 15 new members joined TSEU.                                         new plan on January 1 will be able to opt out of the plan at
                                                                              any time. They can also opt back in at any time.
BRENHAM, September 14
34 new members/ 12 new COPE - The 2011 Brenham State Sup-                  8. The fine print and downsides: There are numerous is-
ported Living Center COPE Picnic was a major success! Thirty                  sues related to this change that cause concerns. Among the
four new members                                                              greatest is that the Texas Legislature is known to be deter-
joined the union, and                                                         mined to slash state employees’ health plans. The deal on
12 members joined                                                             this plan could change within two years if it does not save
COPE. TSEU Executive                                                          enough, or if legislators just decide to cut funding even more.
Board member Debra                                                            Among other concerns: the effect of planned cuts to federal
Coleman,      Vernando                                                        subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans and the effect on the
Sweed, Rosia Newsome,                                                         HealthSelect plan of moving large numbers of retirees out
Arthur Curry, Deborah                                                         of the plan. TSEU will continue our analysis of these issues
Borah, and Elaine Reed                                                        and get reports out to members as we have new information.
organized the day, with
assistance from Dr. Hal-                                                   9. More information: ERS is still working on final details,
cyon Watkins (retired,                                                        and will send letters in late September with more informa-
Prairie View A&M) and                                                         tion. In early October Medicare eligibile retirees will get a
Mae Jo Williams (re-
                          Debra Coleman [right] tells co-workers              benefits information kit with more details. In the meantime,
                                 why COPE is important.                       contact TSEU for an ERS informational flyer that has many
tired BSSLC).
                                                                              details, including the times and places of ERS informational
                                                                              sessions in various locations around the state.

TSEU UPDATE                                                                                                                                5.
                        JUDY LUGO                                                                JOE ANGULO
                        president                                                                region i representative
                         This past legislative session was a very tough                           I work at the University of Texas Pan Amer-
                         session. As President, I worked with mem-                                ican here in Edinburg, Texas. I am a Tech-
                         bers, staff and legislators to push back some                            nical Staff Assistant V working in the Elec-
                         of the worst legislation that employees have                             trical Engineering Dept and have been an
seen in a long time. TSEU partnered with the community and other          active TSEU member for over 7 years. I am running for Region
unions to fight for the rights of Texans and state employees. We all      I position on the TSEU Executive Board and would work toward
came together for the biggest Lobby Day in TSEU history. I am seek-       reaching the goals that are important to TSEU members and State
ing the position of President to continue the fight for state employ-     workers. We need to continue to fight for a pay raise, decent health
ees, protect health care benefits, and protect pensions and pay. To       benefits, full funding for our pension plans and a fair work envi-
continue to fight for the people we serve, the most vulnerable Texans.    ronment. I am ready to work for you to reach those goals.

                       MIKE GROSS
                       vice president
                         I’m proud to have served on the TSEU Ex-
                         ecutive Board during these difficult years.
                         In the past two years we have seen the worst
                         attacks in memory on our jobs and our ben-
efits, and on state services. This year we defeated the worst of the
attacks: we killed plans to cut our pensions, to eliminate longevity

                                                                             EXECUTIVE BOARD
pay, to lay off 10,000 state workers.
We’ve done a lot, but there is a lot left to do. I’m ready to work
harder than ever, with the rest of our Board and with you, to win

                                                                             Election 2011
new victories for state employees.

                       JOANNE DAY
                                                                              Those listed on these pages are candidates
                      I work at the DSHS laboratory in Austin
                                                                                for TSEU Executive Board. This election
                      as a Microbiologist in the Medical Parasi-
                      tology lab. I have been a state worker and                 will consist of all four of the statewide
                      member of TSEU since 1999. I have been                     positions (see column at left) and five
an active member at the DSHS main campus for several years. I                         of the eight regional positions.
have served as the Region VII representative for the past 2 years
                                                                                Ballots are currently being mailed to all
and have accepted the duties of the Secretary position this last
year. I am excited to be on the Executive board and I hope to
                                                                                active TSEU members in good standing.
keep serving as Secretary. Please support me and your union by                Please contact your TSEU office if you have
becoming more active. Start here and vote for me.                                not received a ballot by October 15.

