Inquiry learning development process by wuzhengqin


									                    A Professional development approach for teaching staff to
                       Develop an inquiry learning approach to pedagogy.

Stage 1
 Professional knowledge and skill development

       Inquiry learning – teaching as inquiry (the what).
       Models of inquiry learning – (how)
       Components of an effective inquiry learning model – (why)
       Skills to be taught – Learning to learn
                                 Research skills
                                 Presenting skills
                                 Understanding thinking
        Practice – research, reading, individual information gathering, portfolio beginnings

Stage 2
Inquiry learning located in our school vision

                                       Our school vision

       What would it look like in practice?
       How would the curriculum be designed ?
       What would assessment look like?
       What would our model look like?
       What would our class planning look like?
        Practice - teacher inquiry, visits to other schools, classes, visiting teachers and students to
        talk to teachers, portfolio development

Stage 3
Development of an Inquiry learning model for our school that includes teaching as
     Components required for model
     Development of the model.
     Differentiation for levels of the school.
     Importance of scaffolding/ front loading.
     School expectations for class planning.
     School wide resource gathering for resource file (portfolios etc)
Practice – trial of new ideas with students, focus groups, reflective thinking in portfolio for sharing

Stage 4
Evaluation and Practice cycle
    Reports from focus groups and problem solving attack.

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