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									                 Organization              First   Middle   Last
Organization     Type         Salutation   Name    Name     Name Suffix

Adminfo          Magazine

Focus            Magazine

Adult Learning   Magazine

Advocate         Magazine
The Advocate    Magazine

AEA Advocate    Magazine

AFT On Campus   Magazine

Agenda          Magazine
Aid for Education
Report              Magazine

Alabama School
Journal             Magazine
ALAN Review      Magazine

Association of
Teachers of
German Newsletter Magazine
Research Journal   Magazine

American Educator Magazine

American Journal
of Distance
Education          Magazine
American Journal
of Education       Magazine

American School
Board Journal      Magazine

American Teacher   Magazine
Measurement in
Education          Magazine

Arkansas Educator Magazine

The ATA Magazine   Magazine

The ATA News       Magazine
Aviso             Magazine

BCATML Newsletter Magazine

Better Teaching   Magazine

Boardcaster       Magazine
CABE Journal         Magazine

The California
Educator             Magazine

California Teacher   Magazine

Catalyst: For
Cleveland Schools    Magazine

CBFSA News           Magazine
CEI-PEA Alert    Magazine

Chicago Union
Teacher          Magazine

Classroom Teacher Magazine

College Board
Review           Magazine
College Media
Review           Magazine

Colloquy         Magazine

The Colorado
School Journal   Magazine
Communicator       Magazine

Education Review   Magazine

Connection         Magazine
Connection: New
England's Journal
of Higher
Education           Magazine

Convergence         Magazine
eaching German      Magazine

Education Beat     Magazine
Education Canada   Magazine

The Education
Digest             Magazine

The Education
Focus              Magazine

Education Forum    Magazine
Education Matters   Magazine

Revolution          Magazine

Education Today     Magazine

Education USA       Magazine
Education Week   Magazine

Abstracts        Magazine
Quarterly         Magazine

Educational and
Measurement       Magazine
Assessment    Magazine

Foundations   Magazine
Leadership           Magazine

Planning             Magazine

Educational Policy   Magazine
Researcher        Magazine

Studies           Magazine

Educational Theory Magazine
The Educator
Edition          Magazine

The Educators'
Advocate         Magazine
Edutopia           Magazine

English for Specific
Purposes             Magazine

Newsletter         Magazine
ERS Bulletin   Magazine

ERS Spectrum   Magazine

eSchool News   Magazine
ESM News
Milwaukee           Magazine

Essential Teacher   Magazine

ETFO Voice          Magazine
Children           Magazine

Exceptionality     Magazine

Education Canada   Magazine
FCE Today            Magazine

The Federation
Paper                Magazine

Florida Journal of
Anthropology         Magazine
Florida School
Business           Magazine

From the Board
Room               Magazine

German Quarterly   Magazine
Green Teacher       Magazine

Harvard Education
Letter              Magazine
Educational Review Magazine

HeadFirst Colorado Magazine

History of
Education         Magazine

History Teacher   Magazine
Today             Magazine

How Stuff Works
Express           Magazine

Humane Educator   Magazine

IEA Reporter      Magazine
Iggeret             Magazine

Illinois School
Board Journal       Magazine

Illinois TESOL-BE
Newsletter          Magazine

School              Magazine
Indiana English   Magazine

Searcher          Magazine

Insiders Report   Magazine

Education         Magazine
Journal of
Development     Magazine

Journal of
Research        Magazine
Journal of
Instructional Media Magazine

Journal of
Education in
Science and
Technology         Magazine
Intervention in
School and Clinic   Magazine

ISTA Advocate       Magazine

JEGP                Magazine
JGE   Magazine
JOPERD            Magazine

Journal of
Adolescent & Adult
Literacy           Magazine
Journal of Applied
School Psychology    Magazine

Journal of Art
Education            Magazine

Journal of
Canadian Studies     Magazine
Journal of College
Student Retention:
Research, Theory &
Practice           Magazine

Journal of
Psychology        Magazine
Journal of
Research            Magazine

Journal of Family
and Consumer
Sciences            Magazine
Journal of
Leadership and
Studies            Magazine

Journal of Learning
Disabilities        Magazine
Journal of Physical
Recreation & Dance Magazine

Journal of School
Leadership           Magazine

Journal of Science
Education and
Technology           Magazine
The Journal of
Special Education   Magazine

Journal of Teaching
in Physical
Education           Magazine

KEA News            Magazine
La Ola Latino -
Americana         Magazine

LAE News          Magazine

Language Learning
and Development Magazine

Magazine          Magazine
LDA Newsbriefs   Magazine

Le Bulletin de
Service          Magazine

Leadership       Magazine
Leadership for
Student Activities   Magazine

Learning             Magazine

Learning and
Differences          Magazine
Disabilities       Magazine

The Learning Team Magazine

Learning Through
History            Magazine

Life Learning      Magazine

Maine Educator     Magazine
Maintaining Safe
Schools            Magazine

Managing School
Business           Magazine

The Manitoba
Teacher            Magazine

MASA Fortnighter   Magazine
MASC Bulletin     Magazine

MASC Journal      Magazine

MASTER Teacher    Magazine

MEA - MFT Today   Magazine
MEA Voice         Magazine

Media & Methods   Magazine

Educator          Magazine

The Mississippi
Educator          Magazine

Momentum          Magazine
Montessori LIFE   Magazine

Observer          Magazine

MTA Today         Magazine
NABE News   Magazine

NAEA News   Magazine
NAPSEC News   Magazine

NASPE News    Magazine
National Monitor of
Education           Magazine

The Natural
Selection          Magazine

NBTA News          Magazine

Bulletin           Magazine
NCREL's Learning
Point              Magazine

The NCTM News
Bulletin           Magazine

Educator           Magazine
NEA Today       Magazine

NECTFL Review   Magazine
New Hampshire
Educator           Magazine

New Jersey Parent-
Teacher            Magazine

New Mexico
Progress           Magazine

New York Teacher   Magazine
New York
Edition         Magazine

NewsLinks       Magazine

NJEA Reporter   Magazine

NJEA Review     Magazine

NLTA Bulletin   Magazine

Northbound      Magazine
Northwest Report   Magazine

Notes for ESL      Magazine

Notos              Magazine

Nouvelles          Magazine

Nouvelles CSQ      Magazine
NSEA Voice         Magazine

NSEE Quarterly     Magazine

NSSBA Matters!     Magazine

NSSEA Essentials   Magazine
NSTA Reports      Magazine

NTU Bulletin      Magazine

OAH Magazine Of
History           Magazine
Ohio Schools   Magazine

Oklahoma PTA
Today          Magazine

Old English
Newsletter     Magazine
The Old
Magazine           Magazine

On Board           Magazine

On The Move        Magazine

Ontario Federation
of Home & School
Association Bulletin Magazine

Orbit              Magazine
Interaction       Magazine

Our Children      Magazine

PC Teach It       Magazine

Peabody Journal of
Education          Magazine
Administrator   Magazine

Newsletter      Magazine

Perspective     Magazine

Perspectives    Magazine
Phi Delta Kappan    Magazine

Preventing School
Failure             Magazine

Principal           Magazine

Communicator        Magazine
Pro Principal      Magazine

Educator           Magazine

Professional School
Counseling          Magazine
Speaking          Magazine

PSBA Bulletin     Magazine

Bulletin          Magazine

PTA South Carolina
Bulletin           Magazine
PTO Today          Magazine

Public School
Montessorian       Magazine

Quality Teaching   Magazine

Quarterly          Magazine

Quebec Home &
School News        Magazine
Quest               Magazine

Read All About It   Magazine

Reading Research
Quarterly           Magazine
Children and
Youth: Journal of
Interventions       Magazine

Reflections         Magazine
Remedial and
Special Education    Magazine

Report on Literacy
Programs             Magazine
Research in the
Teaching of English Magazine

Results            Magazine

Results In Class   Magazine

Rethinking Schools Magazine
Review of
Research          Magazine

Revue des Sciences
de l'…ducation     Magazine

Risk Management
in Canadian
Education         Magazine

SAANYS Says       Magazine
SB&O - School
Band and
Orchestra       Magazine

SCEA Emphasis   Magazine

Magazine        Magazine
School &
Community         Magazine

The School
Administrator     Magazine

School Board News Magazine

School Board Notes Magazine
School Business
Affairs            Magazine

School Health Alert Magazine

School Leader      Magazine
School Leader
News                Magazine

School Planning &
Management          Magazine

School Reform
News                Magazine
Insider            Magazine

School Technology
Alert             Magazine

School Trustee     Magazine

School-Age Notes   Magazine
SchoolArts           Magazine

Science Activities   Magazine
Science Education   Magazine

SEA Crosscurrents
Magazine            Magazine

Social Education    Magazine
The Social Studies   Magazine

The Social Studies
Professional         Magazine

Sociology of
Education            Magazine
Something Better   Magazine

SSBA Newsletter    Magazine
State Education
Leader            Magazine

State Education
Standard          Magazine

Magazine          Magazine
Strategies: A
Journal for Physical
and Sport
Educators            Magazine

Student Assistance
Journal            Magazine

Student Press
Review             Magazine

Studies in
Evaluation         Magazine
System            Magazine

T.H.E. Journal:
Horizons In
Education         Magazine

Tahperd Journal   Magazine
Talking Points    Magazine

Tar Heel Junior
Historian         Magazine

Teacher           Magazine

The Teacher       Magazine
Teacher Education
Quarterly           Magazine

Teacher Education
Reports             Magazine

The Teacher
Educator            Magazine

Teacher Educator    Magazine
Teacher Magazine   Magazine

Teachers & Writers
Magazine           Magazine
Teaching and
Learning in
Medicine       Magazine
Teaching and
Teacher Education   Magazine

Children            Magazine
Philosophy         Magazine

Teaching Sociology Magazine

Teaching Theatre   Magazine

Teaching Tolerance Magazine
Technology &
Learning         Magazine

Planning and
Management       Magazine

The Technology
Teacher          Magazine
TechTrends for
Leaders in
Education &
Training           Magazine

Tennessee School
Boards journal     Magazine

TESOL Quarterly    Magazine

Texas Coach        Magazine
Texas Education
News                 Magazine

Textual Studies in
Canada               Magazine

The French Review Magazine

Theory Into
Practice             Magazine

This Active Life     Magazine
Threshold       Magazine

Thresholds in
Education       Magazine
Today's Catholic
Teacher            Magazine

Today's OEA        Magazine

Today's School     Magazine

Transactions of the
Society             Magazine
Trustee Quarterly   Magazine

Turfnet Monthly     Magazine

Universe In The
Classroom           Magazine
Update            Magazine

Urban Education   Magazine

US English Update Magazine
USBBY Newsletter      Magazine

VEA News              Magazine

Vector                Magazine

Vermont - N E A
Today                 Magazine

Virginia Journal of
Education             Magazine
Voice              Magazine

Counseletter       Magazine

Washington, DC
Capitol Comments   Magazine

WCER Highlights    Magazine

WEA Action         Magazine
WEA News            Magazine

West Virginia
School Journal      Magazine

What's New          Magazine

Your School & the
Law                 Magazine
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(604) 885-9039                madelinep@fnesc.bc.ca

(301) 588-1800 (301) 588-2049 publications@ncss.org
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(301) 588-1800 (301) 588-2049 tssp@ncss.org

(410) 516-7001 (410) 516-8719 g
(573) 634-3202 (573) 634-5645

(306) 373-1660 (306) 374-1122 stf@stf.sk.ca
(303) 299-3600 (720) 264-3600 ecs@esc.org

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(919) 715-0200 (919) 733-8655 thjhaclubs@ncmail.net

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(561) 622-6520 (561) 622-0757
Organization Profile                Mail Address Line 1      Mail Address Line 2
Editorial contains information
about the professional
association of educational
administrators in British
Columbia. Publishes both
practical and theoretical stories
to help readers attain the goal
of quality education for all
students.                           525 W 10th Ave Ste 200

Administrative Focus is a
biweekly newsletter for school
administrators in the state of
Oklahoma. The editorial mission
is to provide a forum for
exploring educational solutions.
The publication is written for
principals, superintendents, and
counselors. The newsletter does
not accept unsolicited                                       2500 North Lincoln
submissions.                     Oliver Hodge Building       Boulevard

Established in 1989 and written
for adult education practitioners
working in any setting. Provides
short, professionally oriented
articles that are practical,
authoritative and relevant to
current practice in the field of
adult education.                  4380 Forbes Blvd

Published for public school
teachers and other instructional
personnel, non-teaching school
employees, college faculty,
administrators, school board
members, retired teachers, and
college students in schools of
education. Articles are on
organizational, economic,
political, legislative, social,
rights, benefits, instructional,
and professional development
topics.                          316 W 12th St
Developed as the official
publication for the Illinois
Education Association-NEA.
Reports on programs, seminars,
teaching methods, quality
education and related topics of
interest to classroom teachers,
educational support employees,
faculty and staff of higher
education institutions, college
education students and
educational retirees.           100 E Edwards St

Devoted to current issues in
public education, controversies,
trends, practices, personalities,
professional events, and
objectives in Arizona education. 4000 N Central Ave           Ste 1600

Established in 1981 for full-time
and part-time faculty members
at higher education facilities,
including librarians, academic
staff, and paraprofessionals.
Content focuses on topics of
interest to higher education
professionals and includes
articles on employment, labor
union matters, academic
standards, teaching
methodologies and theories,
class management, research
and classroom technology.
Provides news of the American
Federation of Teachers.           555 New Jersey Ave NW

News and education features
about Ontario schools and
education across Canada. It is
distributed directly to teachers,
school board administrators,
principals, supervisory
personnel and consultants.          65 St Clair Avenue East   4th Floor
Provides valuable funding
information for education
professionals, whether they
work at the preschool,
elementary school, community
college, or university level. Each
issue contains updates on the
No Child Left Behind Act and
the Individuals with Disability
Education Act. Provides
information on public and
private grant opportunities for a
wide variety of programs,
including special education Title
I, bilingual education, math and
reading, teacher training,
technology, Charter schools,
after school programs,
construction and renovation,
TRIO and Upward Bound.
Describes federal and state
efforts to improve academic
performance, measure student
achievement, and close the
education gap between low-and
high-income students.
Summarizes recent research
findings, profiles additional
funding sources, and provides
practical tips for writing
successful grant applications.     8204 Fenton St

Provides educators in the state
of Alabama with the latest state
government reports, association
activities and a variety of
educational articles.            PO Box 4177
ALAN Review is a peer-reviewed
journal published by the
Assembly on Literature for
Adolescents of the National
Council of Teachers of English.
It is devoted solely to the field
of literature for adolescents. It
is published three times per
academic year (fall, winter, and
spring) and is sent to all
members, individual and
institutional, of ALAN (The
Assembly on Literature for
Adolescents of NCTE). The
Review consists of reviews of
and articles on literature for
adolescents and the teaching of
that literature: research studies,
papers presented at
professional meetings, surveys
of the literature, critiques of the
literature, articles about
authors, comparative studies
across genre and/or cultures,
articles on ways to teach the
literature to adolescents, and
interviews of authors.              Florida State University   English Education MCH 209