                                                                                 BALLOT RETURN DEADLINE WILL BE
                       ANTHONY BROWN                                                  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4
                       treasurer                                              Ballots must be returned by U.S. Mail and be
                        I’m proud to have served as a TSEU executive           received in the TSEU Elections Committee
                        board member since 1999. I am now asking               post office box by 5:00pm. Postage-paid
                        your support and vote for election as your               envelopes will accompany the ballots.
                        Treasurer. I will continue to assist the Execu-
tive Board in our fight for justice on the job; quality and affordable        We would like to strongly urge all members
health care; slowing privatization and job cuts; and securing quality              to participate in this election.
pay for all state employees. I will continue to work with the Board to
ensure that our dues money is used in an efficient manner to protect
the interest of our members and all state employees.

6.                                                                                                                          TSEU UPDATE
                       ARTHUR VALDEZ
                       region ii representative
                       I have worked for the state 38 years & my
                                                                          El Paso area committee
                       platform is I support legislators who sup-         builds for the next fight

                       port state workers. The attacks on state &
                       university workers the past couple of Legis-               uring its most recent regular meeting on August 3rd, the
lative sessions have been very typical of what is happening across                El Paso Area Committee heard from TSEU Legislative
the country. My sincere thanks to our organizers & activists for                  Director Derrick Osobase. He spoke about the proposed
your work in the fight against the attacks. The fight is not over.        pay and benefit cuts in the last legislative session that TSEU
We must get more of our co-workers to join TSEU & COPE to                 members successfully defeated as well as where our union goes
prepare for the next session’s attacks. We shall not give up! Please      from here in the fight for good pay and benefits and quality state
get involved. I humbly ask for your vote once again.                      services. He stressed the need for members to spend this time be-
                                                                          fore the next legislative session signing up our coworkers into the
                                                                          union and into COPE. We have to start getting ready now for the
                                                                          upcoming elections so that we can shift the legislature towards
                       MICAH HALEY                                        a pro-state services agenda. Afterwards, committee members
                       region iv representative                           discussed plans to build the union in their workplaces, ask cur-
                      My name is Micah Haley and I work for               rent members to join COPE, and to set up a meeting with State
                      TDCJ-Parole Division as a unit supervi-             Senator Jose Rodriguez so we can discuss our agenda for the next
                      sor. I have been a state employee for 14            session. Diane Martinez (EPSSLC) and Anne Allis (UTEP) both
                      years and a TSEU member for 12 years. I             joined COPE at the meeting.
am asking for your support and vote for re-election to another
term as board member. I ask for your vote to continue the fight
against privatization, maintain affordable health care and most
importantly a pay raise for all state employees. I have been an
active participant in many parole caucuses, mini lobby days,
lobby days and recruit new members for TSEU/COPE.

                       ARNULFO SAMMUEL ALMAGUER
                       region vii representative
                         I have been a TSEU member & activist for the
                         past 20 years. I talk to co-workers about the
                         union during breaks and lunch hours. I have      Pictured from left to right around the table are Derrick Osobase (TSEU Legis-
                                                                          lative Director), Judy Lugo (HHSC, TSEU President), Anne Allis (UTEP), Ar-
                         also been an organizer. I know the political     mando Ramos (Parole), Terrie Santaguida (FPS Retiree), John Garcia (FPS),
climate is challenging, but experiences with the attempted privatiza-     Vicky Rodriguez (TTUHSC Retiree), Chris Vargas (HHSC), Diane Martinez
tion of Human Services and recent legislative sessions has taught me      (EPSSLC), Pat Sweisford (Retiree), and Mundo Ruiz (EPSSLC).
that our members can, as a union, fight and win against privateers
and profiteers. If elected I will continue to work to organize, educate
and mobilize our co-workers to protect our health care, retirement
and for better working conditions, and for the pay raise we deserve.        SECC makes contributing easy
                                                                            The State Employee Charitable Cam-
                                                                            paign allows state and university em-
                       ANNE LEWIS                                           ployees to contribute to any of numerous
                                                                            charitable and social service organiza-
                       region viii representative                           tions through payroll deduction. The SECC
                       I am an instructional worker at the Univer-          makes it easy for state employees to give
                       sity of Texas, Austin and have been a proud          a little and make a big difference. Through payroll deduc-
                       member of TSEU and NABET-CWA since                   tion pledges, employees can give as little as $2 a month
                                                                            to charities. In 2010, more than 7,500 state and university
                       1999. I have been in the labor movement
                                                                            employees contributed over $2.23 million through just in
and the movement for social justice since I began working. Here’s           the Austin area. Several TSEU activists have been active in
what I believe in: Growth of our union’s membership, strength,             the SECC, including TSEU Executive Board member Mary
and collective action Coalition work for worker’s rights and pub-          Banda in McAllen and Reuben Leslie in Austin. Visit www.
lic services with other progressive groups Rank-and-file partici-          secctexas.org for more information.
pation in the internal decisions of our union.

