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Vets Database - Remington Direct


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									                                      Vets Database
Records     Minimum order          Guarantee                 Data           Format          Delivery
 10,632      $600 + GST          95% deliverability   Mail, phone & fax      Excel      1-2 working days


This list of 10,632 Vets within 6,568 practices is owned and regularly used by a company
that specialises in books dealing with legal issues.

It is thoroughly researched and a comprehensive listing of Vets throughout Australia and
is addressed to the individual Veterinarian at their place of work.

The file is updated monthly and full statistics are available upon request.

Selections can be made on state, postcode and gender.

Male 59%
Female 41%

6,521 practices (mail) of which 4,071 contain a phone number and 1,554 a fax number.

                             Costs                       Selections             State counts
          One time rental                                                     NSW     3,171
          28c each – mailing OR phone records                                 ACT       173
          48c each - mailing & phone records                                  VIC      2,298
                                                       State                  QLD      2,308
          Purchase                                     Postcode               WA       1,566
          N/A                                          Gender                 SA         758
                                                                              TAS        173
          $300 setup fee                                                      NT         128
          10% GST

                                                                                          Remington Direct
                                                                                             8 Waterford Drive
                                                                               Miners Rest, VIC 3352, Australia
                                                                          Tel: 03 5334 9287 Fax 03 5334 9289

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