The American Association of
Teachers of German Newsletter
is the official newsletter of the
AATG. The publication provides
readers with AATG updates,
events in the profession, and
opportunities of interest for all
teachers of German. The
publication does not accept       112 Haddontowne Court
advertising.                      Suite 104
American Educational Research
Journal (AERJ) is a quarterly
journal published by the
American Educational Research
Association (AERA) for
educational researchers. The
main goal of the journal is to
publish original empirical and
theoretical studies and analyses
in education. Journal articles
cover a wide variety of
academic disciplines and
substantive fields. Contact the
publication for lead time,
circulation, and advertising     1230 Seventeenth Street
information.                     Northwest

Professional journal of the
American Federation of
Teachers. Published for
classroom teachers and other
educational personnel ranging
from pre-school through
university levels. Focuses on the
latest research on effective
teaching, hands-on science
education, teacher travel
exchanges, new developments
in technology, values education,
the changing American family
and the quality of school
textbooks.                        555 New Jersey Ave NW
American Journal of Distance
Education is an internationally
recognized journal of research
and scholarship in the field of
American distance education.
The journal is written for
teachers in schools, colleges,
and universities; trainers in
corporate, military, and
professional fields; adult
educators; researchers; and
other specialists in education,
training, and communications. 10 Industrial Avenue
American Journal of Education
is a quarterly journal written for
educators. The mission of the
journal is 'to bridge and
integrate the intellectual,
methodological, and substantive
diversity of educational
scholarship, and to encourage a
vigorous dialogue between
educational scholars and
practitioners.' The editorial
content covers research,
theoretical statements,
philosophical arguments, critical
syntheses of a field of
educational inquiry, and
integrations of educational
scholarship, policy, and
practice. Contact the publication 1427 East 60th Street
for circulation information.       Journals Divison
Publication chronicles change,
interprets issues, and offers
school board members, school
administrators, and other
educators practical advice on
topics pertinent to school
governance and management,
policy making, student
achievement, and the art of
school leadership. Regular
features include education
news, updates on school law
and education research, and
reviews of new publications.       PO Box 1815

Established in 1916 as the
official publication of the
American Federation of
Teachers, which is written for
classroom teachers and other
education personnel from
preschool through high school
levels. Covers a wide range of
news on educational, political
and union issues from the local,
state, federal and international
levels, and includes association
news as well.                    555 New Jersey Ave NW
Applied Measurement in
Education's prime objective is to
improve communication
between education academics
and practitioners. Articles in the
journal describe original
research studies, innovative
strategies for solving
educational measurement
problems, and integrative
reviews of current approaches
to contemporary measurement
issues, all with the intent of
bridging the gap between
theory and practice. It is
designed for researchers and
practitioners interested in
scholarly investigations likely to
have an impact on educational
measurement practices.             10 Industrial Avenue

Official publication of the
Arkansas Education Association.
Chronicles the news of the
association and its members,
analyzes educational issues
from primary through higher
education, and provides
discussions on education
reform, learning disabilities and
inclusion.                        1500 W 4th St
Educational journal published
by the Alberta Teachers
Association. Reports on current
issues, developments, and new
ideas in teaching.                11010-142nd St
Publishes news of interest to
Alberta's teachers including
labor news, legislation, teacher
features.                         11010 - 142nd Street NW
Published for teaching
professionals in the Nova Scotia
Teachers' Union. Features
articles on health, teaching
strategies and reflections on
recent events in the education
community. Articles are written
by practicing teachers and
administrators, and are based
on real-life experiences in and
around the classroom.            3106 Joseph Have Drive        Dr Tom Parker Building

BCTMLA Newsletter is a
statewide publication, and the
official newsletter of the British
Columbia Teachers of Modern
Languages Association. It
addresses the news and issues
concerning modern language
educators in BC. The publication Central Junior Secondary
does not accept press releases. School                         1280 Fort Street

Better Teaching is written by
the Teacher Institute. The
publication is a national quick-
to-read ready-to-reproduce
newsletter that gives teachers
inspirational, thought-provoking
ideas for their classroomsó
ideas that bring lessons to life. PO Box 7474

The Boardcaster is biweekly
newsletter, published by the
Minnesota School Boards
Association, containing items of
interest in public education. The
Minnesota School Boards
Association, through this
publication, keeps school board
members, superintendents,
associate and affiliate members,
members of the legislature, the
news media, and various state
agencies informed on the latest
issues affecting public
education.                        1900 West Jefferson Avenue
Journal for the Connecticut
Association of Boards of
Education including all board
members, superintendents and
business managers. Editorial
focuses on improving public
education throughout the state
and nation.                         81 Wolcott Hill Rd

Published for current members
of the teaching profession in
California. News is primarily
association-oriented, reporting
on education legislation,
education news, union
negotiations, classroom issues,
human relations, teaching
techniques, legal problems,
curriculum & materials, and
teacher retirement and welfare.     PO Box 921
Written for teachers in the state
of California. Provides
information on news, events,
and a wide range of topics of
special interest to teachers in
California.                         1 Kaiser Plz         Ste 1440
Created to document, analyze
and support school-
improvement efforts in
Cleveland public schools.
Editorial looks at programs and
policies and illuminates models
of success locally and
nationally.                         1621 Euclid Ave      Ste 1530
CBFSA News is a bi-monthly
newsletter published by the
California Black Faculty and
Staff Association. The
newsletter covers news and
information for and about
African American college and
university personnel in
California and nationally.          PO Box 6396
The Center for Educational
Innovation-Parent Education
Association Alert is an advocacy
newsletter published four times
a year for parents, teachers,
school leaders, and policy       28 West 44th Street, Suite
makers in New York City.         914
Covers educational methods,
materials, and techniques with
emphasis on the Chicago school
system.                          222 Merchandise Mart Plz     Ste 400

Classroom Teacher is a
quarterly publication of the
Texas Classroom Teachers
Association. The mission of
Classroom Teacher is to provide
news and opinions in the
interest of education excellence.
It is read by members of the
Texas Classroom Teachers
Association. Classroom Teacher
covers issues related to the
organization. The lead time for
Classroom Teacher is one
month.                            PO Box 1489
College board news keeps
educators and board members
up to date on current issues and
initiatives in the school
management arena. The
publication is written for
educators. Topics include:
teaching methods, educational
studies                           45 Columbus Avenue
College Media Review is the
flagship journal of College
Media Advisers, Inc. It is a
quarterly academic journal on
advising collegiate media, both
print and electronic. It is an all-
encompassing journal that
serves collegiate media
advisers. It educates and
informs advisers on how to
teach, advise, and produce
collegiate media. The lead time
for College Media Review is two
months.                             University of Memphis

Colloquy is an e-mail newsletter
published three times per year
by the World Affairs Council for
the Bay Area Global Education
Program (BAGEP). BAGEP's
professional development
training and resource center
seeks to provide teachers with a
number of different perspectives
on any given topic. The
newsletter informs teachers of
new resources available, current
programming at BAGEP, and
opportunities at the World
Affairs Council in the Bay Area. 312 Sutter Street Suite 200

Official publication of the
Colorado Education Association.
Covers current news of interest
to teachers, administrators and
other education professionals.
Includes information on pending
legislation, research, parental
roles and societal trends in
education.                      1500 Grant St
Communicator is a newsletter
that keeps members of the
National Association of
Elementary School Principals
(NAESP) informed of trends in
education as well as what's
going on in the association.
Communicator also offers
advice on community relations
and updates from Capitol Hill.   1615 Duke Street

Comparative Education Review
is a quarterly journal written for
educators. The mission of the
journal is 'to advance
knowledge and teaching in
comparative education studies.'
The editorial content covers the
investigation of education
throughout the world and the
social, economic, and political
forces that shape it. The journal
does not publish an editorial
calendar. Circulation figures      1427 East 60th Street
were not available.                Journals Divison

Journal of the New England
Board of Higher Education,
written for leaders in education,
government, business and the
media. Provides data and
analysis, features and expert
commentary on issues such as
education trends, changing
demography, workforce
development and interstate
cooperation.                      45 Temple Place
Connection: New England's
Journal of Higher Education
editorial mission is to report on
education policy. Connection
provides regional information on
higher education and economic
development. Connection also
provides vital data and analysis
and exclusive essays by
distinguished educators, noted
journalists, and corporate and
government leaders from
throughout New England and
beyond. The publication is
written for New England
educators and members of
NEBHE.                            45 Temple Place

Convergence is the quarterly
journal of the International
Council for Adult Education
(ICAE), a major world-wide
journal of adult education that
addresses issues, practices and
developments in the broad field
of adult and nonformal
education. Through its pages,
Convergence, has been
providing a forum for
international exchange on
current developments in adult
education since 1968.
Convergence forms a unique
and continuing record of current
developments in adult
education making it the
essential journal for
practitioners, decision-makers,
researchers, professors,
teachers, students, planners     720 Bathurst Street Suite
and administrators in the field. 500
Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching
German is published twice in a
year and a publication of the
American Association of
Teachers of German. It is a
journal devoted to the
improvement and expansion of
German teaching in the United
States. Die
German provides articles on
recent advances in scholarship
on language teaching and
learning, practical suggestions
for implementing this
scholarship in German
classrooms, information
concerning relevant teaching
and source materials,
information about the linguistic,
social, political, and cultural
landscape of German-speaking
countries, and assessments or
suggestions regarding the
betterment of the German
teaching profession. The journal 112 Haddontowne Court
is written for German teachers. Suite 104

Education Beat's editorial
mission is to report on political
decisions and their effects on
educators in California.
Education Beat contains
substance on the big issues of
the day in California, from
kindergarten through post
secondary level. These topics
include accountability, choice,
charter schools, curriculum
clashes, faculty teaching loads,
the coming tidal wave of higher
education students, part-timer
issues and many more. Thus
publication is written for
California state educators.       926 J Street
Dedicated to education from
issues and trends to policy and
practice of education in Canada.
Editorial content includes
feature articles, columns,
commentary, research reviews, 317 Adelaide Street West
case studies and letters.        Suite 300

Designed to meet the needs of
teachers and school
administrators at all levels.
Includes condensed articles for
quick review of administration,
curriculum, teaching
innovations, educational issues,
philosophy, guidance,
educational technology and
research, with regular monthly
columns on resources, news,
and teacher activities.          PO Box 8623

Edited for members of the
Oklahoma Education
Association. Provides
information on issues relevant
to teaching and public
education as well as association
events and programs.             PO Box 18485

Published for public secondary
school teachers, counselors,
psychologists and educational
workers. Feature articles and
interviews explore the
contemporary issues, events,
trends and personalities that
shape education. Regular book,
computer software and media
reviews offer informed criticism.
Written in English with some
articles in French as well.       60 Mobile Drive
Education Matters is the
quarterly magazine of the
Manitoba Association for School
Trustees. It contains
information about the students
and teachers in Manitoba
schools, as well as information
about the association's news
and events.                     191 Provencher Boulevard

Education Revolution is
published quarterly by the
Alternative Education Resource
Organization (AERO) for parents
and teachers. Founded in 1989,
AERO, advocates learner-
centered approaches to
education. The magazine covers
the latest news,
correspondence, and
employment opportunities in
alternative education. The lead
time and deadlines for the
publication vary. Circulation
figures were not available.      417 Roslyn Road
Written for educators in Ontario
and includes features and
special reports on contemporary
issues and trends in the public
school system. Includes
coverage of education policy,
finance, curriculum,
governance, teaching and
learning.                        439 University Ave #1850

Written for school
administrators and teachers.
Features discuss education
trends, ongoing studies, state
and federal legislation, K-12
federal education policy, in
particular the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act and
other events affecting the field. 1901 N Moore St           Ste 1106
Provides superintendents,
principals, school administrators
and other educators and
policymakers with coverage of
the news and trends shaping K-
12 education. Editorial content
includes articles on
developments at the national,
state and district levels and
features on curriculum,
administration, teaching,
research and students. Also
reports on actions by federal
agencies and educational
organizations, and examines
education issues such as
academic standards and
technology.                       6935 Arlington Rd   Ste 100

Educational Administration
Abstracts is published quarterly
by Sage Publications, Inc. The
journal serves as a
comprehensive source of
information for administrators,
policy makers, researchers,
faculty members, and graduate
students. Features include
abstract numbers, subject
classification, descriptors,
alphabetical-by-author citation,
and abstracts. Regular topics
include: curriculum
development; educational
facilities, equipment, and
materials; financial
management; in-service
training; parent-school
communications; performance
and program evaluation; and
personnel management and
labor relations. The journal does
not publish an editorial
calendar. Submissions are not
accepted because the journal
only publishes article abstracts. 2455 Teller Road
Educational Administration
Quarterly is a journal that
provides the most current
research findings and
methodologies in educational
administration. The publication
is consistently listed among the
top ten journals in the Social
Sciences Citation Index. Areas
regularly covered include
Administration leadership,
decision making, educational
policy and reform, the politics of
education, educational
governance, collective
bargaining, teacher
professionalization. It is
targeted towards professors and
students of educational
administration and practicing
administrators, as well as social
and behavioral scientists in
allied fields. Circulation figures
were not available.                2455 Teller Road

Educational and Psychological
Measurement is a bimonthly
journal published by Sage
Publications for students,
scholars, and educators of test
and measurement. The journal
presents the most current data-
based studies and theoretical
papers in the measurement
field. Its mission is to provide
the latest and most in-depth
scholarly research in a variety
of fields, such as education,
psychology, industry, and
government. The lead time is
two months. Contact the journal
for the advertising rates and
circulation information.         2455 Teller Raod
Educational Assessment
publishes research on the
assessment of individuals,
groups, and programs in
education. It covers a range of
issues related to theory,
empirical research, and practice
in the appraisal of educational
achievements by students and
teachers, young children and
adults, and novices and experts.
The journal also reports on
studies of conventional testing
practices, discusses alternative
approaches, presents
scholarship on classroom
practice, and debates on
national assessment issues.
Educational Assessment's
purpose is 'to provide a forum
for integrating conceptual and
technical domains with the
arenas of practice and policy,
and for unifying a literature that
is presently scattered over a
variety of disciplines and
outlets.'                          10 Industrial Avenue

Educational Foundations is a
quarterly journal that is
published by the American
Educational Studies Association.
The publication focuses on key
issues of educational
foundations, including research,
applications, and methodology. 3145 Geary Boulevard PO
The lead time varies.            Box 275
Published for administrators and
teachers at both primary and
secondary levels of education.
Emphasis on curriculum,
instruction, supervision, and
educational leadership in
education. Issues contain
articles by leading educators,
reports of programs and
practices, interpretations of
research, book reviews, and
columns.                         1703 N Beauregard St

Educational Planning is a
quarterly academic journal
featuring news, updates and
resources for educational
planning. The publication is
circulated throughout the world
and is primarily for members of
the International Society for
Educational Planning. Contact
the publication for
advertisement information.      SUNY Buffalo Bacon Hill

Educational Policy is a
bimonthly journal that provides
an interdisciplinary forum for
improving education in primary
and secondary schools. The
publication combines
educational research with the
world of practice to present a
resource for educators, policy
makers, administrators,
researcher, teachers, and
graduate students. The
emphasis of the journal is on
the practical consequences of
policy decisions and
alternatives. Contact the
publication for circulation and
advertising figures. The lead
time varies.                    2455 Teller Road
Written for the educational
research community. Feature
articles analyze current trends
in educational research.
Investigates the policies and
controversies which affect
research as well as reviewing
the latest books on the subject. 1230 17th St NW
Educational Studies includes
academic articles and book
reviews with the intent of
providing members of the
American Educational Studies
Association and other
foundations of education
scholars a vehicle for the
dissemination of their research.
Articles deal with issues and
questions within the
interdisciplinary field of
educational foundations.         10 Industrial Avenue