  TSEU UPDATE                                                                                                                                      7.
Statewide summer caucus meetings
Human Services & Parole caucuses discuss issues, plan weeks of action

HHSC / DADS Caucus

          n Saturday, August 13th, thirteen TSEU
          HHSC/DADS-LTSS activists met in Aus-
          tin for the Summer 2011 Caucus meet-
ing. Legislative Director Derrick Osobase opened
the meeting with a report on the legislative session
and the importance of building COPE, our political
action committee. Plans were made to add HHSC/
DADS offices in San Antonio, the Valley and Hous-
ton to the COPE tour schedule. Read more on the
COPE tour on pages 4 and 5.
  ERS board member and El Paso HHSC-TSEU mem-
ber Yoly Griego spoke about the ERS elections; and
while TSEU candidate Bob Stewart was not elected,
Yoly has committed to remaining the voice of TSEU
on the ERS board for the remainder of her term.          [front row, l-r] Judy Lugo (TSEU President)-El Paso HHSC, Tina Belmares-Alamo HHSC
                                                         [back row, l-r] Jamie Berry-TSEU Staff, Angie Medina-Raymondville DADS, Raquel Guerrero-
    A report on HHSC/DADS organizing showed              Houston Polk St. DADS, Rita Devine-San Antonio DADS, Joan Barasch-San Antonio HHSC, Terry
that there was significant growth at the Permian Ba-     Moreno-San Benito DADS, Yoly Griego-(ERS Board) El Paso HHSC, Pearlie Crain-Houston Hwy 6
sin call center and in the Valley making HHSC the        HHSC, Lupita Hurtado-Brownsville HHSC, Letty Quintanilla-Harlingen HHSC, Chris Vargas, El
                                                         Paso HHSC, Janie Sarabia-San Antonio DADS
most organized union agency (outside of State Sup-
ported Living Centers).
October Month of Action & union visibility campaign
                                                                        TDCJ-PAROLE Caucus

     The caucus discussed TSEU visiblity and building a union pres-
ence - this could be posting fliers on work bulletin boards, wearing         his past Saturday, September 10th, Parole caucus activists
TSEU t-shirts or buttons, putting a bumper sticker on our cars,              met in Austin to discuss key issues in our agency and how
and more. October 2011 was picked to hold the HHSC/DADS                      we can best build TSEU in our offices.
Month of Action - a special month of increased organizing and               Micah Haley led the discussion of the key issues facing mem-
mobilizing at HHSC/DADS locations around Texas. Mark your               bers in Parole. We will focus on winning inclusion in the 20-year
calendar and please contact your office activists or the TSEU office    LECOSRF retirement for clerical/support staff, strengthening
if you would like to help plan an event at your office in October.      the career ladder, and winning an across-the-board raise for all
                                                                                     staff. Everyone will start setting up meetings with
                                                                                     legislators to get the ball rolling on these campaigns.
                                                                                         Donna Comeaux lead a discussion on how we
                                                                                     can create and maintain a union culture in our of-
                                                                                     fices. She suggested everyone target the new hires as
                                                                                     soon as they return from POTA and holding regular
                                                                                     meetings and events to increase visibility.
                                                                                       On the TDCJ-Parole Caucus schedule
                                                                                        October 23rd-29: Parole Week of Action.
                                                                                        February 18, 2012: next Parole Caucus meeting

                                                                                       [l-r] Sharon Hawthorne (Dallas), Donna Comeaux (Beau-
                                                                                       mont), Micah Haley (Dallas), Minnie Carrillo (Lubbock), Juan
                                                                                       Granados (Corpus Christi), Dawn Marie Jordan (Amarillo),
                                                                                       Richard Clements (Houston), and Dedra Richardson (houston).

