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                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                   May 8, 2008

       The regular meeting of the North Platte Natural Resources District Board of Directors

was called to order at 7:04 p.m. May 8, 2008 by Chairman John Maser at the North Platte NRD

conference room, 100547 Airport Road, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Notice of the meeting was given

to the public by publishing a legal notice in the May 1, 2008 edition of the Scottsbluff Star-

Herald. Chairman Maser informed meeting attendees that the Open Meetings Act was posted in

the meeting room.

       Board members answering roll call: Gary Darnall, Dave Deines, George Hall, Jim Hass,

Pete Lapaseotes, David Ostdiek, Arden Wohlers, and John Maser. Gerald Dillman entered the

meeting at 7:35 p.m. Others present: Ron Cacek, Kay Grote, Roy Lyles, Jeff Sprock, Greg

Jackson, Colleen Steele, NRD; Dallas Johannsen, NRCS; Sandra Hansen, Star-Herald; Jim

Cannia, USGS; Gary Stone, UN-L; two audience members.

       The following items of informational material were included in the packets mailed to the

directors prior to the board meeting:

               1. Meeting Notice

               2. Agenda

               3. Minutes, North Platte Natural Resources District, Board of Directors Meeting,

                    April 10, 2008.

               4. Per diem & Expense vouchers

               5. The Communicator, published by The Central Nebraska Public Power and

                    Irrigation District to inform all water users of District activities.

               6. Resources Newsletter – North Platte NRD

      The following items were provided to the directors at the May 8 meeting:

             1. Agenda

             2. Treasurer’s Report

             3. Manager’s Report

             4. DNR Memo to Platte River NRDs, from Jennifer Schellpeper, dated March

                 18, 2008, regarding reporting of post-2005 New and Expanded Uses of Water

                 in the Platte River Basin for Purposes of the Platte River Recovery and

                 Implementation Program

             5. New or Expanded Irrigation Uses chart for Fiscal Year 2008

             6. Memo, to All Natural Resources Districts, from Brian Dunnigan, Acting

                 Director, dated May 6, 2008, regarding FY 2008-2009 Water Resources Cash

                 Fund Expenditures.

             7. Stakeholders DRAFT 080415, NPNRD Goal and Objectives Statement

             8. Nebraska Water Coalition 2008 Final Legislative Update

             9. North Platte NRD, Certified Acres

             10. Letter dated April 10, 2008, from Dept of Natural Resources District to John

                 Maser, regarding the agreement on an eight-month extension for the

                 completion of the integrated management plan for the District.

3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

      The board reviewed the minutes of the previous regular board meeting. Moved by

Lapaseotes, seconded by Hall, to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2008 Regular Board

Meeting. Motion passed.

       Ayes: Darnall, Deines, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Maser

       Nay: None

       Absent: Dillman

4. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts Payable

       Dave Ostdiek reviewed the claims with the board. Special projects include USGS studies

and UN-L studies, monitoring well drilling, spring tree orders. Moved by Ostdiek, seconded by

Wohlers, to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the bills listed. Motion passed.

       Ayes: Deines, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Maser

       Nay: None

       Absent: Dillman

5. Comments from the Public

       There were none.

6. Manager’s Report

   Ron Cacek and the Board acknowledged staff member Kay Grote’s completion of the

Leadership Scotts Bluff Program. Cacek reported that the Invasive Species Summit held the past

three days in Gering concluded today and reported a very good turn out of approximately 160

people. Tree planting in the District is now in full swing with the tree planting crew going out

daily. Depending on the weather, planting should be finished within the next two weeks. Various

contractors are also planting trees.

   Cacek reported that a Resolution from the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation

District Board of Directors calling for immediate interim measures sufficient to begin to restore

North Platte River streamflow; and calling for the Department of Natural Resources to consult

with the NPNRD to explore other measures to restore streamflows depleted by wells; and calling

for the Natural Resources Committee to explore possible legislation to assist the State and

NRD’s to act in a more timely fashion to resolve conflicts between ground water and surface

water users was adopted at their May 5 meeting.

