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					st century has introduced one more way to give up smoking in a face of
electronic cigarettes, which were invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik
in 2003, though the earliest known description of its concept was
authored by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 ("Smokeless non-tobacco
cigarette").The event that pushed Hon Lik to the invention of this
revolutionary device was death of his father from lung cancer, who could
not get rid of the addiction even in front of fatal outcomes. Electronic
cigarettes accomplished three sequential purposes: as an opportunity of
smoking in public places (even in places where smoking is prohibited in
principle), as a quick way to quit smoking and as an alternative to a
deadly tobacco smoke. The company «Golden Dragon Holdings», in which
Hon Lik worked during research of the electronic cigarette, was later
renamed in «Ruyan». The company appreciated the perspectives of e-
cigarettes and has patented the device. In just one year industrial
design was ready, and in 2004 the first e-cigarettes arrived on the
market.As a result, Hon Lik is a holder of two related patents. On April
2003 he basically patented theoretical discoveries in the field of
electronic cigarettes construction. On April 2004 a patent for the
industrial design was issued, which became a basis for all known models
of e-cigarettes. The pattern of the electronic cigarette contains three
substantial components: cartridge (a mouthpiece and usually doubles as a
small reservoir holding the liquid that is to be vaporized), atomizer
(the heating element responsible for vaporizing the liquid) and a power
supply (a battery). Currently e-cigarettes are produced in a form of
conventional cigarettes, pipes and cigars. By the beginning of 2008, the
company, which invented this product, sold about one-third of a million
copies of e-cigarettes (according to its statistics). Today, Ruyan is not
the only one engaged in production and sales of these cigarettes, but
there are other companies, which realized perspectives of such business
development (like Gamucci America, E-Ciog Technology, Johnson Creek
Enterprises, E-CigaretteDirect).However, there are a lot of critics of
this product, and World Health Organization (WHO) is among them, stating
that effectiveness of electronic cigarettes has no assurance with any
clinical trials. Therefore, in several countries distribution and sales
of e-cigarettes have their obstacles. For instance, in Denmark it is
categorized as medical product, which means in case if you want to buy
it, you should get specific authorization - no such authorization has
been given to date; in Finland e-cigarettes are under tobacco marketing
ban, so, due to their similarity with common cigarettes, they cannot be
promoted or advertised. That is why it is appropriate to note that
besides its popularity as a mean of quitting smoking, it is also a
subject of pending legislation in certain countries. To be entirely
approved patent on electronic cigarette should be accompanied by
assurance in legislation as well as in retail marketing and clinical

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