8.                                                                                                                              TSEU UPDATE
        TSEU Member-only Benefits
                                                                         Union Benefits brought to you by:

    All members automatically covered
                                                                         For information, go online to www.UnionPlus.org
benefits for accidental death or loss of limb
$2500 for member - $500 spouse - $250 child                              MONEY AND CREDIT                   AUTO ADVANTAGES
Additional insurance available to union members at a reduced rate.        Credit Card                        Car Rental Discounts
                                                                          Credit Counseling                  Goodyear Tire & Service
                                                                          Your Credit Score                  Motor Club
                                                                          Loans                              Auto Buying
   AT&T Wireless Discount                                                 Online Tax Service
                                                                                                            LEGAL SERVICES
                                                                          Union-Made Checks
    15% discount on individual wireless                                   Secured Credit Card               HOUSE AND HOME
     plans through AT&T - go online to:                                                                       Mortgage & Real Estate
                                                                         HEALTH & WELL BEING                  Moving Discount
  www.getunionwireless.com                                                 Health Savings                     Pet Savings
                                                                           Health Club Discounts
 for more information about the discount                                                                    EVERYDAY SAVINGS
                                                                         INSURANCE DEALS                      Consumer Reports.org
                                                                           Auto Insurance                     Flower Discount
                                                                           UnionSecure Life                   Union-Made Clothing
                                                                           UnionSecure Accident
Carry the card that works as hard as you:                                  Pet Insurance
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                        Fold into thirds making sure personal information is INSIDE. Seal with tape and send it in!
                                                                                                                  TSEU EXECUTIVE BOARD
                                                                                                                   •	Judy	Lugo	(HHSC, El Paso) President
                                                                                                                   •	Mike	Gross	(TSEU, Austin) Vice President

TSEU salutes two                                                                                                   •	Joanne	Day	(DSHS, Austin) Secretary
                                                                                                                   •	James	Nauls	(TDCJ, Houston) Treasurer

retiring activists
                                                                                                                   •	Mary	Banda (OAG, McAllen) Region 1
                                                                                                                   •	Arthur	Valdez	 (DSHS, San Antonio) Reg. 2
                                                                                                                   •	Miguel	Torres (TxTechHSC, Lubbock) Reg. 3
                       BARBARA FETONTE                                                                             •	Micah	Haley	(TDCJ, Dallas) Region 4
                                                                                                                   •	Stacie	Bardshar (HHSC, Tyler) Reg. 5
                        Barbara Fetonte has been                                                                   •	Debra	Coleman	(DADS/Brenham) Region 6		
                        a TSEU activist since she                                                                  •	Anthony	Brown	(DFPS, Houston) Region 7
                        joined in 1986. She worked                                                                 •	Anne	Lewis	(UT-Austin) Region 8
                        her whole state career in
                        the Texas Workforce Com-
                        mission (formerly the Tex-                                                                TSEU STAFF & OFFICES
   Barbara Fetonte                                      Mundo Ruiz, Stella Arroyos, Rep. Pickett, & Anna Ortega
                        as Employment Commis-                                                                     Austin 512.448-4225
sion), and retired as Operations Coordinator of       STELLA ARROYOS After 29 years of service                    1700 South 1st Street
the TWC Unemployment Call Center in Austin.           to the children of Texas, Stella will be retiring from      Austin, TX 78704
She was a leader of the organizing committee in       El Paso CPS in October. She started as an admin-             •	Mike	Gross,	Organizing	Coordinator
every location where she worked, and was a long-      istrative secretary and rose to CPS Specialist IV            •	Jim	Branson,	Lead	Organizer
time leader of the TWC Caucus. She also served        where she worked tirelessly to protect kids in need.         •	Ron	Day,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Cassy	Fogale,Organizer
on the TSEU Executive Board from 2003 to 2008.        She joined TSEU 20 years ago and started build-              •	Veronica	Sily,Organizer
She plans to stay active as a member of the Austin    ing state employee power in the union. Stella will           •	Charles	Gentry,	Organizer
Area Retirees Organizing Committee (ROC).             remain a member of TSEU through ROC.                         •	Derrick	Osobase,	Political	Director
                                                                                                                   •	Debbie	Haun,	Office	Manager
                                                                                                                   •	John	Behr,	Membership Office Manager
                                                                                                                   •	Dulce	Aguilar,	Membership	Office
                                                                                                                   •	Chris	Knapp,	Publications

                           I signed up 5 of my co-workers and got a TSEU briefcase!                               San Antonio 210.354-2900
                           Lorenzo Spence, Cross Park CPC HHSC, Austin                                            454 Soledad, Suite R-200

