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					 How Can You Get Involved…
 You can help us by working with us to organize events, network and represent us,
 visit the projects and write about your experiences, and volunteer for our
 projects in India. Write to us at

                                                                                                  Lend-A-Hand India

                                                                                              South Asian Gala 2006
                                                                                                          Sept 30th, 2006
                                                                                    Lighthouse International, 111 E59th Street, New York NY 10022

                               Lend-A-Hand India

                                                                                                             Lend-A-Hand India
784 Columbus Avenue #10G                                              9, Laukik                
New York NY 10025 USA                          Bhandarkar Rd Pune 411004 India
Ph : +1-917-493-9000                                     Ph : +91-20-25676679
                           People                                                 About Lend-A-Hand India

   Board of Advisors                                              Our Mission
   Ashish Chauhan, Head of IT, Reliance Industries, India         Lend-A-Hand India’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of the poor
   Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Consumer Banking, Citigroup Asia Pacific   through self-help. We provide the youth better access to vocational training,
   Nazish Agha Esq, Cadwalder, Wickersham & Taft LLP              career development, and employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our goal
   Sucheta Dalal, Padmashri, Business Journalist & Writer         is to help the poor realize their full potential to meet their aspirations for a
   Vik Atal, Chairman & CEO, Citi Cards North America             better life by raising awareness of their environment, rights and responsibilities,
   Vinod Haritwal, CEO, Grauer & Weil Group of Companies
                                                                  and empower them to seize opportunities beyond what is usually assumed to be
                                                                  out of reach.

                                                                  Our Projects
Executive Committee                          India Team
Akshaya Gulhati                              Ajay Desai           Lend-A-Hand India collaborates and
Ani Khatri                                   Arun Korati          partners with local grass root organizations
Anuradha Gupta                               Ashish Chauhan       to implement projects in following areas
Dina Deligiorgis                             Deven Juthani        - Vocational Training
Raj Gilda (co-founder)                       Milind Mane          - Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance
Sunanda Mane (co-founder)                    Nirmal Juthani        - Community Leadership Development
                                             Smita Desai                                                                  learning electrical fittings
                                             Sucheta Dalal
                                             Vinod Haritwal                                               Journey So far…
                                                                                                          We have assisted 2200 young men and
                                                                                                          women from 12 villages and two slum
                    Gala Committee                                                                        communities in Mumbai to harness
        Anshu Agarwal          Amita Agarwal                                                              economic opportunities for themselves
        Antara Prasad          Gaurang Gandhi                                                             and their families.
        Nicole Xian            Nipa Dutta                         Students repairing the window sill
        Pooja Gupta            Pooja Kumar
                                                                  Path forward…
        Priyanka Kochhar       Radhika Rai
                                                                  Earlier this year, we embarked upon a project called “PLAN 100” to establish
        Raj Gilda              Sunanda Mane
                                                                  rural technology training centers in 100 schools. This will extend our immediate
                                                                  reach to over 20,000 youngsters giving them the tools they need to succeed. In
                                                                  a short span of past six months, we have been able to launch six school programs
                                                                  covering over 1,200 students
                                  Performers                                                                                  Program

Divya Nayar, Bharatnatyam
                                                                                                          Lend-A-Hand India presents
Divya started learning Bharatnatyam from age six and holds prestigious diploma from
Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts. She has performed extensively in India and the US                            South Asian Gala 2006
and presently teaches this great art. Today being one of the auspicious Navaratri                                        Sept 30th, 2006
nights, she is performing in praise of Goddess Durga.
                                                                                                                         Master of Ceremonies
Neena Bhanti’s Group, Indian Fusion Dance
                                                                                                            Pooja Kumar, Actress & Producer, Miss India USA
Nina Bhanti(Choreographer), Purvi Amin, Pooja Bharadwaj, Kiran Cheema, Rahisa
Jamal, Pooja Jhaveri
Neena Bhanti has choreographed various styles of dance including Indian film and           630 : 730 pm      Reception & Silent Auction
music video dance, Bhangra, classical fusion and Hip-Hop. She has performed in                               Henna Demonstration by Shayna Nirmal
several special events and has worked on many film and TV projects.
                                                                                           730 : 735 pm      Opening Remarks by Vik Atal, Chairman & CEO, Citi Cards NA
Today the performers will be dancing to the beats of “Aisa Jadoo” & “Kangana”.
Devanshi, Stand-up Comedy                                                                  735 : 745 pm      “Lend-A-Hand India : Journey So far” by Dina Deligiorgis
Born and raised in Pittsburg, after graduation in New York, Devanshi Patel pursued
her childhood love for comedy. Devanshi’s stand up comedy is a medley of craziness         745 : 930 pm      Performances
                                                                                                             Bharat Natyam by Divya Nayar
in her life, the insanity that is her family, inevitable political incorrectness and the
                                                                                                             Indian Fusion Dance by Nina Bhanti’s Group
absurdity we all go through.
                                                                                                             Stand-up Comedy by Devanshi Patel
Pooja Kumar, Kathak                                                                                          Kathak performance by Pooja Kumar
Pooja Kumar gave her first performance at the age of one to the famous song                                  Indian Fusion Dance by Nina Bhati’s Group
“Madhuban Mein Radhika..” Pooja has learned numerous dance forms: Kathak from Om                             Indian Music Performance by Heartbeats