Educational Theory is a
quarterly publication published
by the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign with
support from the Philosophy of
Education Society and the John
Dewey Society. The general
purposes of the journal are to
foster the continuing
development of educational
theory and to encourage wide
and effective discussion of
theoretical problems within the    University of Illinois at   College of Education, 1310
educational profession.            Urbana-Champaign            South Sixth Street
Reaches working adults through
distribution inside 750 major
corporations, such as Boeing,
Intel, and Motorola. Acts as a
source for information about
professional development
programs, certificate programs,
undergraduate and graduate
degree completion programs in
Chicago. Unites the interests of
adult students, learning
providers and the corporate
world in the common goal of
making education opportunities
readily accessible. Editorial
content spans the entire
education spectrum, from
individual enrichment courses,
to comprehensive programs for
executive training, professional
certifications and advanced
degrees. Provides in each issue
tables featuring a wide variety
of programs, courses, schools
and locations, with key
telephone numbers and web
addresses for quick access.
Articles cover topics such as
accreditation, distance learning
alternatives, evaluating
executive programs, financial
aid, and other issues relevant to
working adults seeking            15419 E Sunburst Dr

Written for employees of
educational systems in the state
of South Dakota. Highlights
teaching and educational
events, news from the South
Dakota Education Association,
educational trends, teaching
techniques and features on
prominent teachers.              411 E Capitol Ave
Designed for educators,
legislators, parents and others
interested in education. Profiles
leaders in education reform.
Offers ideas and tips for
educators to enrich their lives
outside the classroom.            PO Box 3494

English For Specific Purposes
publishes articles and research
notes- reporting basic research
in the linguistic description of
specialized varieties of English
and the application of such
research to specific
methodological concerns.
Contact the publication for the
lead time, deadlines, circulation
information, and advertising
rates.                            655 Avenue of the Americas

ERIC/EECE Newsletter provides
information on the Educational
Resources Information Center,
Elementary and Early Childhood
Education, and articles on topics
related to early childhood
education. ERIC/EECE
newsletter is written for
teachers, parents, researchers
and policy makers. This
newsletter is published twice a
year, in the spring and autumn. 51 Gerty Drive
ERS (Educational Research
Service) Bulletin is designed to
help educators stay informed of
education research being
conducted by ERS and other
organizations. The Bulletin
summaries help educators keep
up-todate on the latest
developments in educational
research. In addition to the
summary, each Bulletin includes
information on how to obtain
the full document summarized. 2000 Clarendon Boulevard

The ERS Spectrum is a highly
acclaimed journal of school
research and information
provides readers with access to
research studies and reports
produced by administrators in
local school districts across the
nation. Produced quarterly by
the Educational Research
Services, Spectrum also
features practical research
conducted by the academic
community, as well as data
relevant to public school
operations produced outside the
field of education.               2000 Clarendon Boulevard

Edited for educators and
decision makers of grades K-20
as a guide to buying and
updating classroom technology.
Articles address the spread and
necessity of technology for
learning purposes, through
product information listings,
industry updates, and related
reports. Also covers grant
writing and funding, as well as
government legislation
regarding education.            7920 Norfolk Ave             Ste 900
ESM (Engineers and Scientists
of Milwaukee) News Milwaukee
is published every other month
and it's editorial mission is to
provide education to students in
math and science. The
publication is written for
volunteers and members of
Engineers and Scientists of
Milwaukee. The lead time for
ESM News Milwaukee is one
month. Deadline for the
publication is one month before 1515 West Wisconsin Avenue
issue date.                      Room 275

Focuses on the professional
development of TESOL
educators at all levels of
practice. Aims to inspire and
inform ESL and EFL teachers
and their professional
colleagues with enjoyable
articles on field-related issues.
Offers educators a forum for
writing about practices,
reflections, and perspectives.
Provides short compositions
about life as a TESOL educator
in the various contexts, essays
that encourage and provoke
thought about practice now as
well as in the future, abstract
articles that offer a new
perspective, reviews of every
means to professional
development, and association
news.                             700 S Washington St        Ste 200
ETFO Voice is the quarterly
magazine of the Elementary
Teachers' Federation of Ontario.
The publication provides
information regarding
professional development and
the latest relevant political
issues for the organization's     Elementary Teachers'       480 University Avenue, Suite
members.                          Federation of Ontario      1000
Written for administrators and
educators involved in the wide
array of special education
programs. Contains news and
ideas on developments in
special education research,
while also containing articles of
a critical nature about
prominent issues unique to the
subject.                            1110 N Glebe Rd       Ste 300

Exceptionality aims to be a
forum for presentation of
current research and
professional scholarship in
special education. Areas of
research published in the
journal include quantitative,
qualitative, and single-subject
research designs examining
students and persons with
exceptionalities, as well as
reviews of the literature,
discussion pieces, invited works,
position papers, theoretical
papers, policy analyses, and
research syntheses.               10 Industrial Avenue
Exceptionality Education
Canada's editorial mission is to
present current research and
theory and to identify emerging
trends and visions for the
education of students with
exceptionalities. The publication
is written for teachers and
researchers.                      550 University Avenue
FCE Today is a publication of
the National Association for
Family and Community
Education, which strengthens
individuals, families, and
communities through continuing
education, developing
leadership, and community
action. The newsletter, which is
distributed to members,
provides updates and news        73 Cavalier Boulevard Suite
about the association.           106

Official publication of the
Massachusetts Federation of
Teachers. Articles cover the
activities of the Federation as
well as the honors,
appointments and awards of its
members. Current educational
concerns on a state and
national level are analyzed.    38 Chauncy St                  Ste 402

Florida Journal of Anthropology
is a bi-annual publication of the
Florida Anthropology Student
Association of the University of
Florida. The Journal is dedicated
to the publication of articles
dealing with aspects of present
or past human behavior,
primate behavior, and human
biology. The Journal also
publishes special issues on an
irregular basis which focus on a
specific topic, or on a particular
scholar's contributions to
anthropology. Lead time varies.
Contact the publication for the
advertising rates and circulation 1112 Tulington Hall Room
information.                       B346
Serves as the official magazine
of the Florida Association of
School Business officials. Topics
covered include legislative
issues, industry trends and
association news and events.      5950 NW 1st Pl

From the Board Room is a
monthly publication of the
Vermont School Boards
Association. The newsletter
focuses on issues of education
and provides information about
administration and current
curriculum ideas for educators
in Vermont. From the Board
Room is written for Vermont
School Board members,
principals, and legislators. The   Two Prospect Street Suite
lead time is two weeks.            Four

German Quarterly is a quarterly
journal published by the
American Association of
Teachers of German. The
journal, first published in 1928,
offers literary and cultural
studies, as well as book
reviews, a forum section, and
special reports. The journal is
intended for teachers of German 112 Haddontowne Court
at all levels.                    Suite 104
Written by and for educators to
enhance environmental and
global education across the
curriculum at K-12 grade levels.
Intended to help teachers,
parents and other educators
promote environmental and
global awareness among young
people from kindergarten
through senior high school.
Each issue contains ideas for
rethinking education in light of
environmental and global
problems, reports of what
successful teachers, parents
and other youth educators are
doing, cross-curricular
activities, evaluations of new
books and games and
announcements.                   PO Box 452

Harvard Education Letter's
editorial mission is to publish
concise, accurate, thought-
provoking articles that
educators and parents can
understand and use. The
Harvard Education Letter is read
by school administrators,
teachers, policy makers,
university faculty, and other
educators. The Harvard
Education Letter reports,
interprets, and critiques new
research and innovative practice
in pre-K-12 education. The lead
time for Harvard Education
Letter is two months.
Advertising is not available.    Harvard Education Letter   Eight Story Street, Fifth Floor
The Harvard Educational Review
is a scholarly journal of opinion
and research in education. Its
mission is to provide an
interdisciplinary forum for
discussion and debate about
education's most vital issues.
Since its founding in 1930, the
Review has become one of the
most prestigious journals in
education, with a paid
circulation of over 10,000
policymakers, researchers,
administrators, and teachers.     8 Story Street

Designed to bring the diverse
viewpoints of Colorado residents
and educators together to foster
informed and productive
decisions on the education
policy in Colorado. Addresses
current issues affecting the
quality of education in Colorado
schools. Provides a catalyst for
putting good ideas into practice. 1410 Grant St               Ste A101

The History of Education
publishes refereed original
research, correspondence, and
major reviews of books on the
history of education, whether in
formal or informal settings.
Articles range from schooling at
different periods and the
teaching of specific subjects in
schools, universities and
colleges, to government policy,
administration, and              325 Chestnut Street Eighth
philosophies of education.       Floor

Written for middle school, high
school and college history
teachers. Features practical and
insightful professional analyses
of traditional and innovative
teaching techniques.             PO Box 1578
Serves as an alternative way to
teaching today's youth. Includes
teaching tips, resources, and
practical and spiritual
encouragement for all home
educators on topics such as the
arts, literature, history, and
science. Also contains advice on
homeschooling from parents
around the country.              PO Box 436

Aims to enhance learning, make
it fun, and boost student
performance through time-
saving, classroom-ready
teaching materials on the
subjects of science, math and
technology. Sections featured
include WebQuest,
Extraordinary People, Sci-Tech
on TV, GameWorks, Marshall
Brain Asks, and more.          3350 Peachtree Rd Ste 1500 1 Capital City Plaza

The Humane Educator is a
newsletter, published twice a
year, aimed at teachers and
others who work with children
in Canada. A publication of the
Canadian Federation of Humane
Societies, the publication aims
to encourage education of
animal welfare and humane
treatment of animals.           30 Concourse Gate Suite 102

Covers advancements in
education throughout the state
of Idaho as well as nationally.
Reports on legislative news and
current decisions.              PO Box 2638
Iggeret is an official newsletter
of the National Association of
Professors of Hebrew. The
publication's content includes
notes on NAPH meetings and
conferences, the scholarly
activities of NAPH members,
recent significant publications,
and current academic openings
and opportunities. All inquiries    1346 Van Hise Hall, 1220
should be directed to the           Linden Drive University of
assistant editor.                   Wisconsin-Madison

The Illinois School Board
Journal's editorial mission is to
provide the best and most up to
date issues facing school boards
in Illinois. Illinois School Board
Journal is written for public
school board members and
administrators. The lead time
for Illinois School Board Journal
is two to three months. The
deadline for Illinois School
board is one month before the
issue date.                        2921 Pajer Drive

The Illinois TESOL-BE
Newsletter is published
quarterly by Illinois TESOL-BE.
The newsletter is written for
individual teaching English to
speakers of other languages
and bi-lingual education. The
lead time for The Illinois TESOL-
BE Newsletter is six weeks.
Deadlines for the publication fall
on the 15th of the month
preceding publication.             3150, North Sheridan Road
Created as a forum for
exchange of information
regarding elementary and
secondary education with an
emphasis on independent
private education.                 1620 L St NW                  Ste 1100
Indiana English's editorial
mission is to inform and to
share approaches to teaching
English literature. The
publication is written for English Indiana English Department
teachers.                          of English

Information Searcher is an
education newsletter. The
publication covers education
news and events. IS focuses on
developing educational
technology and products. The
lead time for Information
Searcher varies. Deadlines also
vary. All inquiries should be
directed to the editor.
Information Searcher is also
available in an Internet format
known as Infosearcher.               14 Hadden Road
Insiders Report's editorial
mission is to educate teachers
and other concerned parties
about human and civil rights
abuses due to compulsory
unionism in education. This
publication is written for
members and contributors of
the National Right to Work
Foundation (NRTW). This
publication does not accept          8001 Braddock Road Suite
press releases.                      500
International Education is a
semi-annual scholarly journal
published by the University of
Tennessee at Knoxville. The
publication covers education
and has an approximate                                          College of Education, Health,
circulation of 350. Advertising is                              & Human Sciences, A302
not accepted.                        University of Tennessee    Claxton Addition
International Journal of
Educational Development is
written for educational
researchers in international and
comparative education,
planners, practitioners, and
administrators in, or concerned
with, developing countries. The
journal covers issues and
problems surrounding education
in third world countries through
articles, case studies, and
reports. Contact the publication
for the lead time, deadlines,
circulation information, and
advertising rates.               655 Avenue of the Americas

International Journal of
Educational Research is written
for educational researchers and
educational psychologists. The
journal published scholarly
articles that cover the
intellectual, social, and
economic development of
education in modern societies.
Circulation figures were
unavailable. For advertising
rates contact the publication.  655 Avenue Of The Americas
International Journal of
Instructional Media (IJIM) is a
quarterly journal written for
educators and students who
want to learn different forms of
media. The journal discusses
specific applications and
techniques for bringing the
advantages of a particular
instructional medium to bear on
a complete curriculum. Some of
the topics covered are:
computer technology; computer
mediated communications
including the Internet; distance
education including the
Internet, ITV, and video and
audio conferencing;
instructional media and
telecommunications; interactive
video, videodisc, and software
applications; instructional
media management;
instructional development and
systems; media research and
evaluation; and media research
and communications. IJIM does
not accept press releases at this
time. Contact the publication for
advertising and circulation       116 East 16th Street Fourth
information.                      Floor
The International Journal of
Mathematical Education in
Science and Technology
provides a medium by which a
wide range of experience in
mathematical education can be
presented, assimilated and
eventually adapted to everyday
needs in schools, colleges,
universities, industry and
commerce.                         325 Chestnut Street           Suite 800
Published as a hands-on, how-
to resource for teachers and
clinicians working with students
- especially those with learning
disabilities and behavior
disorders - for whom minor
curriculum and environmental
modifications are ineffective.
Serves as an innovative,
readable and invaluable journal
offering practical, useful ideas
ready for immediate
implementation.                  8700 Shoal Creek Blvd

Publication of the Indiana State
Teachers Association. Highlights
news regarding labor
developments and related
professional concerns to
educators throughout the state. 150 W Market St           Ste 900
JEGP, the Journal of English and
Germanic Philology, is a
quarterly journal written for
linguistic scholars all over the
world. The journal publishes
articles and reviews books in
the areas of English literature
and language, American
literature, and German and
Scandinavian languages and
literatures. JEGP does not
accept press releases at this
time. The journal does not
disclose its circulation figures. 1325 South Oak Street
JGE, which stands for Journal of
General Education, is a
quarterly journal written for
faculty, administrators, and
policy makers in education. The
journal discusses issues in
general education for
community colleges, four-year
colleges, universities, and state
systems. Some of the topics
include: innovative methods in
teaching and assessment,
profiles of exemplary general
education programs, case
studies of successful curriculum
development efforts, and
reviews of books and
monographs related to general
education. JGE does not accept 820 North University Drive
press releases at this time.      Suite C
JOPERD (The Journal of Physical
Education, Recreation, & Dance)
is the American Alliance for
Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, and Dance's
(AAHPERD) largest, most
frequently published, and most
wide-ranging periodical.
JOPERDís mission is to advance
the common goals and discrete
roles of HPERD (Health, Physical
Education, Recreation and
Dance) professionals who are
committed to improving the
quality of life through the
movement arts and sciences,
sport, and leisure. JOPERD is
published monthly (except in
July, with the May/June and
November/December issues
combined) by AAHPERD, a
nonprofit organization. JOPERD
is written for members of the
AAHPERD. Deadlines are one
month prior to issue date.       1900 Association Drive
Written for those who teach
reading in adolescent and adult
programs. Articles focus on
applied research, instructional
techniques, program
descriptions, training of
teachers, and professional
issues.                          PO Box 8139
Special Services in the Schools
is a journal published for
teachers, school counselors and
psychologists, nurses, social
workers, speech and language
clinicians, physical and
occupational therapists, school
supervisors, directors, and
administrators. The journal
provides practical information
that assists professionals in
performing the wide range of
service delivery tasks for which
they are responsible and for
which they must coordinate
their efforts, especially
assessment, instruction, related
services, personnel
development, and
administration. Circulation
figures are not available.       10 Alice Street

