Weight Loss Surgery Helps Heart Patients by anamaulida


									Every year, thousands of people are making the tough life-changing
decision to undergo weight loss surgery. Once they make their way through
the short recovery period, the vast majority of patients have their life
and health transformed in dramatic ways.      While most people think
about the visual changes that take place, there are many health benefits
that happen not seen with the naked eye. We've known for some time that
weight loss surgery patients who have type 2 diabetes often reverse their
condition, becoming symptom-free. In fact, there is a growing body of
evidence that shows the potential for the various surgical options
(adjustable bands, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, etc.) not only reduces
or eliminates the need for diabetes drugs in as many as 90 percent of

  Now researchers are finding that the surgery can also help with people
who have heart conditions. Medical experts found that the 10-year risk of
suffering a heart attack dropped from a little over six percent before
the bariatric surgery to less than four percent after.       "The
bariatric community has recognized the remarkable metabolic benefits of
weight loss surgery for several years, so we were not too surprised by
the findings reported in this study," said lead researcher Dr. Helen M.
Heneghan.      Dr. Heneghan and her colleagues reviewed 52 studies
involving 16,867 patients who had weight loss surgery. Of those, patients
lost about half of their excess weight on average.       In 68 percent of
patients, there was either a dip or outright disappearing of their high
blood pressure. Diabetes improved in three-quarters of patients as early
as three months after their surgery.       There was one study that
examined deaths from heart attacks. Surgery seemed to cut the death rate
in half, from 1.2 percent to 0.65 percent.        "We hope that after
reading this (review), physicians will recognize that their obese
patients with cardiovascular risk factors or established cardiovascular
disease would benefit immensely from weight loss surgery," said Dr.
Heneghan.      While not everyone who has a weight problem is a candidate
for weight-loss surgery, if you have a family history of cardiovascular
disease and have found it difficult to lose weight, make an appointment
with a gastric surgeon to see what is your best option.

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