   Cacek reported that director George Hall has been researching some numbers that the District

could use as credits to meet the 8,000 acre-feet deficit to depletions. Potential credits include

acres entered into the CREP program and also the loss of irrigated acres due to the new

development such as Menard’s and the past closings of several sugar factories within the District

and a canal near Scottsbluff. Hall suggested that all of these uses could be recorded as possible

credits and used as offsets. The NRD has requested a map overlay from DNR that could be

incorporated into a system from which credits could be identified and used. The NRD is still

waiting to get that map from the State. Cacek also referred to spreadsheet of how DNR wants us

to report our offsets and mitigations. They want it on a quarterly basis. All new depletions must

be reported to the Governance committee what their new depletions are and how they are being


   Cacek reported that Brian Dunnigan, new acting director of DNR, indicated that no funding

will be available from the Water Resources Cash Fund for grants to NRDs. He also reported that

he and Jim Cannia and Steve Sibray will be meeting with Ted Free of Bridgeport Ethanol, Inc.

on Monday, May 12 to discuss possible sources and offsets for available ground water for the

new ethanol plant.

   The NRD staff has been accepting applications for deadline extensions for the installation of

flow meters. Due to dealers’ supply problems, many landowners did not meet the May 1


   A Public Hearing on the transfer of commingled water will be held May 15, 7:00 p.m. at

NRD office. The stakeholder’s met April 29 and went through the draft of the plan. The

stakeholder’s next meeting is scheduled for June 3. NRD staff member Dave Christian is

working on the easements for the Yensen Drain project. Most of the landowners are supportive

of the project. However, concern with the domestic wells is a continuing problem.

7. Agency Reports

            a. Natural Resources Conservation Service – Dallas Johannsen reported that no

               Farm Bill has been approved yet. Small amounts of money keep coming in for

               new contracts. District-wide, 65 new EQIP contracts have been submitted. Of

               those, nine are in Morrill County, 16 are in Garden County, 15 in Banner County,

               20 in Scotts Bluff County, and five in Sioux County.

            b. Natural Resources Commission –No report.

            c. NE Association of Resources Districts – Dillman reported their next meeting

               will be held in June.

8. Legislative Issues

       Cacek reported that the Nebraska Unicameral adjourned sine die on April 17th, ending the

60 day work session for 2008. All bills that did not receive final approval were indefinitely

postponed. The Unicameral is scheduled to begin the 90 day work session on January 7, 2009.

Eleven new senators will begin their terms next session due to term limits.

9. Certification of Groundwater Uses

       The list of applicants was reviewed. There were several new ones and then one

application that needs to amended to reflect the correct number of acres certified due to a staff

error. Moved by Lapaseotes, second by Hass, to approve the certifications that were submitted

and are attached to the file copy of these minutes. Motion Passed

   Ayes: Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Maser

   Nay: None

10. Extension of Time for Integrated Management Plan

       Department of Natural Resources acting director Brian Dunnigan has proposed extending

the deadline to NRD’s for the completion of the Integrated Management Plans to Sept. 15, 2009.

Each NRD needs to approve the deadline extension. Darnall asked about the status of the

Overappropriated Basin-wide IMP and if this deadline also applies to it. Cacek said the

assumption is it will have the same timeline. Moved by Hall, second by Ostdiek, to approve the

extension of the deadline for the completion of the local Integrated Management Plan to Sept.

15, 2009. Motion Passed.