Written for art teachers and
professors. Examines
sociological, anthropological and
historical issues in relation to
art education. Covers topics in
multicultural education,
curriculum, perception,
aesthetics, evaluation and
student testing. Contains
commentary on art education
and book reviews.                 1916 Association Dr
Interdisciplinary academic
journal which presents articles
on Canadian history, society,
politics, economics,
environment, women, and
native studies.                   1600 West Bank Drive   Trent University
Serves the educational
community, federal and state
government officials, and the
public with the latest findings
regarding the retention of
students in higher education.
Presents a medium to exhibit
and explore the complex issue
of student retention and
attrition. Features articles
pertaining to current and new
theoretical constructs and
current research on student
retention and attrition in higher
education.                        PO Box 337

The Journal of Educational
Psychology is a quarterly
journal publishing articles
related to the study of learning,
cognition, instruction,
motivation, social issues,
emotion, development, students
with disabilities, individual
differences in teachers, and
individual differences in
learners. As stated by its
publisher, 'The main purpose of
the Journal of Educational
Psychology is to publish
original, primary psychological
research pertaining to education
at every educational level, from
interventions during early
childhood to educational efforts
directed at elderly adults. A
secondary purpose of the
Journal is the occasional
publication of exceptionally
important theoretical and
review articles that are directly
pertinent to educational
psychology.'                      750 First Street Northeast
The Journal of Educational
Research is a bimonthly journal
that contributes to the
advancement of educational
practice in elementary and
secondary schools and higher
education by careful study of
the latest trends. The journal is
a unique tool and resource for
teachers, counselors,
supervisors, administrators,
curriculum planners, and
educational researchers by
aiding in curriculum
development. Through concise
articles, contributors examine
new procedures, evaluate
traditional practices, and
replicate previous research for
validation; articles frequently
serve as curriculum guides. The
lead time and deadlines for this
publication vary. Contact the     1319 Eighteenth Street
journal for details.              Northwest

Written for teachers and those
people who educate consumers,
as well as businesses. Major
emphasis is given to family
economics & home
management, family relations &
child development, foods and
nutrition, household equipment,
housing & design, textiles and
clothing merchandising, urban
studies, community services
and business.                   400 N Columbus St
Serves a broad range of
practitioners and educators in
the university or college setting
as well as in the business
industry. Deals with all aspects
of leadership and organizations.
Intended to serve as a forum for
the expression of theory,
research and practice, with
special emphasis given to
emerging ideas, issues, trends,
and innovations. Geared to
bring together a recurring
reference work designed to
appeal to a national base of
individuals seeking the latest
materials, thoughts, sources,
and networking opportunities in
leadership education.             1116 W Bristol          Baker College
Published for researchers,
counselors and educators who
specialize in the field. Provides
a worldwide forum for diverse
theories, ideas and issues
exclusively in the field of
learning disabilities.
Contributions are submitted by
over 150 distinguished
consulting editors who
demonstrate competence in
areas such as language,
reading, mathematics, social
skills, assessment, parent
education, research design,
neurology, vision, medicine,
counseling, consultation and
administration.                   8700 Shoal Creek Blvd
Authoritative source for school
and college educators in sports,
physical education, leisure,
recreation and dance. Provides
readers with calendars of key
conventions and conferences,
news, and abstracts of research
and law cases. Feature articles
include current events, new
teaching methods, curriculum
developments and useful tips
and trends for both professional
and non-professional
consumers.                         1900 Association Drive
Targeted to all school leadership
professionals and
administrators. Peer-reviewed
articles address issues in theory
and practice, including
educational reform and
additional preparation
programs. Editorial content
covers the relationship between
leadership and teaching with
topics that include the social
and cultural contexts of
schooling and school renewal
and change.                        4501 Forbes Blvd         Ste 200
Written for science teachers and
scientists. Provides a wide
variety of papers aimed at
improving and enhancing
science education at all levels in
the United States. Original peer-
reviewed articles foster the
communication of new ideas
and research to correct the
problems that hinder scientific
instruction.                       233 Spring Street
Provides research articles in all
subspecialties of special
education for individuals with
disabilities ranging from mild to
severe. Editorial content
includes critical commentaries,
how advances in genetics affect
special education, intervention
studies, integrative reviews,
traditional, ethnographic and
single-subject research, topics
on families, transition,
technology, general/special
education interface, legislation,
and litigation. Also includes
special thematic issues on such
topics as disproportional
representation of minority
students in special education
and the implications for practice
of the reauthorization of IDEA. 8700 Shoal Creek Blvd

Endorsed by the Curriculum and
Instruction Academy of the
National Association of Sport &
Physical Education. Targeted
toward individuals involved in
physical education in higher
education. Forum to discuss the
teaching process and teacher
education in physical education.
Includes research articles based
on classroom and laboratory
studies, descriptive and survey
studies and current issues in
the field.                       PO Box 5076

Designed to keep Kentucky
educators informed of current
events in education both locally
and nationally, with special
emphasis on Kentucky's
educational happenings.          401 Capitol Ave
Created as a bilingual broad-
sheet newspaper. Provides
articles and news in English and
Spanish for the Indianapolis
Metropolitan area and includes
a calendar of events for the
area.                            PO Box 22056

Written for the education
community in the state of
Louisiana. Highlights association
news and activities, in addition
to general education news from
around the country.               PO Box 479

Serves as a vehicle for
interaction among a broad
community of scholars and
practitioners who investigate
language learning, including
language learning in infancy,
childhood, and across the
lifespan; language in both
typical and atypical populations
and in both native and second
language learning. Editorial
content pursues diverse
approaches to understanding all
aspects of language acquisition,
including biological social and
cross cultural influences, and
who employ experimental,
observational, ethnographic,
comparitive, neuroscientific,
and formal methods of
investigation.                   10 Industrial Ave

Established in 1997 and written
for teachers, senior
administrators, ESL and literacy
educators, teacher trainers and
course coordinators. Covers the
ever-changing landscape of
bilingual education, ESL and
foreign language teaching,
national policy decisions,
literacy, curriculum and testing
issues, language travel and
teacher training.                8533 W Sunset Blvd   Ste 202
LDA Newsbriefs is published
every other month by the
Learning Disabilities Association
of America. The periodical
features items of interest on
learning disabilities. LDA
Newsbriefs are written for
teachers, therapists, and those
interested in learning
disabilities.                     4156 Library Road
A newsletter serving the
Saskatchewan Association of
Teachers of French (SATF), is
dedicated to improving the
instruction of French, and to
bettering students'
understanding of French and       Saskatchewan Teachers'
French-Canadian cultures.         Federation               2317 Arlington Avenue

Designed and edited for school
administrators who must stay
abreast of educational
developments, management
and personnel practices, social
attitudes and issues which
impact schools. Each issue
carriers case studies,
interviews, commentaries, or
research summaries selected to
interest and inform practitioners
working at various grade levels
and each administrative
specialty.                        1517 L St
Designed to serve student
leaders, activity advisers and
administrators in secondary
schools nationwide and
internationally. Addresses all
non-athletic activities at the
middle and high school levels,
including spirit and service
groups, academic clubs, debate,
drama, journalism, music,
speech, honor societies, and
student council. Deals with the
problems and issues confronting
student groups today, and
serves as a resource for student
leaders throughout the country. 1904 Association Dr

Published as a buyers guide for
K-6 grade teachers, school
administrators, and education
professionals. Content
showcases the best in
educational and learning
products, including literature,
language arts and crafts, math,
science, social studies,
professional development,
language arts, and computer-
related items. Features updates
on software, hardware and
Internet developments geared
towards education.               3515 W Market St
Learning and Individual
Differences is a quarterly
journal published primarily for
educators and counselors. The
journal is devoted to providing
articles that make a substantial
contribution to an
understanding of individual
differences within an
educational context. Contact the
publication for the lead time,
deadlines, circulation
information, and advertising
rates.                           655 Avenue Of The Americas
Learning Disabilities's editorial
mission is to be dedicated to a
world in which all individuals
with learning disabilities are
empowered to thrive and
participate fully in society. The
publication is written for
parents and professionals
working with people with
learning disabilities.            4156 Library Road
A 4-page tabloid circulated to
province's school councils.
Features information of interest
to parents and teachers working
together for the benefit of
children.                         11010-142 Street NW

Written for homeschooling
families passionate about
learning. Aims to help those
families by supplying them with
subject material. Each issue
contains a historical title theme,
15 or more articles for the
entire family, two complete
literature study guides, arts and
craft projects, hands-on
activities, pre-school section,
discussion and essay questions,
book and video suggestions for
every topic, and Web links for
related activities.                PO Box 110129

Published for novice and
veteran homeschoolers,
homeschooling consultants and
wholistic education
professionals. Provides
information about unschooling,
home-based, self-directed
learning, how children learn on
their own without being taught
and how adults can help them.     PO Box 112
Provides articles on education
and problems of state & local
interest to Maine teachers.       35 Community Dr
Provides practical and legal
guidance you need to create a
safe environment. Includes
helpful tips, how-to-articles,
pert advice and moore - to help
ensure safety in schools.
Dedicated to providing news
about student risk factors,
discipline, drug prevention,
crisis intervention, behavior
management, peer mediation,
and more.                       360 Hiatt Dr

Serves as a publication that
helps school business officials
develop solutions to the
problems they face on a day-to-
day basis. Readers get practical
guidance and field-tested ideas
they can apply today. Addresses
these and other difficult
questions: How will site based
management affect your
district's school business office?
How effective are your
employee background screening
procedures? How can you
prevent food service fraud in
your school district?              360 Hiatt Dr
Emphasizes education in
Manitoba. Emphasis on
teachers' interests.               191 Harcourt Street

MASA Fortnighter is a
newsletter written for Michigan
school administrators. The
newsletter, published every
other week, provides legislative
updates, news releases,
announcements, and
association information. MASA
Fortnighter covers neither
teacher issues nor private
schools. The publication does
not accept advertisements.       1001 Centennial Way     Suite 300
This is an official publication of
the Massachusetts Association
of School Committees. Edited
particularly for those who make
purchasing and policy decisions
for the Massachusetts public
school system. Provides
important guidance and
expertise to its members and
serves to communicate the
school committee perspective to
government leaders, the media,
administrative agencies and
other education-related
associations.                      1 McKinley Sq          2nd Fl

Official publication of the
Massachusetts Association of
School Committees. Edited
particularly for those who make
purchasing and policy decisions
for the Massachusetts public
school system. Articles highlight
the current challenges in the
public schools and discuss
possible solutions.               177 State St            Ste 2

The MASTER Teacher is a
weekly newsletter written for
teachers and administrators.
Each publication includes a
feature article, which provides
teachers with information,
skills, and techniques to be
successful in the classroom, as
well as tips, inspirational     Leadership Lane, PO Box
quotes, and points to ponder.   1207
Written to inform Montana
educators and association
members of education news and
legislative matters that affect
them. Also includes information
on current members, health
care, state government,
programs and resources
available.                      1232 E 6th Ave
Official publication of the
Michigan Education Association.
Written for K-12 teachers,
community college and
university faculty, and
education support personnel
throughout the state of
Michigan. Highlights association
news and activities as well as
educational and legislative
issues affecting schools.        PO Box 2573
Devoted to the practical
applications of educational
multimedia technologies.
Provides information for K-12
librarians, media specialists,
superintendents, principals,
curriculum directors and
teachers. Focuses on
multimedia tools, computer
hardware and software,
laserdiscs, CD-ROM,
presentation equipment,
courseware, and library
automation systems.              1429 Walnut St

Written for Minnesota public
school teachers from pre-
kindergarten through graduate
school, as well as school
employees. Focuses on methods
and advice for educators,
legislative issues affecting
education, and also provides
professional advocacy on
matters of health and
continuing education.           41 Sherburne Ave
Focuses on information about
people, programs and activities
of both the Association and
government for all levels of
education in the state of
Mississippi.                    775 N State St
Contains professional articles
for school administration
emphasizing outstanding
programs, research and ideas in
education.                      1077 30th St NW    Ste 100
The mission of Montessori is to
provide basic information and
referrals about Montessori to
the inquiring public schools,
parents, libraries, and referral
agencies. The target audience is
parents considering sending
their children to a Montessori
school. The lead time varies.    281 Park Avenue, South

The Montessori Observer is the
official newsletter of the
International Montessori
Society. The publication strives
to improve the understanding of
Montessori education and help
to improve Montessori teaching
skills. The four page newsletter
is mailed four times each year
to Society members throughout
the world. The Observer
provides current news and
information about the progress
of the Society's work. Each
issue also explores some
specific substantive topic
relating to the effective
application of Montessori
principles. The publication is
written for parents, teachers
and members of the
International Montessori
Society.                         8115 Fenton St           Ste 304
Provides current news in
education throughout the state
of Massachusetts, as well as on
the national level.              20 Ashburton Pl
NABE News is the bimonthly
magazine for the National
Association for Bilingual
Education (NABE), which is a
dynamic non-profit membership
organization headquartered in
our nation's capital. NABE is the
only professional organization
at the national level wholly
devoted to representing both
the interests of language-
minority students and the
bilingual education
professionals who serve them.
The lead time for NABE News is
two months.                       1030 15th St NW         Ste 470

Official newsletter of the
National Art Education
Association. Reaches a
membership of elementary and
secondary school art teachers,
district art supervisors, college
and university art teachers,
libraries, and those who
purchase art materials,
equipment, publications and
supplies for school art
programs. Includes art
education news, features,
reports and photographs.            1916 Association Dr
The National Association of
Private Special Education
Centers (NAPSEC) News is
published quarterly and
provides information to
members about the
organization and member
programs. NAPSEC is a non-
profit association whose mission
is to represent private special
education programs and
affiliated state associations and
to ensure access for individuals
to appropriate private special
education programs and
services as vital components of
the special education
continuum. The publication is
written for members of NAPSEC. 1522 K Street NW            Suite 1032

NASPE News is the official
newsletter of the National
Association for Sport and
Physical Education (NASPE),
which is a nonprofit professional
organization comprised of
individuals engaged in the study
of human movement and the
delivery of sport and physical
activity programs. Through its
members as well as corporate
and public partnerships, NASPE
develops and supports quality
sport and physical activity
programs that promote healthy
behaviors and individual well-
being. The lead time for NASPE
News is one month. Deadlines
for the publication are set at
one month prior to the issue
date. Contact the editor for
advertising rates.                1900 Association Drive
National Monitor Of Education is
a monthly newsletter which
provides an informational
resource for parents and
educators of school-aged
children and others interested in
the education system. The
newsletter evaluates
curriculum, teaching styles, and
many other areas of education. PO Box 402

