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					                                MBE/EDGE Committee Meeting

In attendance: James Austin, Shanda Gore, Emily Hardcastle (Guest),Olivia Holden, Gary
Johnson, Karl Parker, Felissa Parker-Green, Jennifer Pastorek, Lorie Sarnes, Debbe Skutch,
Oona Temple, Mark Urrutia, Ronald Wiley (Guest), Thomas Winston, Steve Wise, and David
Dr. Gore welcomed all in attendance and guests: Emily Hardcastle, an intern in the Office of
Equity and Diversity, Allen McConnell, State Loan Officer with the Minority Business
Enterprise Division, and Ronald Wiley, State Director of the Minority Business Enterprise
Division of the Ohio Department of Development.
Dr. Gore reviewed the minutes from the June 14 meeting.
Dr. Gore asked Ms. Skutch to update the Committee on the event hosting Dr. Timothy Bates.
Ms. Skutch stated that Ms. Parker-Green, Ms. Holden, Mr. Wood, and she were working with a
planning committee within the College of Business to plan this event, and that she and Ms.
Parker-Green would be meeting with COBI’s to develop marketing materials to promote this
event. Ms. Skutch stated that Dr. Bates is very well-respected, and that the University’s purpose
in hosting him is to allow the community to learn from his expertise. She added that Dr. Bates
will be arriving the morning of Wednesday, September 21 and that his day will include; having
lunch with U.T. administrators, guest-lecturing in two classes on entrepreneurship, attending a
faculty reception from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., and finally speaking to student organizations. Thursday,
September 22 will include a continental breakfast for the community at 7:30 a.m. The breakfast
will be sponsored by the City of Toledo, and possibly by the Port Authority, PNC, and LCIC.
Mr. Urrutia suggested involving the entrepreneurial students with Junior Achievement. Ms.
Skutch suggested that they join the student organizations the evening of the 21st. Ms. Parker-
Green stated that the committee was considering asking Mr. Yarborough from Continental
Defense, and other local businesses to present.
Dr. Gore asked Ms. Holden to present to the Committee at the next meeting concerning the
Minority Small Business Committee (MSBC) at the State level.
Action Item: Ms. Holden will update the Committee on the next meeting of the MSBC.
Dr. Gore reminded the Committee that all meetings will be held in the Minority Business
Development Center Training Room. Mr. Urrutia requested that the doors to the building be
propped open.
Action Item: The door to the MBDC will either be propped open, or someone will be waiting at
the door to welcome Committee members before meetings.
Dr. Gore announced that the MBDC has been granted an additional 5,000 square feet of space in
the Faculty Annex on Scott Park. It has 30 individual offices as well as a large training room.