   Ayes: Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Maser

   Nay: None

11. Report on Evaporation Transpiration Study

        Extension Educator Gary Stone presented the progress of the study using METRIC

mapping Evapo-Transpiration (ET) with high resolution and internalized calibration using highly

specialized computer program. This study is being funded in part with Interrelated Water

Management Plan Program Funds and the North Platte and South Platte NRDs. Stone said the

goal of the project is to produce NRD specific consumptive water use maps and develop water

balances for recharge, locally calibrated crop coefficient Kc curves for Panhandle crops. This

study is being conducted due to LB962 requirements to get fully appropriated and

overappropriated areas back to 1997 water use levels. This study analyses what crops are grown

now vs. in 1997 and uses an energy balance equation, weather data from high plains regional

climate center’s stations in Scottsbluff and Sidney, and Landsat Satellite Data. So far the

progress of the study has shown that there are some discrepancies between crops and acres that

need to be classified and the CALMIT/COHYST Land use classification. The University of

Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Idaho will continue to process images for 1997 to

completion and 2002 images and should be able to start producing some maps and Kc info. The

study team now needs help from NRD and NRCS to find cooperators where the ET gages can be

installed. They are also working on a display poster and web page of data and progress. UN-L

global information specialists will continue to work with the NRD global information specialist

to delineate acres irrigated with well water, acres irrigated with surface water and land using both

surface and ground water. They will also continue to develop a refined crop acres base of crops

from 1997. Stone said they estimate a final map for 1997 should be available by the end of this

summer. He estimates that it will take approximately a year to develop each image. This project

will last until 2010.

12. Report on the Aerial Geophysical Study

       Jim Cannia with the United States Geological Survey reported on a new study funded

with Nebraska Environmental Trust Funds. The project’s purpose is to map aquifer and ground

water surface water relationship in glacial till with the geophysical airborne method of helicopter

electromagnetics (HEM). Cannia will be project chief. He demonstrated where the USGS has

conducted a similar study in Oakland, Ashland and Firth in eastern Nebraska. The data collection

will be conducted with a torpedo-like sensor flown by helicopter in linear lines up and down the

valley from the state line to Garden County following the North Platte Valley. The flight will be

conducted approximately 100 feet off the ground at a speed of 60 mph. Airborne geophysical

mapping will produce high-resolution models of local geologic information that will effectively

illustrate local hydrogeology and the interrelation of surface water and ground water. Different

colors indicate the different types of soils from the surface to in-ground depths of approximately

270 feet. The study will be reported out as a “scientific investigations report.” Cannia said they

anticipate mapping one township a day with good flying conditions. There is no set start date yet

as they are waiting on the Canadian contractor to get another contract in the area so they can

piggy back the projects. Cannia said they hope to start by September 2008.

13. PCB Allocations for Certified Uses Other Than Irrigation or Livestock

       The Board reviewed two additional approvals for Pumpkin Creek Basin for uses other

than irrigation or livestock. The staff recommends approval on the following aquaculture

applications for this coming year:

           a. Ron Bright    Certification #1004 & 1005               3000gpm
           b. Darnall Ranch Certification #1384                       500gpm

Moved by Ostdiek, second by Lapaseotes, to approve the applications of Ron Bright

Certification #1004 and #1005 and Darnall Ranch Certification #1384 for the Pumpkin Creek

allocation for certified uses other than irrigation or livestock. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Deines, Dillman, Hall, Maser

       Nay: None

       Abstain: Darnall

14. Water Banking for Transfers of Ground Water

       Cacek explained that staff has been discussing ways to bank water. COHYST modeler

Julie Gogoi has resigned so the district does not currently have anyone to run the model. NPNRD

GIS coordinator Jeff Sprock gave a demonstration on how to keep track of changes in

certification. With color-coded program tracking data with the transfer of water, how many

inches were used, location, changes in acreages and changes in uses. He is also working on

digitizing the Pumpkin Creek Basin and plans to get an overlay of CREP acres to show acres that

are not currently being irrigated. Sprock gave a progress report on flow meter inspections and

sealing. So far only flow meters located in Scotts Bluff County have been identified, inspected

and sealed. Of the known 769 possible metered wells, the District has inspected 211. He also

pointed out that current NRD data only shows the meters that have received flow meter cost

share, so there are meters that may have been installed individually by landowners that have not

yet been mapped in.