Published for members of the
Biological Sciences Curriculum
Study. Content reports on new
programs, personnel
announcements, grants,
professional development
activities, convention highlights
and science education issues.     5415 Mark Dabling Blvd

NBTA News covers news and
events pertinent to members of
the New Brunswick Teacher's
Association. The publication is
written in English. The
publication is written for
members and related
educational groups. The lead
time for NBTA News is six to
eight weeks. Deadlines for the
publication are three weeks
before issue date.              PO Box 752

Provides reports for educators
on the state of education in
North Carolina. Includes
information on private and
public educational systems and
a wide range of issues affecting
educators, administrators and
policymakers.                    PO Box 27347
Learning Point is published
quarterly by the North Central
Regional Educational Laboratory
(NCREL) for principals,
teachers, curriculum directors,
librarians, and other education
professionals in the North
Central United States. The
publication covers educational
policy, strategies and programs
for improving school practice,
and technological resources.
The magazine provides research-
based information, educational
material, and other tools of use
to educators, policymakers, and
communities within the region.
Circulation figures were not
available. Advertisements are    1120 East Diehl Road, Suite
not accepted by the publication. 200

Dedicated to the professional
development of mathematics
teachers. Reports on programs,
products, activities and
opportunities for math and
science teachers. Covers related
legislation briefs, news updates,
calendar of events, and listings
of contests for mathematics
education teachers.               1906 Association Dr

NEA New Hampshire Educator is
published every other month.
Its purpose is to provide
education news and research to
teachers in New Hampshire. The
publication is written for
teachers. The lead time for NEA
New Hampshire Educator varies. 103 North State Street
Written for teachers and other
professionals in education,
including policy makers, school
officials and leaders of
educational organizations.
Content includes successful
classroom practices, public
education, trends and issues in
modern education techniques,
education in the news, and
health and consumer tips for
readers' personal lives.          1201 16th St NW

The Northeast Conference on
the Teaching of Foreign
Languages (NECTFL) assists
language teachers at all
academic levels and enhances
the status of languages and
language teaching in the eyes
of the American public. NECTFL
Review addresses the concerns
of instructors, researchers, and
administrators at all educational
levels. The semi-annual
publication encourages the
submission of articles on theory,
research, and classroom
practice in language teaching.
Articles may discuss methods
and strategies, research,
materials and curriculum
development, the teaching of
literature and culture,
assessment, learner variables,
teacher education, policy and
issues, distance learning, and
the use of technology in the
classroom, among other topics
in language education. The lead
time is at least six months.
Press releases are not generally PO Box 1773 Dickinson
accepted.                         College
Provides reports on the
advancement of education in
the state and the nation. Also
discusses the promotion of the
welfare of educators.            103 N State St
Contains articles on health,
educations, legislation and
welfare of interest to parents
and educators.                   900 Berkeley Ave

New Mexico Progress is a
quarterly newsletter published
by The New Mexico School for
the Deaf. The publication
provides news and event
information to local school
districts that serve the deaf and
hard-of-hearing students and
professionals working with the
deaf. Progress also provides
updated information on
audiological, educational,
speech, language, socio-
emotional, vocational, and
occupational and physical
therapy in the deaf community.
The publication is written for
students, alumni, and faculty of
the New Mexico School for the
Deaf. Lead time for submissions
varies. Contact the publication
for circulation and advertising
information.                      1060 Cerrillos Road

Official publication of the
NYSUT, and is an indispensable
source of news and other
information for public school
teachers, principals, guidance
counselors, department
chairpersons, school secretaries,
teacher aides and retired
teachers. Coverage includes
legislation, innovations in
teaching and education, and
health and labor news.            800 Troy Schenectady Rd
Written for educators from
elementary to university who
work in the city of New York.
Covers state & city legislation,
innovations in teaching
methods, and discusses the
problems and challenges of
inner-city teaching.               52 Broadway
Published by International
School Services (ISS) during
the school year for teachers and
administrators at more than
500 international schools.
Features news from different
schools, updates on staff and
faculty members, trends in
education and other current
information.                       PO Box 5910
Reports on the actions of the
New Jersey Education
Association and its affiliates
throughout the country.            PO Box 1211
Professional education
magazine published for New
Jersey public school and college
teachers as well as
administrators and non-
teaching school employees.
Coverage includes education
news in New Jersey and the
nation.                            PO Box 1211

NLTA Bulletin is the newsletter
of the Newfoundland and
Labrador Teacher's Association.
It is usually published eight
times a year and provides
updates regarding the
organization for its members.   3 Kenmount Road

Northbound's is a publication to
educate teachers and the public
about natural resource issues
and topics. The publication is
written for middle school and
high school teachers.            PO Box 609
The Northwest Report is
published bi-monthly by the
Northwest Regional Education
Laboratory (NWREL) for
educators in the northwest
United States. The newsletter
provides members with news
and information about research
and development in education,
government, community
agencies, business, and labor in
Alaska, Idaho, Montana,          101 Southwest Main Street,
Oregon, and Washington.          Suite 500

Notes for ESL is a quarterly
newsletter published by the
English as a Second Language
Provincial Specialist Association,
a division of the BC Teachers'
Federation. The newsletter
covers ESL issues concerning
British Columbia students and
public school teachers.            David Livingston Elementary 315 East 23rd Avenue

Notos, Journal of the
Intercultural and Second
Languages Council (ISLC), is
published twice a year. The
journal includes theoretical and
practical articles on language
teaching and learning in
intercultural studies. Circulation
information was not available.
The journal does not accept        Mount Royal College, 4825
advertising.                       Richard Road

Nouvelles is a French-language
monthly newsletter for teachers
in New Brunswick. Contact the
publication by phone, fax, or
mail.                           CP 712

For teachers from K-12, and
professors at both college and
university. Covers debates
taking place in both the Quebec
society in general and the field
of education in particular.      9405 ave Sherbrooke Est
Official publication of the
Nebraska State Education
Association. Provides coverage
of all aspects of public school
teaching and education in
Nebraska.                         605 S 14th St

NSEE Quarterly is the official
journal of the national Society
for Experiential Education. The
Quarterly keeps members
informed about issues in
experiential education, program
models, publications, research,
and professional development
opportunities. All inquiries
should be directed to the editor. 9001 Braddock Road   Suite 380
NSSBA Matters! is the official
quarterly newsletter for the
Novia Scotia School Boards
Association. The NSSBA's is
'dedicated to excellence in
public education for students by
providing services to member
school boards.'                   95 Victoria Road

Written for member companies
involved in the school market
industry, including suppliers of
educational items, distributors
of educational items to
consumers and service
providers. Provides the latest
news concerning National
School Supply and Equipment
Association (NSSEA) shows and
activities, with the most recent
happenings in the school
market, company
and newest product
announcements. Only NSSEA
members may submit new
product releases and
management news for
publication.                     8380 Colesville Rd    Ste 250
Official source for news and
information of interest to
science educators. Features
include updates on issues and
legislation related to science
teaching, information on
educational materials, program
announcements for students
and teachers, and information
about NSTA's conventions.        1840 Wilson Blvd

NTU Bulletin is a newsletter
written for members of the
Newark Teachers Union (NTU).
The newsletter covers current
school system information in
New Jersey as well as national
education information.           1019 Broad Street

The OAH Magazine of American
History is a quarterly magazine
written for historians and high
school level history teachers.
Each issue of the magazine
focuses on a theme or topic of
recent scholarship in American
history, and provides readers
with informative articles, lesson
plans, and current
historiography. OAH Magazine
Of History does not accept
unsolicited manuscripts for
publication. The content for
each issue is commissioned
privately by that issue's guest
editor. The lead time is three
months. Deadline is two weeks
before issue date.                112 North Bryan Avenue
Written as the membership
publication of the Ohio
Education Association. Designed
as a useful tool helping
educators to understand and
improve their work. Editorial
consists of news and features
pertaining to education, both
nationally and statewide, and
Association activities. Emphasis
is given to material that helps
members perform their jobs
more effectively and creatively,
protect their employment rights
and ensure their health and
safety.                          PO Box 2550

The Oklahoma PTA Today
magazine is published quarterly
by the Parent Teacher
Association (PTA) of Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma PTA strives to
make sure that they speak in
one voice for every child. The
publication does not accept
press releases and advertising
at this time. Oklahoma PTA
Today welcomes editorial
submissions. They are
specifically interested in
receiving articles about
children, child advocacy, and
legislation affecting children.
Contact the editor for more
information regarding
submissions. The publication
does not have a set deadline
schedule. Lead times vary       2801 North Lincoln
depending on topic.             Boulevard Suite 214

The Old English Newsletter
provide news and reports of
developments in the field of
teaching and research of Anglo-
Saxon studies. The quarterly
publication is written for                                  Medieval Institute
medieval history students,                                  Publications, 1903 West
scholars, and instructors.      Western Michigan University Michigan Avenue
Written for families who
homeschool their children and
catered toward the mainstream
homeschooling community.
Provides articles and interviews
and includes the 'movers and
shakers' of individualized
education.                       PO Box 185
Covers the news of the New
York Public School System.
Chronicles education-related
topics and legislation that
affects students, educators and
administrators within the
system.                          24 Century Hill Dr               Ste 200

On The Move, the publication
serving the Saskatchewan
Physical Education Association
(SPEA), is published three times
a year. The editorial staff is only
reachable during the months
spanning September to June. All
inquiries should be sent to the     Saskatchewan Teachers'
editor via mail.                    Federation                    2317 Arlington Avenue

Ontario Federation of Home &
School Association Bulletin is a
quarterly publication published
by the Ontario Federation of
Home & School Association. It
covers general information on
the federation itself. It strives
for 'the best for each student.'
Contact the publication by
phone, fax, or mail.                446 Grey Street               Suite 202

Orbit is a quarterly magazine
dedicated to schools and
education. Each issue focuses
on a theme from literacy
assessment to education
reform. It features latest
research, major challenges,
issues, and offers tips and
solutions for professional
educators, teachers, principals,
consultants, and                    252 Bloor Street West Suite
superintendents.                    12-120
OTF/FEO Interaction is an online
publication for educators and
PTA members in Ontario. The
newsletter is published
quarterly.                       1300 Yonge Street               Suite 200

Official publication of the
National PTA which provides
information on preschool-grade
12 education to parents and
PTA members. Also contains
articles on creating safe and
nurturing environments for
children and youth, information
to help PTA leaders become
effective advocates for parent
involvement, and a legislative
section highlighting support for
public education. Addresses
topics such as membership
recruitment, leadership,
volunteerism, family concerns,
siblings, recreation and health. 541 N Fairbanks Ct              Ste 1300

Established in July 2001 and
written for teachers and home-
schoolers. Intended for
teachers' use with students.
Integrates technology into the
classroom by offering creative,
standards-driven activities and
projects that encourage hands-
on involvement from children of
all ages. Provides cross-
curricular activities and
creative, 3-D assessment tools. PO Box 5170

The Peabody Journal of
Education publishes articles
about education and human
development. Editorial
contributions come from social
scientists, humanists,
practitioners, and policymakers.
There is an emphasis on case     Lawrence Erlbaum
studies that demonstrate the     Associates, Inc 10 Industrial
development of theory.           Ave
Pennsylvania Administrator is
biannual magazine published by
the Pennsylvania Associations of
Elementary and Secondary
School Principals. The
publication is written for
PAESSP members, state-level
educational organizations,
deans of administrative
programs, and related
organizations.                   122 Valley Road

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
Newsletter's editorial mission is
to support and encourage home
schooling by helping them to do
a better job. The publication is
written for families who home
school their children. The
publication does not accept ads. RR 2 Box 117
Perspective's editorial mission is
to promote the teaching and
learning of Latin America and its
culture in U.S. schools and
colleges.                          PO Box 620754

Perspectives is published
quarterly by the International
Dyslexia Association. The
organization's mission is to
'actively promote effective
teaching approaches and
related clinical educational
intervention strategies for
dyslexics; [to] support and
encourage interdisciplinary
study and research; [and to]
facilitate the exploration of the
causes and early identification
of dyslexia, and [be] committed
to the responsible and wide
dissemination of research-based
knowledge.' The newsletter
provides members with news
and information about the                            8600 LaSalle Road, Suite
organization.                     Chester Building   382
Edited for educators at all levels
in leadership positions. Major
articles deal with policy
questions, issues, problems,
new developments and trends,
research and opinions.
Departments includes research,
education news from
Washington and the states, new
technology, and legal matters. PO Box 789
Preventing School Failure is a
quarterly journal for educators
dealing with children of learning
disabilities and behavioral
disorders. The journal focuses
on programs and practices to
assist in the success of the
children's education and
learning.                          1319 Eighteenth Street NW

Edited for elementary and
middle school principals as well
as others who are interested in
education. Editorial focus is on
educational developments and
trends, curriculum,
administrative methods,
legislative issues that affect
schools, and social issues that
impact the learning process.     1615 Duke St
This publication emphasizes the
National School Public Relations
Association mission of
advancing education through
responsible communication.
This newsletter provides
practical help to school
principals and other building-
level leaders. Includes a
planning calendar and tip
sheets that help many to
effectively improve
communication at the
community level.                 15948 Derwood Rd
Pro Principal is a quick, easy-to-
read, 12-page publication that
helps principals network with
other principals from across the
U.S. and Canada. Problems
faced every day on the job are
addressed in Pro Principal; and
then solutions used successfully
by other principals are
described. Features include
success strategies for cutting
costs and raising dollars and
support for schools. The
publication also reports on how
administrators stretch dollars
farther in these days of tight
budgets; improve teacher,
student, and parent
relationships; help at-risk
children; handle parent
problems; and increase student
attendance.                        200 Orchard Ridge Drive
The Professional Educator,
published semiannually, is
devoted to the discussion of
developments, issues, and
trends in teacher education and
in the professional development 3084 Haley Center Auburn
of teachers.                       University

Professional School Counseling
journal communicates the latest
theories, research, practices,
techniques, materials, and ideas
to assist school counseling
professionals at all levels in
their professional development.
Additionally, it strengthens
bonds among school counselors
and helps maintain a shared
awareness of the roles,
problems, and progress of
school counseling at various
settings and levels. The
publication does not accept      801 North Fairfax Street
advertisements.                  Suite 310
Written for all certified teachers
involved in Ontario's education
system, including elementary
and secondary school teachers,
supervisors, and administrative
staff. Provides a forum for
discussion of issues relevant to
the future of teaching and
learning, teachers' professional
learning and standards of
practice.                          121 Bloor St East

Presents a forum of opinion,
research and articles on current
events and issues in education
for the Pennsylvania School
Board's Association members.
Contains news and information
for school directors and
administrators statewide.        774 Limekiln Rd
PTA In Pennsylvania Bulletin's
editorial mission is to inform
members as to what the PA PTA
(Pennsylvania PTA) is doing and
provides tips to local PTA
chapters. The publication is
written for members of the PA
PTA.                             4804 Derry Street
The PTA South Carolina Parent-
Teacher Bulletin is a newsletter
published by the South Carolina
Congress of Parents and
Teachers. The newsletter,
published every two months,
covers news and events
happening on various PTA
committees, as well as,
conferences and conventions. It
is written for members of the
organization as well as PTA
presidents and school
principals.                      1826 Henderson Street
Established in June 1999 and
serves as a connection between
parent group leaders and parent
group marketers. Provides the
expertise parent group leaders
need and the programs and
services that can help those
parent group leaders help their
schools, creating a connection
to all K-8 parent group leaders,
regardless of parent group
acronym.                         200 Stonewall Blvd            Ste 6A