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Currently, no plans are in place to move tenants; however, plans will be reevaluated in August
once the space is cleared out and fully available.
Dr. Gore also announced that she has been appointed to oversee the Eberly Center for Women
and that the Center, like the Minority Business Development Center (MBDC) will now be in the
Office if Equity and Diversity in the Division of External Affairs. Dr. Gore stated she is looking
forward to collaboration between the Ebe,rly Center and the MBDC.
Dr. Gore asked Ms. Parker-Green to update the Committee on the MBDC. Ms. Parker-Green
stated that numbers were given from July 1, 2010-December 31, 2010 and from January 1, 2011-
June 30, 2011. For the second half of 2010, the MBDC affiliates reported approximately
$1,318,000 in total sales and $1,745,000 in total sales from January 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011.
Capitalization is $4,000, due primarily to one tenant who secured a grant.
Nine businesses have asked for and received a tour of the MBDC between May and June. She
stated that many of the requests for information she has received have shown the need for a
“community training calendar” that would coordinate training events and indicate what level of
business development they would address. Committee members commented that this would be
extremely useful. She added that a directory of small business entities that list what each entity
does and what services they can provide would be very helpful for minority businesses. Ms.
Parker-Green stated that she and Dr. Gore are exploring the idea of a virtual incubation, for
companies who do not need a physical office, but can benefit from the other services the MBDC
provides. She added that marketing was also a major need for MBDC tenants.
Mr. Urrutia asked about the value of getting the MBE/EDGE certification. Dr. Gore stated that it
is very important to encourage minority businesses to obtain MBE/EDGE certification due to
increased business opportunities and Ms. Parker-Green stated that she encourages companies to
obtain the certification as well. Mr. Wiley stated that he often tells small businesses that
obtaining the certification is a way to augment revenue.
Dr. Gore asked Mr. Wiley to discuss the Minority Business Enterprise Division (MBED). Mr.
Wiley stated that the MBED helps with access to capital for minority businesses. He passed out
information on these programs. Copies of these flyers are available upon request. Mr. Parker
asked if participation in such programs would permit other companies to seek out financial
information. Mr. Wiley stated that sensitive financial information was private and would not be
revealed. Mr. Parker asked how the MBED promotes entrepreneurial start-ups. Mr. Wiley
stated that they distinguish between “lifestyle” (created because the founder is between
employment opportunities) and “true” (created by founders with strong business ideas)
entrepreneurial startups. He added that they work with Jumpstart Launch100 to help growing
business obtain equity.
Mr. Wiley stated that MBED often encounters many small business owners who do not have the
necessary skills to own and operate a business. He stated that MBED does not work with such
companies that he explains this very clearly to such companies. He urged all members at the
table to be upfront and honest when they encounter such companies.
Mr. Wiley stated that MBED staff hopes to work closely with the MBE/EDGE committee and
other organizations around the Northwest Ohio.

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Mr. Wiley asked Mr. McConnell to discuss the bonding process. Mr. McConnell stated that
MBED assists with bonding contracts between $150,000 and $1,000,000. These include
construction, transportation, bid, and performance bonds. Bonds are approved by an advisory
council once a month. Applicants complete an application, which requires three years of tax
returns, and financial statements, in addition to completed contracts and other documents. The
process takes between 45 and 60 days. Once the bond is approved, it functions like a line of
credit. The bond can be increased after six months. Mr. Johnson asked if MBED insisted on a
company using accrual accounting. Mr. McConnell stated that MBED prefers to see accrual
accounting, but that it will not deny bonding to a company using cash accounting.
Dr. Gore asked Mr. Winston how long the process to obtain bonding through the Diversified
Contractor Accelerator Program (DCAP) usually takes. Mr. Winston stated that DCAP does not
offer bonding at this point in time, and that the program instead focuses on helping meet
company cash flows.
Mr. Johnson asked if MBED would collaborate with DCAP and similar programs. Mr. Wiley
stated that he was open to the possibility.
Mr. Wiley asked Mr. McConnell to give a brief introduction to Procurement Technical
Assistance Centers (PTACs). Mr. McConnell stated that there are five PTACs throughout the
state and that the centers assist small businesses in applying for and obtaining government
contracts. Mr. Wiley stated that PTACs helped fill $350,000,000 in certified contracts last year.
He encouraged small business owners to contact Mr. Rob Pupos, the local representative for
Ms. Temple asked if MBED has worked with staffing companies in the past to establish lines of
credit. Mr. Wiley stated that Ms. Temple’s business would be eligible, and that she would need
to articulate how the loan would help her and how she would utilize the working capital.
Mr. Wiley encouraged small businesses to establish relationships with small local banks.
Mr. Parker stated that the Lucas County Sustainability Commission and Center for Innovative
Food Technology are holding the Sustainable Procurement Forum II in Nitchke Hall on July 15
at 8:00 p.m.
Dr. Gore thanked everyone for attending and the meeting adjourned at approximately 2:15 p.m.

     The next meeting will be held on August 2 at 12:00 p.m. in the Minority Business
                          Development Center Training Room.
Please mark your calendars with the following 2011 MBE/EDGE Committee meeting date. All
meetings will be held at 12:00 noon in the MBDC Training Room.
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