                                               Get Recognized!
                                                                                                                  San Antonio, TX 78205
                                                                                                                   •	Ted	Hooker,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Santos	Hernandez,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Joe	Montemayor,	Organizer
                                                  • Sign up (at least) three new union                             •	Arthur	Valdez,	Organizer
                                                    members and get a TSEU T-shirt                                 •	Linda	Wilson,	Organizer
                                                  • Sign up five or more, and get a TSEU
                                                                                                                  Southeast Texas 713.661-9030
                                                    briefcase or jacket.
                                                                                                                  9247 South Main
                               Sign-ups must be coordinated with your local TSEU organizer                        Houston, TX 77025
                               or office. Call for copies of applications and other materials.                     •	Myko	Gedutis,	Lead	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Jamie	Berry,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Willie	Mae	Bolar,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Harrison	Hiner,	Organizer

                                 IN MEMORIAM                                                                      North Texas 214.942-4305
                                                                                                                  737 S. RL Thornton Frwy, Ste B
The people of our state, and their brothers and sisters of Texas State Employees Union, have lost two dear        Dallas, TX 75203
    friends and loyal allies. While they are no longer with us, their memory will be with us always.
                                                                                                                   •	Seth	Hutchison,	Lead	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Anitra	Patterson,	Organizer
By her service to the people of the Texas as a state employee,                                                    Valley 956.428-0251
and by her leadership in TSEU, as an activist and member                                                          801 N. 13th Street, Ste 13
of the Executive Board, Schronda exemplified the dedica-                                                          Harlingen, TX 78550
tion to our people and our state that marks the best of us.
                                                                                                                   •	Ted	Hooker,	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Missy	Benavidez,	Organizer
LINDA TRAVIS HHSC Houston                                                                                          •	Santos	Hernandez,	Organizer
Linda Travis was a long time HHSC member that retired
from state service in 2010. She was a OES supervisor with                                                         West Texas 806.741-0044
the CPM program at the Harwin location. She loved her                                                             2002 Avenue J
family & she enjoyed teaching and competing in country-             Schronda Hawkins (center) seen here with      Lubbock, TX 79405
western dancing.                                                      fellow activists at TYC mini-lobby day.      •	Seth	Hutchison,	Lead	Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Cassy	Fogale,Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Veronica	Sily,Organizer
                                                                                                                   •	Santos	Hernandez,	Organizer
TSEU UPDATE                                                                                               11.
                                                                                                                   •	Linda	Wilson,	Organizer
TEXAS STATE EMPLOYEES UNION                                                                                                    NON PROFIT ORG.
Communications Workers of America, Local 6186                                                                                  US POSTAGE PAID
    1700 South 1st Street                                                                                                      PERMIT NO 1025
    Austin, TX 78704
                                                                                                                                  AUSTIN, TX

TSEU candidate sworn in to TRS Board of Trustees
     SEU activist Karen Charleston (seen below center, being sworn in) was   She was selected at the 2010 TSEU General Assembly as one of
     appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Teacher Retirement-           three TSEU candidates in the election for the University seat on
     System this past August. It was the last step of the two-step pro-      the TRS Board.
cess that requires candidates to be elected, and to be then appointed             Under the system in place at TRS, an election is held for each
by the Governor.                                                             of the elected seats on the board. The Governor then appoints any
                                                  Karen is a long-time       one of the top three candidates (in votes received) in the election.
                                             TSEU activist at Prairie        To make sure that our candidate would not be passed over even if
                                             View A&M. She serves            we won the election, TSEU ran three candidates. Our other can-
                                             on the PVAM orga-               didates were Joe Angulo of U.T. Pan American and Julien De-
                                             nizing committee and            vereux of U.T. Austin. TSEU ran a simultaneous campaign to elect
                                             the University Caucus           all three candidates. Karen got the most votes, with 2732. Julien
                                             statewide committee.            came in second and Joe came in third in the election.

                                                  warning:   Legislative action could eliminate university representation
                                                  HB 2120, by Rep. Doug Miller (r-new braunfels) includes a provision that eliminates
                                                  the TRS Board position reserved for university employees, and makes all retired TRS
                                                  members, all current school district employees, and active university employees, eligible
                                                  for the same single seat. This move could eliminate representation for university employ-
                                                  ees if the seat is taken by a school district retiree or employee. Karen Charleston will serve
                                                  her full term of six years before an election under this bill changes the representation on
                                                  the TRS Board. TSEU will work with legislators to repeal this bill and restore representa-
                                                  tion for university employees on the TRS Board of Trustees.

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