Written for teachers, school
board members, and those
involved in the Montessori
schools. Provides news and
information to the Montessori
educational centers and schools
across the United States.       2933 N 2nd St
Quality Teaching is published
twice a year by the National
Council for Accreditation of
Teacher Education. The
newsletter provides educators
and legislators with news and
information about teaching      2010 Massachusetts Avenue,
quality.                        NW Suite 500

The Quarterly is an official
publication of the National
Writing Project. The professional
journal provides thought-
provoking and inspiring articles
on exemplary teaching practices
and cutting-edge education        University of California 2105
issues.                           Bancroft Way, #1042
Reaches out to parents and
those interested in education in
Quebec and Canada. Articles
include health, safety, social
issues, etc.                      3285 Cavendish Blvd           Suite 560
Targets those in the physical
activity field in higher
education. Examines critical
issues facing physical
educators, but also research
developments in the sport
sciences and other sub-
disciplines of human movement.
Presents theoretical
explorations to applied studies,
both of which synthesize
research to help advance the
physical activity field.         1607 N Market St

Read All About It is the official
newsletter of Reading is
Fundamental (RIF). The bi-
monthly publication covers RIF
news and events. RAAI also
reports news on the fight
against illiteracy and
improvements in the education
system. The lead time for Read      1825 Connecticut Avenue,
All About It is three months.       Northwest                  Suite400

Reading Research Quarterly is
peer-reviewed professional
research journal for those
committed to scholarship on
questions of literacy among
learners of all ages. RRQ
supports the spirit of inquiry
that is essential to the ongoing
development of literacy
research, and provides a forum
for multidisciplinary research,
alternative modes of
investigation, and variant
viewpoints about the nature of
literacy practices and policies of
diverse groups of persons
around the world. The
publication does not accept
press releases, advertisements, 800 Barksdale Road PO Box
and editorial submissions.         8139
Reclaiming Children and Youth:
Journal of Strength-Based
Interventions is published
quarterly for teachers, parents,
and researchers. The journal's
main focus is to bring practical
solutions to the most pressing
problems of troubled children
and youth at risk. Articles
present leading-edge, research-
validated strategies for use with
young people in conflict with
school, family, or community
and identifies problems as
opportunities for teaching pro-
social behavior and values.
Topic issues target timely
subjects such as rage and
aggression, courage for troubled
girls, and teaching resilience
and responsibility. The lead
time and editorial deadline
varies.                           PO Box 57
Reflections is the quarterly
journal of the Society for
Organizational Learning. The
journal aims to provide a public
forum where researchers,
consultants, and managerial
practitioners can learn together
how knowledge and skill are
generated, disseminated, and
utilized.                         25 1st St   Ste 414
Targeted to educators,
psychologists, clinicians and
other professionals interested in
the education of students
requiring remedial and special
education services. Features
cover interdisciplinary
scholarship that bridges the gap
between theory and practice
involving the education of
individuals for whom typical
instruction is not effective.
Emphasis is on topical reviews,
syntheses of research, field
evaluation studies and
recommendations for the
practice of remedial and special
education.                        8700 Shoal Creek Blvd

Report on Literacy Programs is
a bi-weekly newsletter. The
publication provides regular
features on changes in the
literacy field such as programs
being tested by educators and
businesses to solve problems in
their states, important meetings
and conferences, grants,
contracts and allotments as
they're announced. The
newsletter covers all aspects of
literacy, including its
relationship to job skills
development, language
acquisition by immigrants, GED,
and vocational programs. The
lead time varies. Contact the
publication for the latest
advertising rates and circulation
information.                      8737 Colesville Road    Suite 1100
Research in the Teaching of
English is a quarterly journal
aimed at English teachers.
Coverage includes teaching
techniques, research about
general learning trends, and
research regarding literature
and grammar. Contact the
publication for advertising
information. The publication
does not publish an editorial
calendar.                        1111 West Kenyon Road

Written for members of the
National Staff Development
Council. Focuses on education
issues. Articles cover school
improvement, organizational
planning, training, managing
change and other related topics. 1128 Nottingham Road

Results In Class is an official
publication of the Oklahoma
State Department of Education.
The publication, written for
teachers in the state, provides
news and information about the
field of education, as well as
updates on the happenings of                             2500 North Lincoln
the Department of Education.    Oliver Hodge Building    Boulevard

Established in 1986 and written
for educators and activists in
the U.S. whose priority is high-
quality, anti-racist, social
justice education. As a journal
of education reform, it brings
experienced classroom voices to
the forefront of the education
debate. Editorial content
includes innovative teaching
ideas, listings of valuable
resources, and analyses of
important policy issues such as
vouchers and marketplace-
oriented reforms, funding equity
and standards and testing.       1001 E Keefe Ave
Review of Educational
Research's editorial mission is
to inform members of the
American Educational Research
Association on research and
related developments in various
educational fields. The
publication is written for
members of the American
Educational Research
Association.                         1230 17th Street, NW
Revue des Sciences de
l'…ducation is a journal
dedicated to the field of
education. It is published in
French, with summaries in
English, Spanish, and German.
Contact the journal by e-mail,       CP 6128, succursale Centre-
phone, fax, or mail.                 ville
Risk Management in Canadian
Education is a quarterly
newsletter that provides
updates on educational
management law in Canada. It
covers the legal issues
surrounding educational risks,
such as violence in schools,
child abuse, and sexual
harassment. The editorial
deadline varies. Contact the
publication for latest advertising
rates and circulation
information.                         75 Clegg Road

SAANYS Says is written for
school administrators across
New York state. SAANYS Says is
a publication of the School
Administrators Association of
New York State.                Albany Airport Park                 Eight Airport Park Boulevard
Presents a practical approach to
management problems for
grade-school through high
school band and orchestra
directors. Highlights successful
school programs, innovative
teaching methods, as well as
surveys and new product
reviews designed to aid and
inform the teaching
professional. Also includes a
state-by-state calendar of
events, personnel
appointments, performance and
appearance opportunities and
guest editorials from
personalities in music, teaching
and performing arts fields.      50 Brook Rd

SCEA (South Carolina Education
Association) Emphasis is
published 10 times per year for
members of the SCEA. It has an
editorial mission to serve as the
leading advocate of public
schools in South Carolina. The
lead time is one month. The
editorial deadline is one month
prior to the issue date.          421 Zimalcrest Drive

Focuses on helping today's
school administrators and
education technology leaders in
their efforts to improve the
management of schools. Articles
provide insight into effective
school technology and
management strategies used by
leading school districts and
cover a wide range of topics
including educational
leadership, appropriate uses of
technology, student
achievement, professional
development and school
funding.                        557 Broadway
Edited to provide articles of
general interest to public school
teachers in Missouri. Coverage
includes service, research and
innovations in Missouri,
teaching techniques, state
regulations and community
information.                      PO Box 458

Edited for public school district
superintendents, central-office
administrators and those
directly involved in the
application of the school
district's budget. Discusses the
latest news and developments
in the area of K-12 education.
Also profiles successful
educational administrators and
leadership trends.                801 N Quincy St              Ste 700
Published for members of the
National School Boards
Association, content focuses on
promoting local leadership in
education. Editorial provides
legislation updates, innovative
ideas being used to support
education, and grant and
funding reports.                  1680 Duke St
School Board Notes's is to
encourage and assist all
movements for the
improvement of public school
education for the children of our
state. School Board Notes is
written for parents of students
within the New Jersey school
districts.                        413 West State Street #909
Written for school business
officials responsible for
accounting, funding sources,
finance, facility management,
management techniques, pupil
transportation, food service and
purchase and distribution of
products and services in the
educational market. Regular
features include budgeting,
technology and risk
management.                      11401 North Shore Dr

School Health Alert's editorial
mission is to keep school nurses
and other interested health
professionals up-to-date on the
latest developments in student
health services, health
education and safe school
environment. School Health
Alert is written for school nurses
and other interested health
professionals. The lead time for
School Health Alert is one
month. Deadlines for School
Health Alert are the 15th of
every month before issue date.
Advertising is not available.      PO Box 150127
Official publication of the New
Jersey School Boards
Association. Analyzes
educational reform on a
statewide basis and the role of
each school board in this
reform. Chronicles the influence
of pending legislation and social
change on the world of
academia.                          PO Box 909
Reports on public education
policy issues, legislative
activity, and notable events.
Distributed to virtually every
local school official, the General
Assembly, the Pennsylvania
Congressional Delegation, state
and national agencies, and the
news media.                        774 Limekiln Road

Source of information for
construction, facilities, business
and technology professionals
serving the K-12 education
market. Includes solution-
oriented feature articles and
special reports concerning the
following topics: Current
research on issues facing school
district administrators; news,
trends and legislation; facility
planning; safety and security;
issues facing urban schools;
maintenance and operations;
business and finance; learning
environment; building
blueprints; product
applications; and, thought
provoking issues surrounding
the challenges of school
administrators.                    2621 Dryden Rd      Ste 300
Written for legislative policy
makers, educators,
administrators, activists, and
buyers and decision makers in
the private school industry.
Editorial focuses on issues that
effect private schools and other
education alternatives,
including legislation on tax
credits and vouchers. Also
provides information for
teachers and commentary from
government and education
reform leaders.                    19 S La Salle St    Ste 903
Designed as a resource to help
school administrators set up
policies to run schools better,
minimize risk, and avoid
liability. Addresses subjects
such as how to discipline
students, handle students with
disabilities, deal with difficult
parents, handle thorny labor
issues, and get the best deals
from contractors and vendors.
Also covers 'working tools' -
model policies, letters, forms
and more - to help get the job
done better, faster, and with
fewer hassles.                      149 5th Ave             Fl 16
Dedicated to providing key
decision makers with
information, tools and
techniques necessary to locate
and secure funding for school
technology programs.                7920 Norfolk Ave        Ste 900

School Trustee is the official
publication of the Saskatchewan
School Trustees Association. It
includes articles, interviews,
and columns addressed to
school board members. The
deadline for contributions is two
weeks before the issue date.
Circulation figures were
unavailable. The publication      2222 Thirteenth Avenue,
does not accept advertising.      Suite 400

School Age Notes's editorial
mission is to develop and
provide technical assistance
concerning children and youths
in out of school settings. The
publication is written for after-
school program directors.
Deadlines for the publication
are two months before issue
date. This publication does not
accept advertising.                 PO Box 40205
Targeted to art teachers and
professors in all areas of
education. Provides
instructional resources for art
activities, new crafting
methods, project ideas and
general curriculum
developments.                     50 Portland St

Offers an array of creative
science projects and curriculum
ideas for the K-12 classroom
teacher. Articles cover a wide
range of topics in the biological,
physical, environmental, and
behavioral sciences. Includes
news on exhibits, films, videos
and contests, computer
updates, classroom aids, and
book reviews. Offers creative,
inexpensive and engaging
activities to help teachers, teach
science process skills along with
content, guide students in
inquiry learning and integrate
math, reading, history, art and
tecnology with science.            1319 18th St NW
Created for Science educators,
researchers in science
education, state departments of
education, supervisors of
science education programs,
and chairpersons of high school
science departments. Provides
articles on the latest issues and
trends occurring internationally
in science curriculum,
instruction, learning, policy and
preparation of science teachers
with the aim to advance our
knowledge of science education
theory and practice. Features
the following sections: Learning,
Issues and Trends, Culture and
Comparative Studies, Science
Learning in Everyday Life,
Science Teacher Education and
Books.                            111 River St

SEA Crosscurrents Magazine is
the publication of the Special
Education Association of British
Columbia. It is aimed at the
SEA members and provides
updates and features about
theories, research, and
strategies of special education.
The publication does not accept BCTF 100 - 550 West 6th
advertising.                     Avenue
Designed as a forum for social
educators to strengthen and
promote social studies
education at the elementary,
secondary, and university
levels. Related manuscripts are
welcome.                         8555 16th St             Ste 500
Provides K-12 classroom
teachers, teacher educators,
and curriculum administrators
an independent forum for
publishing their ideas about the
methods and classroom-tested
suggestions for teaching
history, geography, and the
social sciences. Provides
instructional ideas and offers
commentary on current issues
in social studies curriculum and
teacher education.               1319 18th St NW

Designed to serve as a forum to
update members of the National
Council for Social Studies.
Editorial coverage includes
student news and views,
professional development
opportunities and NCSS news
and activities.                 8555 16th St         Ste 500

Provides a forum for studies in
the sociology of education and
human social development.
Publishes research on how
social institutions and
individuals' experiences affect
educational processes and social
development. Examines all
stages and all types of
education at the individual,
institutional and organizational
levels.                          3003 N Charles St   Dept OF
Something Better is a
publication of the Missouri
National Education Association
(MNEA), an association formed
to unite and empower education
employees to shape the future
of public education. The
magazine is written for
members of the association,
which includes public school
teachers, librarians, counselors,
coaches, school psychologists
and psychiatrists, and
administrators and faculty in
colleges and universities, and
informs them of the news and
events of the MNEA.               1810 East Elm Street

SSBA Newsletter is focused on
providing effective
communication between the
Saskatchewan School Based
Administrators, the
Saskatchewan Teachers
Federation, and the Department
of Education. The editorial staff
is only reachable during the
months spanning September to
June. All inquiries should be
sent by mail. Circulation figures
and advertising rates were not Saskatchewan Teachers'
available.                        Federation             2317 Arlington Avenue
State Education Leader is a
newsletter written for state
policy makers, school boards,
superintendents, and teachers
all over the United States. The
newsletter covers information
on what is happening with
educational policies from
kindergarten through higher
education. Some of the topics
include: what is and is not
working to improve student
achievement, what other states
are doing, what other
policymakers think about the
issues, what the barriers to
effective policy are, and what
the best resources are for policy
information.                        700 Broadway Suite 1200
State Education Standard
provides unbiased research
based information to education
policy development. The
publication is written for state
board of education members
and local school board
members. The lead time is four      277 South Washinton Street,
months.                             #100
Showcases contemporary
storytelling and the oral
tradition and profiles some of
today's most interesting tellers
and trends in storytelling.
Includes articles and tips on
story work in organizations,
healing arts, schools and higher
education.                          132 Boone St                  Ste 5
Written and edited for teachers,
coaches and administration in
search of ideas that can be put
to use immediately. Articles are
brief and practical, addressing
everyday needs of sport and
physical educators. Feature
topics are designed to improve
the quality of physical education
through applied research,
performance tips, and general
curriculum concepts.              1900 Association Dr
Publication devoted to
disseminating news and
information about student
assistance programs and the
people who work in the field.     1270 Rankin Dr        Ste F
Student Press Review's editorial
mission is to provide students
with new ideas about
journalism. Articles are about
journalism and writing.           Columbia University   Central Mail Room 5711

Studies in Educational
Evaluation is a quarterly journal
covering 'empirical evaluation
studies representing evaluation
practice in educational systems
around the world, [as well as]
theoretical reflections and
empirical studies related to
issues involved in the
evaluation of educational
programs, educational
institutions, educational
personnel, and student
assessment.' The journal
targets researchers and scholars
working in fields related to
educational evaluation.
Circulation figures were not
available.                        Elsevier Science      655 Avenue of the Americas
System is a quarterly journal
targeted to those who teach and
study language and linguistics.
According to the publication's
Web site, the journal 'is devoted
to the applications of
educational technology, and
applied linguistics to problems
of foreign language teaching
and learning.' Contact the
publication for the lead time,
deadlines, circulation
information, and advertising
rates.                            Elsevier Science         655 Avenue of the Americas