15. Platte River Issues

           a. Cooperative Hydrology Study – sponsors of the COHYST meet approximately

               every six weeks, at last meeting there was a motion to accept Dick Luckey’s

               report on depletions by NRD. Several members of the sponsors group took issue

               with the report because they thought numbers were inaccurate.

           b. Platte River Recovery Implementation Program – Congress finally approved

               the money for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program. The President

               has now signed the bill.

16. NPNRD IMP Stakeholder Appointments

       Bill Boyer, new city manager for Bridgeport, has taken the place of Finley DeGraffenried

on the local Stakeholder’s group and needs to be officially appointed as such. Boyer will also

serve as the municipal representative to the Overappropriated Basinwide Stakeholder’s group.

Moved by Deines, second by Darnall, to approve the appointment of Bridgeport city manager

Bill Boyer to the local stakeholder’s group and have him serve as the official municipal

representative to the Overappropriated Basinwide Stakeholder’s group. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Hall, Hass, Maser

       Nay: None

17. Approval of Equipment Purchases

       The District needs need to replace a pump used for ground water quality sampling and

purchase a second pump for a backup. Funds are available in the Water Quality Funds provided

through the State and need to be used by June 30, 2008 or reverted back to the state. Cost per

pump is approximately $5,500. Cacek reported that the NRD also recently lost two monitoring

wells after Progressive Rail bought land near Morrill without knowing where the wells were

located and damaged them with excavation equipment, so these funds will also be used to

replace those monitoring wells. Moved by Ostdiek, second by Dillman, to approve the purchase

of two pumps for ground water sampling using the Water Quality Funds through the State.

Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Maser

       Nay: None

18. Approval of Well Decommissioning Program Applications

       The Board reviewed the following applications for the Well Decommissioning Program:

               Dale Householder                      $300.00
               Roger Yost                            $300.00

       Moved by Ostdiek, second by Darnall, to declare the Well Decommissioning Program

cost-share application eligible for funding and authorize the staff to obligate funds as money is

available and requested by the applicant. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Wohlers, Darnall, Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Maser

       Nay: None

       Abstain: Deines

19. Approval of Conservation Cost Share Program Applications

       The Board reviewed the following applications for the Conservation Cost Share Program:

               Terry P Brown          Trees          $858.00
               Dave Geisler           Trees          $375.38
               Jack L Kreman          Trees          $585.00

               Patrick Maag           Trees           $398.13
               Richard Paro           Trees           $482.63
               Russell C Reisig       Trees           $655.20
               Rising Sun Ranch       Trees           $901.88
               Robin Coulter Inc.     Trees           $999.38
               Robin Steele           Trees           $511.88
               Casey Wilmot           Trees           $488.48

                                  Total          6,255.96
       Moved by Dillman, second by Hass, to declare the Conservation Cost-share applications

listed eligible for funding and authorize the staff to obligate funds as money is available and

requested by the applicant. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Maser

       Nay: None

20. Executive Session for Personnel Matters

       Moved by Hass, seconded by Hall, to have the Board go into Executive Session at 8:59

p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel matters. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Deines, Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Maser

       Nay: None

       Moved by Wohlers, seconded by Lapaseotes, to come out of Executive Session at 9:55

p.m. Motion Passed.

       Ayes: Dillman, Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Maser

       Nay: None

       Moved by Darnall, seconded by Ostdiek, to have the recommendation of manager raise

salary 10% considered by the Budget and Personnel Committee. Motion Passed.

       Aye: Hall, Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Maser

       Nay: None

21. Adjourn

       Being no further business, it was Moved by Wohlers, seconded by Hall, to adjourn the

meeting at 9:57 p.m. Motion Passed.

       Aye: Hass, Lapaseotes, Ostdiek, Wohlers, Darnall, Deines, Dillman, Hall, Maser

       Nay: None.


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