03-11-07 Church Discipline _1 Cor 5_

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					    I A Case Study (1 Co.5)
•  Sexual immorality in general. Rv.19:2
•  A man
  – Paul condemns the male offender
     only; the woman was probably a
     heathen (v.12)
•  Has. Implies a permanent union of
   some kind; not necessarily a formal
   marriage. Jn.4:18
•  Father’s wife
  – In Jewish circles = stepmother
               1 Co.5:2
•  “YOU, among whom this abomination
   has taken place, YOU…” (pride)
• Mourned (Gn.23:2)
  – Rv.18:11, 15, 19; 2 Co.12:21
• Taken away… the result of the mourning
  – Cicero: incredible and unheard of
  – Not in broad-minded Corinth
  – 1 Co. 6:15
• From among you
               1 Co.5:3
•  “I…have already judged”
•  Absent in body… A contrast: “You,
   who are there, do nothing; I, who am
   far away and might excuse myself on
   that account, take serious action”
• Have already judged… (Mt.19:28)
  – He is not judging motives, but fruit
  – This situation calls on everyone to
     set aside personal feelings
             1 Co.5:4-5
•  Name… “Act by His authority, on His
   behalf, for His honor”
• When you are gathered together
   (implies regular meetings)
• Deliver…to satan. Cf. v.13
  – Transfer him:
     • To the region where satan holds
       sway (1 Tim.1:20)
     • Outside the commonwealth and
       covenant (Ep.2:11-12; Col.1:13)
               1 Co.5:4-5

• Destruction of the flesh does not refer
  to physical death
   – Flesh here is not the body, but fleshly
   – Paul often contrasts flesh and spirit:
     Ga.5:13, 16, 17, 19, 24
      • Have crucified the flesh (Ga.5)
      • Destruction of the flesh (1 Co.5)
               1 Co.5:4-5
• All barriers are removed. The sinner,
  freed of pretence, can pursue any lust
• This very excess can defeat the lusts
• Some sinners must sink to the bottom
  before they realize that sin is a cruel
• The prodigal son learned a lot in the far
• Saved. The penalty is for the good of the
                 1 Co.5:6
•   A brother in sin gives the church no
    reason to boast
•   Those who are indifferent to this
    condition become partly responsible
    for it
    – A shepherd must drive out a tainted
      sheep that would infect the flock
    – Yeast is small but powerful; works
      secretly; “puffs up” the dough;
      spreads throughout the loaf
               1 Co.5:7-8
•   “Rid yourselves of these infected
    remains of your past lives, as a Jewish
    family purges the house of all leaven in
    preparation for the Passover”
•   In Corinth, the Lamb was already slain,
    yet the leaven remains in the house!
•   New lump = make a new start in purity,
    free of evil influences
•   8, our passover feast is not for a week,
    but a life-time
             1 Co.5:9-11
• We can’t avoid all contact w. sinners;
  we must avoid contamination w. them
• Anyone named a brother
  – He is called brother, but is really a
    fornicator, covetous, etc.
Our duty to a brother in sin
– Do not give him the impression that
  his sins are not serious
– We cannot avoid associating w.
  sinners in the world, but we must not
  tolerate them in the church
– Eating often implied fellowship.
– Ct. 1 Co.10:27 (Lk.15:2)
            1 Co.5:12-13
•  Actually Paul did judge outsiders
   (Ro.1:18-32); here, he did not with-
   draw from them
• God judges those who are outside
• Put away does not mean to drive him
   from the assemblies
  – It forbids social contact (it might
     give him the impression that he is
     safe as he is)
•   1: a man who had his father’s wife is
    shocking; Paul is even more shocked
    at the Corinthians’ attitude
•   11: names specific cases –
    Fornicator, covetous, idolater, reviler,
    drunkard, extortioner
    – Paul does not limit w/drawing to these
      specific sins
    – V.5, he is prepared to deal in a similar
      way w. similar offenders
          Final stages of the
        instructions are clear:
•   Take him away from among you, 2
•   Deliver him to satan, 5
•   Purge out the old leaven, 7
•   Do not keep company with, 9, 11
•   Do not eat with, 11
•   Put away, 13
           II Lessons
1. The work of God cannot prosper in
   a church that tolerates evil
  – The tolerant church will soon
     resemble the world
2. A brother who lives in sin should
cause other Christians to mourn
  – He is on the way to eternal
    perdition (1 Co.5:13; 2 Pt.2:20-22)
  – He betrays and injures the cause of
  – He re-crucifies Christ in the house
    of His friends
3. Church discipline is designed
to save
 – It is for the sinner’s own good.
    Pro.27:6; 2 Co.2:7
 – Discipline does not place the sinner
    in a state of condemnation; it
    recognizes this state and tries to
    save him from it
 – The lax church does not give him
    what he needs
   • This is deadly tolerance
4. Church discipline is for the
church’s own good
• Those who refuse or neglect it
  become accomplices

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