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									                                                                              Business Development Center training unit

                Course 2278 Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft
                     Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

                                                          Lecturer:                   Gregory Liasis
                                                          Duration:                   36 hour
                                                          Place:                      Intercollege, Nicosia
                                                          Dates:                      22/02/06 – 03/04/06
                                                          Day & Time:                 Monday/Wednesday 18.00 – 21.15


        The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and maintain a
        Windows® Server 2003 network infrastructure. This course offers a significant amount of hands-on practices,
        discussions, and assessments that assist participants in becoming proficient in the skills that are needed to plan and
        maintain a Windows® Server 2003 network infrastructure.

        After completing this course, participants will be able to:
            Plan a TCP/IP physical and logical network.
            Plan and troubleshoot a routing strategy.
            Plan a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) strategy.
            Optimize and troubleshoot DHCP.
            Plan a Domain Name System (DNS) strategy.
            Optimize and troubleshoot DNS.
            Plan and optimize Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS).
            Plan, optimize, and troubleshoot IPSec network access.
            Troubleshoot network access.

        Target Audience
        This course is appropriate for individuals employed as systems engineer. This course is also appropriate for individuals
        currently supporting a competitive platform who want to enhance their job skills on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
        The entry criteria for this course include individuals who are:

            IT professionals and new to Windows Server 2003 network implementation.

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Analytic Program:

Session 01 ~ 22/2/2006                    Strategy                            • Plan zone replication and deletion.
~        (18:00-21:00)                  • Planning Routing Communications     • Integrate DNS and WINS.
18:00 -19:15                            • Troubleshooting TCP/IP Routing      Session 06 ~ 13/3/2006
Module 1: Introducing Windows           19:15- 19:30       Break              ~         (18:00-21:00)
Server 2003 Network Infrastructure      19:30 – 21:00                         18:00 -19:15
Planning, Tools, and Documentation      Lab A: Planning and                   Module 6: Optimizing and
This module explains the process of     Troubleshooting Routing               Troubleshooting DNS
planning a network, and the tools and   After completing this module,         This module provides guidelines and
documentation you need to do so.        participants will be able to:         strategies for optimizing a DNS server,
Lesson                                  • Create a secure routing and         and details steps for troubleshooting a
• Introducing the Network Design          switching plan.                     DNS server.
• Planning a Windows Server 2003        • Identify TCP/IP routing             Lessons
  Network Infrastructure Project          troubleshooting tools.              • Optimizing DNS Servers
19:15- 19:30       Break                • Troubleshoot TCP/IP routing and     • Troubleshooting Host Name
19:30 – 21:00                             switching.                             Resolution
Lesson                                  Session 04 ~ 6/3/2006 ~               19:15- 19:30       Break
Planning a Windows Server 2003                   (18:00-21:00)                19:30 – 21:00
Network Infrastructure Project          18:00 -19:15                          Lab A: Troubleshooting DNS
After completing this module,           Module 4: Planning, Optimizing, and   After completing this module,
participants will be able to:           Troubleshooting DHCP                  participants will be able to:
• Explain the concepts of a network     This module explains how to plan a    • Optimize a DNS server.
  design process.                       DHCP strategy.                        • Optimize DNS server-to-server
• Explain the components of a network   Lessons                                  communications.
  planning project.                     • Planning a DHCP Strategy            • Optimize DNS client support traffic.
Session 02 ~ 27/2/2006                  • Securing a DHCP Solution            • Troubleshoot host name resolution.
~        (18:00-21:00)                  • Optimizing DHCP                     Session 07 ~ 15/3/2006
18:00 -19:15                            • Troubleshooting DHCP                ~         (18:00-21:00)
Module 2: Planning and Optimizing       19:15- 19:30       Break              18:00 -19:15
a TCP/IP Physical and Logical           19:30 – 21:00                         Module 7: Planning and Optimizing
Network                                 Lab A: Planning a DHCP Strategy       WINS
This module explains how to plan a      Lab B: Troubleshooting DHCP           This module covers planning and
TCP/IP physical and logical network.    Issues                                optimization of WINS, including
Lessons                                 After completing this module,         information on optimizing servers and
• Planning a Functional TCP/IP          participants will be able to:         detailed explanations of optimization
  Solution                              • Plan a secure DHCP strategy.        tasks.
• Evaluating Network Performance        • Optimize DHCP.                      Lessons
19:15- 19:30       Break                • Troubleshoot DHCP.                  • Planning a WINS Solution
19:30 – 21:00                           Session 05 ~ 8/3/2006 ~               • Identifying WINS Optimization
Lab A: Planning and Optimizing a                 (18:00-21:00)                   Requirements
TCP/IP Physical and Logical             18:00 -19:15                          • Optimizing WINS Traffic
Network                                 Module 5: Planning a DNS Strategy     19:15- 19:30       Break
After completing this module,           This module explains how to plan a    19:30 – 21:00
participants will be able to:           DNS strategy for your enterprise.     Lab A: Planning and Optimizing
• Plan a TCP/IP addressing scheme.      Lessons                               WINS
• Optimize network performance.         • Planning DNS Servers                After completing this module,
Session 03 ~ 1/3/2006 ~                 • Planning a Namespace                participants will be able to:
         (18:00-21:00)                  • Planning Zones                      • Plan a WINS solution.
18:00 -19:15                            • Planning Zone Replication and       • Identify WINS optimization
Module 3: Planning and                    Delegation                             requirements.
Troubleshooting Routing and             • Integrating DNS and WINS            • Optimize WINS traffic.
Switching                               19:15- 19:30       Break              Session 08 ~ 20/3/2006
This module explains how to plan a      19:30 – 21:00                         ~         (18:00-21:00)
routing and switching strategy, and     Lab A: Planning a DNS Strategy        18:00 -19:15
how to troubleshoot routing and         After completing this module,         Module 8: Planning and
switching.                              participants will be able to:         Troubleshooting IPSec
Lessons                                 • Plan a DNS server implementation.   This module explains how to plan an
• Selecting Intermediate Devices        • Plan a namespace strategy.          Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
• Planning an Internet Connectivity     • Plan zones.                         deployment, and covers the necessary
tools and skills for troubleshooting       authentication protocols for a         Module 11: Planning a Windows
IPSec.                                     network access strategy.               Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
Lessons                                  • Apply the guidelines for selecting a   This module explains the course
• Understanding Default Policy Rules       network access connection strategy.    capstone lab. The capstone lab provides
• Planning an IPSec Deployment           • Apply the guidelines for selecting a   participants with the opportunity to
• Troubleshooting IPSec                    remote access policy strategy.         plan, implement, and troubleshoot the
  Communications                         • Select a network access                network infrastructure for a branch
19:15- 19:30       Break                   authentication method.                 office.
19:30 – 21:00                            • Plan a network access strategy.        Lessons
Lab A: Troubleshooting IPSec             Session 10 ~ 27/3/2006                   • Introducing Planning Documentation
After completing this module,            ~        (18:00-21:00)                   • Preparing Development and Test
participants will be able to:            18:00 -19:15                               Environments
• Discuss IPSec.                                                                  • Managing and Maintaining the
• Understand IPSec default policies,     Module 10: Troubleshooting                 Environment
  rules, and settings.                   Network Access                           19:15- 19:30       Break
• Plan IPSec deployment.                 This module explains how to              19:30 – 21:00
• Troubleshoot IPSec.                    troubleshoot network access.             After completing this module,
                                         Lessons                                  participants will be able to:
Session 09 ~ 22/3/2006                   • Troubleshooting Network Access         • Identify the components of the
~        (18:00-21:00)                      Resources                               master project plan.
18:00 -19:15                             • Troubleshooting LAN                    Lab A: Planning a Windows Server
Module 9: Planning Network Access           Authentication                        2003 Network
This module explains how to plan         • Troubleshooting Remote Access          Session 12 ~ 3/4/2006 ~
network access.                          19:15- 19:30       Break                          (18:00-21:00)
Lessons                                  19:30 – 21:00                            18:00 -19:15
• Introducing Network Access             Lab A: Troubleshooting Network           General Review on Planning and
• Selecting Network Access               Access                                   Maintaining a Microsoft Windows
  Connection Methods                     After completing this module,            Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
• Selecting a Remote Access Policy       participants will be able to:            19:15- 19:30       Break
  Strategy                               • Identify network access                19:30 – 21:00
• Selecting a Network Access                troubleshooting resources.            Final Lab : Planning and
  Authentication Method                  • Explain how to troubleshoot local      Maintaining a Windows Server 2003
• Planning a Network Access Strategy        area network (LAN) authentication.    Network
19:15- 19:30       Break                 • Explain how to troubleshoot remote     After completing this module,
19:30 – 21:00                               access.                               participants will be able to:
Lab A: Planning Network Access           Session 11 ~ 29/3/2006                   • Explain the process for preparing
After completing this module,            ~         (18:00-21:00)                    development and test environments.
participants will be able to:            18:00 -19:15                             • Explain how to manage and maintain
• Explain the requirements and                                                      the network infrastructure.

  The courses are subsidised by the Human Resourse Development Authority. After Subsidy the cost for
                              Small and Medium Enterprises £168 and for Large £189

            For more information please contact the Training & Development Unit at Intercollege,
        with Mr. Kosta Trakakis or Ms. Maria Constantinou or Ms. Athina Kyriacou , 22841581/76/71

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