Prakash Mishra in Allahabad, Bharatnatyam from Adyar Laxman in Chennai, &
                                                                                           930 pm onwards    Dinner & Dance
Kuchipudi from The Kachipudi Art Academy in St. Louis. In addition, she has learnt
Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Belly Dancing. Today she will be performing to the song “Dil
Cheez Kya Hai” from the movie “Umrao Jaan”
Heartbeats, South Asian M usic                                                             Lend-A-Hand India expresses its deep gratitude towards all the artists for
Get ready for some pulsating music from Heartbeats!                                        supporting the cause and contributing by way of their talent and time

Shiv: The KK in the setup; Sankaran: A messiah-in-the-making – listen to soulful
ghazals; Nanda: Listen to his guitar;Divya: The nightingale of Heartbeats;Arvind: See
his magic with a pair of sticks; Niranjan: One, who can play to all the tunes.
                             Silent Auction                                                                     Thank You !

Art and Culture                                                                   The “South Asian Gala 2006” would not have been possible without generosity
Two beautiful mounted photographs – “Vittala Temple Courtyard” and “Ghat          and support of the following. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all !
Reflection in Ganges” (8” x 10”) from an enchanting collection "Passing Through
India" by Lee Gimpel, globe torturing writer and photographer                     Boyd Berbick, Checkout Resources
                                                                                  Liubov Grechen
Two oil paintings, ”Rising with Joy” & “Light of Life” (20" x 20“), by  
internationally acclaimed artist Rebecca Schweiger                                Whitney Stevens

A unique piece of art work "For That moment" (18" x 14“) in Mixed Media on        Silent Auction Contributors
Nepali Rice paper by Keepa M askey                                                Jane Kagan
                                                                                  Keepa Maskey
"Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Career Strategies for Asians" a book by Jane        Lee Gimpel
Hyun. Autographed by author. Hard cover edition                                   Ashwani & Sun, Leela Lounge
                                                                                  Nicole Xian
Health, Fashion & Beauty                                                          Nikhil Kamkolkar, “Indian Cowboy”
Private yoga lesson (1.5 Hrs) by Jen Kagan                                        Mary Swanson, Wallace Falls Park Log House
                                                                                  Pooja Gupta
An elegant hand embroidered (Kundan work) party ware Salwar Khamis with           Rebecca Schweiger
beautiful dupatta                                                                 Ruth Hsu, LIHLI New York
                                                                                  Sunanda Mane
A beautiful Indian silk scarf with a matching purse
                                                                                  Official Drinks Sponsor : Krait Beer & General Bilimoria Wine
A delicate silk yellow and black greyhound scarf by LIHLI New York
                                                                                  Delicious Food from : Kabab King, Jackson Heights, New York
Travel and Entertainment
Two nights stay with breakfast at picturesque Log House at Wallace Falls Park,    Gala Volunteers
North Seattle                                                                     Jitash Puri             Rohit Kamra
                                                                                  Swati Patel             Jin Sun
Two tickets to a performance at the New York M etropolitan Opera                  Jaimala Patel           Prerna Kapur

Enjoy Dinner for two at Leela Lounge                                              Lend-A-Hand India expresses its deep gratitude towards all the performers for
                                                                                  supporting the cause and contributing by way of their talent and time
Original Sound Track of movie “Indian Cowboy” - A Love Story featuring Karsh
                                                                                  Special thanks to Bill Cooke & Heather Foley from Lighthouse International
Kale's Classical Science Fiction soundtrack from India

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