Created as a forum for
educators and administrators to
share their experiences in the
use of technology to aid with
instruction and management in
the classroom. Covers
telecommunications, software
and courseware, applications,
networking products, and
presentation devices for primary
and secondary education,
college, vocational and
corporate training programs.     17501 17th St             Ste 230

Tahperd Journal's editorial
mission is to share instructional
and teaching ideas and
information to improve the field
of instruction in the state of
Texas. Tahperd is a professional
association of people in the
allied fields of health education,
physical education, recreation
and dance. The Journal goes to
its membership and can also be 6300 La Calma Drive Suite
purchased by non-members.          100
Talking Points is published
semiannually by the National
Council for Teachers of English.
Talking Points provides a forum
for parents, classroom teachers,
and researchers to reflect about
literacy and learning.           1111 West Kenyon Road

Tar Heel Junior Historian
Association is a club for
teachers that encourages young
people to study local and state
history in order to help them
better understand and
appreciate their place in history.
The club publishes a quarterly
magazine that articles and
activities about North Carolina
history. It is written on an
elementary-school level. There
is an additional teacher's
supplement. It is for teachers or
any other adult who leads
children such as Girl or Boy
Scout leader. Contact the
publication for the lead time,
deadlines, circulation, and
advertising information.           5 East Edenton Street
Provides British Columbia
teachers with news and trends
affecting schools, developments
in classroom technology,
student culture, and personal
information on topics such as
money, travel, retirement and
health.                            550 W 6th Ave #100

Official publication of the Nova
Scotia Teachers Union
addressing issues and
information for its own 10000
members. Coverage includes
teacher certifications, national
and international education
issues, union news, educational
technology profiles, and awards. 3106 Joseph Howe Drive
Teacher Education Quarterly is
a quarterly journal that focuses
on preparation, study, and
training of education
professionals, in articles written
by the top researchers and
practitioners in their fields from
across the country. Deadlines
are four weeks prior to issue
date. Advertising is not                                      3145 Geary Boulevard, #
accepted.                          Caddo Gap Press            275

Published for all educators,
teachers, principles, and other
school staff. Designed to inform
and educate about the latest
news and alternative publication
and certification of teachers and
school administrators.            4401A Connecticut Ave NW    Ste 212

Newsletter that keeps educators
up to date on new ideas and
resources for population
education. Each issue features a
classroom activity and a list of
training workshops scheduled
around the country. Its editorial
mission is to provide educators
with resources and information
to teach about population. The
publication is written for        1400 16th Street NW Suite
teachers of K-12.                 320
Teacher Educator's editorial
mission is to provide
information on issues, research,
and program innovations that
relate to pre-service teacher
preparation and to continued
professional development of
teachers. The publication is
written for educators of all
levels.                           Ball State University       Teacher's College 1008
The magazine includes articles,
lesson plans, and current events
of importance to education
professionals throughout the
United States. In March of
1995, the American Society of
Magazine Editors named
Teacher Magazine a finalist in
the public-interest category of
the National Magazine Awards
competition. Teacher Magazine
has earned praise not only from
members of the education
community, but from industry
peers, as well.                  6935 Arlington Rd      Ste 100

Teachers & Writers Magazine's
editorial mission is to keep
readers in touch with ideas and
strategies for teaching writing
now being explored by T&W
writers and by other creative
teachers and writers in
classrooms across the country.
The publication is written for
teachers and writers. It includes
articles on topics such as: new
methods in imaginative reading,
writers' favorite writing
assignments, using Native
American sources, the
limitations of personal writing,
writing experimental poetry,
reviving allegory in the writing
classroom, evaluating student
poetry, waking up the
storyteller inside us, and how
veteran T&W writers teach
imaginative writing. It also
includes book reviews and plugs
for good resources from pre-
school to adult level. The lead
time for Teachers & Writers
Magazine is two months.
Contact the magazine for
advertising information.          5 Union Square West
Teaching and Learning in
Medicine aims to serve as an
international forum for
scholarly, state-of-the-art
research on the purposes and
processes of teaching and
learning as they relate to the
education of medical
professionals. The journal
addresses practical issues and
provides the analysis and
empirical research needed to
facilitate decision making about
medical education by
administrators, teachers, and
learners. Its coverage includes
applied educational research
that relates to the teaching of
medicine; editorials, analyses,
and reviews of literature
regarding the conduct of
medical education; and basic
research concerning the
foundations of medical
education.                       10 Industrial Avenue
Teaching and Teacher
Education, published eight
times annually, is a
multidisciplinary journal,
committed to no single
approach, discipline, or
paradigm. The journal is an
international journal, containing
papers from nations around the
world; concerned with teaching
and teacher education in
general, that is, teaching in any
subject matter for students at
any age or grade level.
Teaching and Teacher Education
is devoted to all who are
concerned with the description
and analysis of cognitive,
affective and behavioral
components of teaching,
teacher effectiveness, teacher
education, teacher thinking, and
social policy affecting teaching.
The lead time for the
publication varies.               360 Park Avenue South

Designed specifically for
teachers, administration and
other practitioners who work
with children and youth with
disabilities or who are gifted.
Written to advance the
professional development of
personnel by providing practical
information, resources and tools
for improving the education and
services in this field. Publishes
articles that deal with practical
methods and materials for use
in a wide variety of educational
settings.                         1110 N Glebe Rd         Ste 300
Teaching Philosophy's editorial
mission is to discuss issues
related to the teaching of
academic philosophy. The
publication is written for
professors and teachers of
philosophy.                       Miami University

Published for sociologists and
the discipline's teachers.
Content provides research
articles, teaching tips, and
reports on teaching sociology.
Includes experimental studies of
teaching and learning, as well
as broad, synthetic essays on
pedagogically important issues. 700 W State St

Published for secondary and
higher education theatre
teachers, school administrators,
regional theatre outreach
directors, theatre professionals,
college theatre and education
students, and state and national
arts advocates. Provides
practical, innovative information
designed to help improve
teaching methods. Also serves
as an advocacy tool to help
educate students, fellow
teachers, administrators, and
parents about the value of
theatre in the school
curriculum.                       2343 Auburn Ave

Dedicated to provide teachers at
all levels with ideas, resources
and strategies that promote
interracial and intercultural
harmony in the classroom and
community.                       400 Washington Ave
Written for administration and
educators at K-12 levels who
want to take full advantage of
the in-classroom computer
learning experience. Regularly
features a look at key
technology areas, grants,
contests and other funding
sources, the best web sites, and
news on current legislation,
research findings and
newsworthy events.               600 Harrison St       6th Fl

Technology Planning and
Management is a monthly
magazine for school officials
involved in school construction
projects. It is geared towards
superintendents, school board
members, architects,
consultants, technology
coordinators, and curriculum
coordinators. Technology
Planning and Management
'takes a strategic approach to
helping the district buying team
make the right technology
choices. Technology Planning
and Management reaches 5600
districts with active construction
projects identified by MDR as
building, retrofitting, or
renovating their facilities in the
current school year. These
district-level decision makers
are funded and actively seeking
technology solutions as they
develop their strategic plans.'    2621 Dryden Road

Devoted to technology
educators in the elementary
through college levels. Features
include current trends in
technology education, how-to
program articles, and learning
activities.                      1914 Association Dr   Ste 201
Designed to meet the evolving
needs of today's practitioners.
Edited as an easy-to-read
periodical featuring
authoritative, practical, peer-
reviewed articles about
technology and its integration
into the learning environment.     1800 N Stonelake Dr       Ste 2

Tennessee School Boards
journal is a quarterly magazine
written for Tennessee school
board members,
superintendents, and state
legislators. The magazine
publishes articles about local,
state, and national, education
issues. The deadline is the 15th
of the month prior to issue date. 1130 Nelson Merry Street

Serves as a forum for
professionals involved in second
and foreign language education,
including teachers, researchers,
linguists and program directors.
Covers the psychology and
sociology of language learning
and teaching, issues in research
and research methodology,
curriculum design and
development, instructional
methods, materials and
techniques and professional
standards. Also features
research and analysis of
theories behind effective second
language teaching.               700 S Washington St         Ste 200

Covers subjects relevant to
coaching at the junior-high,
high-school and college levels.
Editorial content covers phases
of football, basketball, track,
golf, tennis, athletic training,
baseball, volleyball and soccer.   PO Box 1138
Targeted at teachers and school
administrators. Covers Texas
public education (grades K-12)
news from a statewide
perspective.                    PO Box 1663
The publication is written for
researchers and teachers
interested in how texts are
composed, read and variously    English/Modern Language          900 McGill Road, PO Box
defined.                        Department                       3010

The French Review is published
six times per year by the
American Association of
Teachers of French. The journal
publishes articles and reviews
on French and Francophone
literature, cinema, society and
culture, linguistics, technology,
and pedagogy.                     Southern Illinois University   Mailcode 4510

The publication is written for
teachers, professors and others
involved in education. Theory
Into Practice is organized
around a single theme, and
features multiple perspectives
and scholarly, yet accessible,
discussions of current and
future concerns of interest to  1945 North High Street 172
today's educators.              Arps Hall

Written for retired members of
the National Education
Association. Keeps readers
informed about retiree-related
issues and opportunities
ranging from proposals, to alter
Medicare, to strategies for
spending travel dollars wisely.  1201 16th St NW                 Ste 710
Designed for state and district
administrators and technology
directors, and national
education policymakers and
association leaders. Features
provocative ideas, opinions, and
research for transforming
education. Presents technology
into school board leadership and
community involvement, ensure
continuity of effective
leadership at the school board
and superintendent level, and
to speed and broaden
dissemination of information on
best practices.                  214 Lincoln St                  Ste 112

Thresholds in Education is a
journal of the Thresholds in
Education Foundation, an
organization that informs
reflective educators about
trends relating to the issues,
research, and practice in
education. The quarterly journal
is dedicated to the exploration
of new education inquiries,
theories, viewpoints, and
program innovation, and to
exploring fresh ideas and
viewpoints which may become
the pathways to the future. The
publication is written for
teachers, administrators,
teacher educators, adult
educators, educators in training,
and community organizers.
Deadlines for Thresholds in
Education vary, and it is best to
call before sending submissions
or press releases.                Northern Illinois University
Designed to provide teachers
and administrators in Catholic
schools with materials and
information they need to do
their jobs effectively. Features
include articles on such topics
as multicultural activities, study
skills, social studies, language
arts, math, and science. Covers
teaching methods for different
age groups and levels, and
looks at new software and other
technologies for the classroom. 2621 Dryden Rd         Ste 300

Association newspaper
published for teachers and other
school employee members in
the state of Oregon. Emphasis
is on current educational issues
affecting the nation and the
state.                           6900 SW Atlanta St

Provides education professionals
with practical, effective
coverage of education and
management topics with
success stories from both
private and site-based public
schools. Content includes
regular columns offering school
news and product news, advice
on purchasing, notes on
technology infrastructure, focus
on private schools, and expert
answers to reader questions.     2621 Dryden Rd        Ste 300

Transactions of the American
Mathematical Society is a
monthly journal aimed at
mathematicians. The journal is
devoted to research articles in
all areas of pure and applied
mathematics. The lead time
varies. Contact the publication
for circulation information and
advertising rates.                201 Charles Street
The Trustee Quarterly,
published by the Association of
Community College Trustees
(ACCT) includes information on
major issues in education, legal
issues in today's higher
education/litigation climate,
interviews with experts, special
features by trustees and
professionals in the field, and in-
depth examinations of case
studies and exemplary models
of trusteeship/governing boards
leadership. Inserted in the
Quarterly is the ACCT Advisor, a
newsletter that provides
information on current
legislative issues and priorities,
updates on the latest research
and educational trends, status
of membership program
development initiatives, and        1233 Twentieth Street,
special collaborations              Northwest                Suite 605
Turfnet Monthly's editorial
mission is to publish tips and
tricks from fellow
superintendents, new product
reviews, editorial from
university turf specialists,
Turfnet Monthly is written for
golf course superintendents and
turfgrass management
professionals.                      21 Brandywine Road

Written for educators who want
to teach children about the
wonders of the universe. Each
issue features a topic of current
astrological interest along with
a classroom activity.             390 Ashton Avenue
Written for members of the
American Alliance for Health,
Physical Education, Recreation
and Dance. Provides the latest
information regarding members'
professions including a job
exchange section, association
news, convention and exhibit
updates.                       1900 Association Drive

Urban Education, published
every other month, provides
information on the latest
developments in education in
America's cities. The journal has
one special issue each year in
January. Unsolicited material is
usually accepted for the
remaining four issues which
appear in March, May,
September, and November. The
journal is targeted towards
educators and scholars of social
sciences. Contact the
publication for the lead time,
circulation information, and
advertisement rates.              2455 Teller Road

US English Update is a
newsletter of the US English
Foundation, Inc., an
organization that disseminates
information on English teaching
methods, sponsors educational
programs, develops English
instructional materials, and
promotes opportunities for
people living in the United
States to learn English. The
newsletter updates members on
the news, events, and            1747 Pennsylvania Avenue,
information of the organization. Northwest                   Suite 1050
USBBY Newsletter is published
twice a year. Its editorial
mission is promoting
international understanding
through children's books.
USBBY Newsletter is written for
schools and libraries. USBBY
Newsletter is a publication of
the United States Board on
Books for Youth. The publication
does not accept advertisement.
The lead time for USBBY
Newsletter is three months.
Deadlines for USBBY Newsletter
are March 15th and September 800 Barksdale Road PO Box
15th before issue date.          8139

Provides coverage of Virginia
Education Association actions,
services, court decisions,
regulations, and legislative
actions affecting members.         116 S 3rd St
Vector is a professional
development journal published
by the British Columbia
Teachers' Federation. The
publication is directed to
elementary and secondary           British Columbia Teachers'
school mathematics teachers.       Federation                   100-550 West Sixth Avenue

Official publication of the
Vermont Chapter of the National
Education Association.
Discusses educational concerns
on a statewide basis. Also
highlights the awards, honors
and appointments of its
membership.                     10 Wheelock St

Articles cover opinions of
general public school interests,
trends, and issues, as well as
failures & successes in the
classroom programs and
methods throughout the state.      116 S 3rd St
Targets members of the
Pennsylvania State Education
Association.                      PO Box 1724
Washington Counseletter is a
monthly newsletter written for
guidance counselors in middle
schools, high schools, and
colleges. The newsletter is
distributed to guidance
counselors. The newsletter does
not accept advertising.           66 Aurora Street
Washington, DC Capitol
Comments is a quarterly
newsletter for the members of
the American Association of
Christian Schools. It serves as a
vital communication tool that
keeps AACS schools up-to-date
on events in Washington, D.C.
that impact their schools. The
publication is written for
members only.                     119 C Street Southeast

Wcer Highlights's editorial
mission is 'to distribute findings
of research conducted at the
Wisconsin Center for Education
Research.' The publication is
written for educators, policy
makers, and college deans and 1025 West Johnston Street
does not accept press releases. Suite 785

