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									                                                                   The Pennsylvania
                                                                    State University

 To:     Mr. Brian Neff
 From:   Michael R. Macheski
 Date:   2/14/2012
 Re:     Job Application Cover Memo

 This memo’s purpose is to describe the resume and cover letter created for two different job ads.

 Job Description

 This manufacturing summer internship position is at Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Armstrong is a
 major manufacturer of ceilings, flooring, and cabinets headquartered in Lancaster, PA. The position is
 specifically within the Armstrong Building Products division (ABP; makes ceilings) and possible
 locations are Macon, Georgia; Pensacola, FL; and Marietta, PA (Lancaster).

 Armstrong is specifically looking for technically savvy people who will have an easy time learning their
 business. Armstrong is looking for highly motivated candidates capable of being leaders. The specific
 assigned work will be that of either a process or project engineer.

 Armstrong will only accept those pursuing an ABET-approved bachelors degree in chemical
 engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemistry with a minimum 3.2 GPA (cumulative and in the
 major). Candidates must also be less than two years away from graduation.

 This job requires excellent interpersonal communication and interaction skills. This includes the ability
 to work well in teams and to teach/transfer knowledge.

 A candidate should be good with computers, able to climb ladders and walk catwalks, and have
 unlimited United States work authorization.

 Audience Analysis

 Armstrong went bankrupt in 2000 because of asbestos-related claims. With that knowledge, a
 candidate applying for this position should have a strong respect for environmental health and safety for
 both workers and consumers to avoid any problems in the future.

 Armstrong is looking for candidates who can dually work well in teams or individually, so any evidence
 that can be shown of these two things would be a plus. They are also looking for a candidate who is
 good working with Microsoft Windows operating systems. If evidence of Windows use can be shown,
 show it.

Rhetorical Analysis

My resume was well-suited for the job. It was an e-portfolio. The objective statement was altered to
highlight an interest in manufacturing. The most recent internship’s manufacturing connection was
clearly called out with italics. Major and cumulative GPAs above 3.2 were shown in the education
section to meet the job ad’s GPA requirements. To show that I was less than two years away from
graduation, I showed my expected graduation date. Similarly, the university and degree program
(widely known to be ABET-accredited, so not necessary to call out explicitly) were shown there. My
technical savvy was highlighted by explaining in fair detail the things I did in my two technical
internships, which were relevant work experiences. Computer skills were mentioned in their own
section to highlight my proficient computer skills, particularly with Windows operating systems.

My cover letter was also well-suited for the job. I mentioned times when I worked well alone and also in
teams (with vendors, design group members, fellow employees, supervisor, etc.) Discussing some of
my technical achievements shows my technical savvy. Because the job ad mentioned a GPA
requirement, I discussed when I got Dean’s list to show that I not only can meet the GPA requirement,
but that I am capable of going farther and crushing it at times. I again mentioned my willingness to
relocate because of the multiple locations possible.

Job Description

This W.L. Gore & Associates summer internship is in the Elkton, MD and Newark, DE vicinity.
Candidates should be innovators willing and able to problem solve and take accountability for their
work. They should be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Candidates should be sophomores or
juniors with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and working toward a degree (BS, MS, or PhD) in mechanical
engineering, chemical engineering, or material science. Applicants should be motivated, innovative,
and technically competent.

Audience Analysis
W.L. Gore & Associates made the Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the 12
consecutive year. In 2008, it ranked 15 . The CEO claims that this is because it is “…a place where
innovation thrives and where every individual has the ability to contribute to the success of the
enterprise.” There are approximately 5,000 employees, so it is a small company. Anyone who works at
this company is likely to be innovative, accountable, technically competent, cooperative, and motivated.

Rhetorical Analysis

The resume was well-suited for the job. To match the 2.0 GPA requirement, I made sure to specify my
overall GPA (and major GPA for good measure). My objective statement was tailored for process
engineering at a manufacturing facility, which is exactly what this internship is. I made sure to mention
that I as pursuing a BS in chemical engineering to match that requirement. To prove technical
competency, I listed several relevant work experience accomplishments. Along these lines, I listed my
software competencies (technical in nature). Because this position is process engineering, I made sure
to mention that one of the programs I know is a commonly used process design software package.

The cover letter was also well-suited for the job. I specifically mentioned that I was a junior, meeting the
requirement that the candidate be a sophomore or junior. The first body paragraph highlighted my
development of problem solving skills through Penn State coursework. It was purposefully put first to
highlight this important aspect. After the education paragraph, I spelled out some important skills
learned while I was racking up technical achievements in my relevant work experiences. My ability to
cooperate was clearly shown by spelling out the lessons I learned in dealing with vendors and
operators, people with which I would be sure to cooperate with all the time at this job. Again, here, I
mentioned that I was willing to relocate because this job is in the Newark, DE and Elkton, MD area.

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