WEA Action is written by the
Washington Education
Association (WEA) for school
employees in Washington state.
They are interested in stories
that have to do with education
and political issues having to do
with education. The lead time
for WEA Action is one month.      33434 Eighth Avenue South
Newsletter for members of the
Wyoming Education Association.
Contains news and information
for all those involved in the
educational decision-making
process, including state
legislators and local school
boards and local labor issues.      115 E 22nd St #1
Complete coverage of local as
well as national news of interest
to educators.                       1558 Quarrier St
Designed to enhance teaching
effectiveness for prime decision
makers who have the common
purpose of educating young
consumers in all aspects of
healthy living and life
management skills. Editorial
purpose is to provide the most
effective and timely information
on products, equipment and
programs in the field, as well as
how to use them in practical
ways.                               1429 Walnut St
Written for school
administrators and their legal
counsel providing news &
legislation they can use to face
today's legal challenges.           360 Hiatt Dr
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Arlington   VA   22201-2908

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Palm Beach Gardens   FL   33418-7106

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Concord    NH   03301-4334

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Trenton       NJ   08607-1211

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Lennox      SD                57039

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Nashville   TN   37204-0205
Worcester    MA   01608-2013

Washington   DC   20036-1802
Hoboken         NJ   07030-5773

Vancouver       BC   V5Z 4P2

Silver Spring   MD   20910-2844
Washington      DC   20036-1802

Silver Spring   MD   20910-2844

Baltimore       MD   21218-3855
Jefferson City   MO   65101-4100

Saskatoon        SK   S7J 2H8
Denver         CO   80203-3460

Alexandria     VA   22314-2427

Jonesborough   TN   37659-1368
Reston     VA   20191-1502

Troy       MI   48083-2843

New York   NY   10027-6902

New York   NY   10010-5107
New York   NY   10010-5107

Tustin     CA   92780-7922

Austin     TX                78752
Urbana      IL                61801

Raleigh     NC   27601-1011

Vancouver   BC   V5Z 4P2

Halifax     NS   B3L 4L7
San Francisco   CA                94118

Washington      DC   20008-2302

Washington      DC   20036-2290

Muncie          IN   47306-0612
Bethesda   MD   20814-5287

New York   NY   10003-3306
Mahwah   NJ   07430-2262
New York    NY                10010

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Oxford           OH                45056

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Cincinnati       OH   45219-2815

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San Francisco   CA   94107-1387

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Dayton       OH   45439-1661

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Dayton       OH   45439-1600

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Reston          VA   20191-1502

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Washington      DC   20006-4604
Newark       DE   19714-8139

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Vancouver    BC   V5Z 4P2

Montpelier   VT   05602-3737

Richmond     VA   23219-3704
Harrisburg    PA   17105-1724

Moravia       NY   13118-3576

Washington    DC   20003-0597

Madison       WI                53706

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Canada                     77A-50         77A0050

United States of America   77B-3507       77B3507

United States of America   77A-57         77A0057

United States of America   77B-2470       77B2470
United States of America   77B-85     77B0085

United States of America   77B-20     77B0020

United States of America   77A-436    77A0436

Canada                     77A-5000   77A5000
United States of America   77A-60    77A0060

United States of America   77B-120   77B0120
United States of America   77A-3544   77A3544

United States of America   77A-3532   77A3532
United States of America   77A-3643   77A3643

United States of America   77A-80     77A0080

United States of America   77A-3530   77A3530
United States of America   77A-3559   77A3559

United States of America   77A-105    77A0105

United States of America   77A-110    77A0110
United States of America   77A-3609   77A3609

United States of America   77B-265    77B0265

Canada                     77B-50     77B0050

Canada                     77B-6062   77B6062
Canada                     77A-7206   77A7206

Canada                     77B-3504   77B3504

United States of America   77A-3660   77A3660

United States of America   77B-3505   77B3505
United States of America   77B-200   77B0200

United States of America   77B-300   77B0300

United States of America   77A-150   77A0150

United States of America   77A-168   77A0168

United States of America   77A-455   77A0455
United States of America   77B-360    77B0360

United States of America   77B-490    77B0490

United States of America   77A-3540   77A3540

United States of America   77A-3547   77A3547
United States of America   77A-3612   77A3612

United States of America   77A-3552   77A3552

United States of America   77B-595    77B0595
United States of America   77A-3618   77A3618

United States of America   77A-3549   77A3549

United States of America   77B-620    77B0620
United States of America   77A-3625   77A3625

Canada                     77A-3667   77A3667
United States of America   77A-3587   77A3587

United States of America   77B-3523   77B3523
Canada                     77B-3524   77B3524

United States of America   77A-262    77A0262

United States of America   77B-1780   77B1780

Canada                     77B-700    77B0700
Canada                     77B-3525   77B3525

United States of America   77A-3626   77A3626

Canada                     77B-710    77B0710

United States of America   77A-273    77A0273
United States of America   77A-272    77A0272

United States of America   77A-3506   77A3506
United States of America   77A-3505   77A3505

United States of America   77A-3507   77A3507
United States of America   77A-3620   77A3620

United States of America   77A-3503   77A3503
United States of America   77A-275    77A0275

United States of America   77A-3593   77A3593

United States of America   77A-3663   77A3663
United States of America   77A-280    77A0280

United States of America   77A-3608   77A3608

United States of America   77A-3676   77A3676
United States of America   77A-286   77A0286

United States of America   77B-880   77B0880
United States of America   77A-291    77A0291

United States of America   77A-3596   77A3596

United States of America   77A-3543   77A3543
United States of America   77A-3568   77A3568

United States of America   77A-3573   77A3573

United States of America   77A-295    77A0295
United States of America   77A-3589   77A3589

United States of America   77A-305    77A0305

Canada                     77B-3509   77B3509
United States of America   77A-298    77A0298

United States of America   77A-3607   77A3607

Canada                     77A-3661   77A3661
United States of America   77A-3634   77A3634

United States of America   77B-1030   77B1030

United States of America   77A-3518   77A3518
United States of America   77B-1055   77B1055

United States of America   77B-3522   77B3522

United States of America   77A-3537   77A3537
United States of America   77A-313    77A0313

United States of America   77A-3628   77A3628
United States of America   77A-3629   77A3629

United States of America   77B-1070   77B1070

United States of America   77A-3557   77A3557

United States of America   77A-3574   77A3574
United States of America   77A-317    77A0317

United States of America   77A-320    77A0320

Canada                     77B-3514   77B3514

United States of America   77B-1080   77B1080
United States of America   77A-3650   77A3650

United States of America   77A-3613   77A3613

United States of America   77A-3575   77A3575

United States of America   77A-322    77A0322
United States of America   77A-3594   77A3594

United States of America   77A-3578   77A3578

United States of America   77A-3519   77A3519

United States of America   77A-3515   77A3515
United States of America   77A-3556   77A3556

United States of America   77A-3511   77A3511
United States of America   77A-3564   77A3564

United States of America   77A-3513   77A3513
United States of America   77A-332    77A0332

United States of America   77B-1085   77B1085

United States of America   77A-3563   77A3563
United States of America   77A-3571   77A3571
United States of America   77A-3635   77A3635

United States of America   77A-335    77A0335
United States of America   77A-3508   77A3508

United States of America   77A-592    77A0592

Canada                     77A-5657   77A5657
United States of America   77A-226    77A0226

United States of America   77A-3533   77A3533
United States of America   77A-3561   77A3561

United States of America   77A-362    77A0362
United States of America   77A-364   77A0364

United States of America   77A-366   77A0366
United States of America   77A-368    77A0368

United States of America   77A-378    77A0378

United States of America   77A-3524   77A3524
United States of America   77A-380    77A0380

United States of America   77A-382    77A0382

United States of America   77B-1320   77B1320
United States of America   77B-1330   77B1330

United States of America   77B-1340   77B1340

United States of America   77A-383    77A0383

United States of America   77A-385    77A0385
United States of America   77A-3579   77A3579

Canada                     77B-3526   77B3526

United States of America   77B-2450   77B2450
United States of America   77A-390    77A0390

United States of America   77A-401    77A0401

United States of America   77A-3525   77A3525
United States of America   77A-3633   77A3633

Canada                     77A-7082   77A7082

United States of America   77A-314    77A0314

United States of America   77A-405    77A0405

United States of America   77B-1440   77B1440
United States of America   77A-406    77A0406

United States of America   77A-408    77A0408

Canada                     77B-7097   77B7097

United States of America   77B-3508   77B3508
United States of America   77B-1377   77B1377

United States of America   77B-1380   77B1380

United States of America   77A-3548   77A3548

United States of America   77B-1400   77B1400
United States of America   77B-1405   77B1405

United States of America   77A-410    77A0410

United States of America   77B-1460   77B1460

United States of America   77B-1540   77B1540

United States of America   77A-415    77A0415
United States of America   77A-3666   77A3666

United States of America   77A-3658   77A3658

United States of America   77B-1420   77B1420
United States of America   77A-3631   77A3631

United States of America   77A-417    77A0417
United States of America   77A-3585   77A3585

United States of America   77A-3674   77A3674
United States of America   77A-3672   77A3672

United States of America   77A-432    77A0432

Canada                     77A-3597   77A3597

United States of America   77B-1590   77B1590
United States of America   77A-3501   77A3501

United States of America   77A-421    77A0421

United States of America   77B-3520   77B3520
United States of America   77A-425    77A0425

United States of America   77A-3646   77A3646
United States of America   77B-1700   77B1700

United States of America   77B-1710   77B1710

United States of America   77A-3657   77A3657

United States of America   77B-1720   77B1720
United States of America   77B-1725   77B1725

United States of America   77A-650    77A0650

United States of America   77B-1620   77B1620

United States of America   77B-1640   77B1640

Canada                     77A-3601   77A3601

United States of America   77A-3569   77A3569
United States of America   77A-3673   77A3673

Canada                     77A-3562   77A3562

Canada                     77A-3664   77A3664

Canada                     77B-3510   77B3510

Canada                     77B-6340   77B6340
United States of America   77B-1660   77B1660

United States of America   77A-3671   77A3671

Canada                     77A-3600   77A3600

United States of America   77A-471    77A0471
United States of America   77A-430    77A0430

United States of America   77A-3652   77A3652

United States of America   77A-435    77A0435
United States of America   77B-1800   77B1800

United States of America   77A-3648   77A3648

United States of America   77A-3581   77A3581
United States of America   77A-434    77A0434

United States of America   77B-1715   77B1715

Canada                     77A-3662   77A3662

Canada                     77B-3513   77B3513

Canada                     77A-3598   77A3598
Canada                     77B-3511   77B3511

United States of America   77A-440    77A0440

United States of America   77A-442    77A0442

United States of America   77A-3645   77A3645
United States of America   77A-3627   77A3627

United States of America   77A-3656   77A3656

United States of America   77A-3644   77A3644

United States of America   77A-3542   77A3542
United States of America   77A-445    77A0445

United States of America   77A-3527   77A3527

United States of America   77A-457    77A0457

United States of America   77A-459    77A0459
United States of America   77A-3516   77A3516

United States of America   77A-3584   77A3584

United States of America   77A-3638   77A3638
Canada                     77B-1930   77B1930

United States of America   77B-1900   77B1900

United States of America   77A-3591   77A3591

United States of America   77A-3504   77A3504
United States of America   77A-463    77A0463

United States of America   77A-475    77A0475

United States of America   77A-3535   77A3535

United States of America   77A-3647   77A3647

Canada                     77A-6775   77A6775
United States of America   77A-470    77A0470

United States of America   77A-3675   77A3675

United States of America   77A-3639   77A3639
United States of America   77A-3637   77A3637

United States of America   77A-3553   77A3553
United States of America   77A-480    77A0480

United States of America   77A-3545   77A3545
United States of America   77A-3550   77A3550

United States of America   77A-3632   77A3632

United States of America   77B-3518   77B3518

United States of America   77B-2007   77B2007
United States of America   77A-3642   77A3642

Canada                     77A-3554   77A3554

Canada                     77A-3604   77A3604

United States of America   77B-3506   77B3506
United States of America   77A-498    77A0498

United States of America   77B-3521   77B3521

United States of America   77A-490    77A0490
United States of America   77B-2080   77B2080

United States of America   77A-495    77A0495

United States of America   77A-500    77A0500

United States of America   77B-3516   77B3516
United States of America   77A-502    77A0502

United States of America   77A-3669   77A3669

United States of America   77B-3010   77B3010
United States of America   77A-3616   77A3616

United States of America   77A-515    77A0515

United States of America   77A-518    77A0518
United States of America   77A-517    77A0517

United States of America   77A-521    77A0521

Canada                     77B-3501   77B3501

United States of America   77A-3588   77A3588
United States of America   77A-524   77A0524

United States of America   77A-535   77A0535
United States of America   77A-486    77A0486

Canada                     77B-3502   77B3502

United States of America   77A-560    77A0560
United States of America   77A-566   77A0566

United States of America   77A-569   77A0569

United States of America   77A-571   77A0571
United States of America   77B-3517   77B3517

Canada                     77A-3605   77A3605
United States of America   77A-3590   77A3590

United States of America   77A-3565   77A3565

United States of America   77A-574    77A0574
United States of America   77A-582    77A0582

United States of America   77A-585    77A0585

United States of America   77A-3566   77A3566

United States of America   77A-3512   77A3512
United States of America   77A-3510   77A3510

United States of America   77A-600    77A0600

United States of America   77A-3538   77A3538
United States of America   77A-3551   77A3551

United States of America   77A-3654   77A3654

Canada                     77B-2350   77B2350

Canada                     77B-6157   77B6157
United States of America   77A-3595   77A3595

United States of America   77A-604    77A0604

United States of America   77A-3641   77A3641

United States of America   77A-3582   77A3582
United States of America   77A-605    77A0605

United States of America   77A-3624   77A3624
United States of America   77A-3619   77A3619
United States of America   77A-3502   77A3502

United States of America   77A-615    77A0615
United States of America   77A-3649   77A3649

United States of America   77A-620    77A0620

United States of America   77A-621    77A0621

United States of America   77A-625    77A0625
United States of America   77A-630    77A0630

United States of America   77A-3514   77A3514

United States of America   77A-640    77A0640
United States of America   77A-635    77A0635

United States of America   77A-3517   77A3517

United States of America   77A-644    77A0644

United States of America   77B-2445   77B2445
United States of America   77B-2455   77B2455

Canada                     77A-3599   77A3599

United States of America   77A-3611   77A3611

United States of America   77A-3539   77A3539

United States of America   77A-423    77A0423
United States of America   77A-450    77A0450

United States of America   77A-3577   77A3577
United States of America   77A-645    77A0645

United States of America   77B-1840   77B1840

United States of America   77A-660    77A0660

United States of America   77A-3528   77A3528
United States of America   77A-3509   77A3509

United States of America   77A-3576   77A3576

United States of America   77A-3572   77A3572
United States of America   77A-670    77A0670

United States of America   77A-3555   77A3555

United States of America   77A-3614   77A3614
United States of America   77A-3586   77A3586

United States of America   77B-2510   77B2510

Canada                     77A-3603   77A3603

United States of America   77B-2530   77B2530

United States of America   77B-2540   77B2540
United States of America   77B-2580   77B2580

United States of America   77A-3623   77A3623

United States of America   77A-3592   77A3592

United States of America   77A-3636   77A3636

United States of America   77A-3640   77A3640
United States of America   77B-2600   77B2600

United States of America   77B-2615   77B2615

United States of America   77A-690    77A0690

United States of America   77A-705    77A0705
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