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									Online Missionary Opportunity with Global Media Outreach
                                            Join with other Online Missionaries at College
                                            Park Church in encouraging people, from around
                                            the world, to grow in their knowledge of the
                                            Lord Jesus, live Spirit-filled lives, and connect
                                            with other believers in their local communities.
What Is Global Media Outreach?
    Global Media Outreach (GMO) is an Internet ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
International (now known as CRU), sharing the Gospel with millions of people at the
crossroads of their lives as they search the Internet for answers to their questions. To
learn more about the ministry, visit
    In response to these millions of Internet searches Global Media Outreach has over 100
specially designed websites where thousands of people each day learn about the Good
News of Jesus and connect with volunteers through secured e-mail, and that is where you
can get involved. GMO wants to send you ... to your computer, training you to become an
Online Missionary in your home! GMO’s world outreach is made possible by a growing
volunteer force of over 6,000 Online Missionaries, recruited from churches around the
world. Each OM typically spends a few minutes a day online, replying securely and
anonymously to questions posted by seekers.
   GMO’s goal is to give everyone in the world 5 to 10 opportunities to know Christ by
2020. The College Park Church GMO Team invites you to join with them in ministering to
people from all over the world who are seeking help with their journey of faith in Christ.

Would you like to Help?
   If you would like to join with us, go to and fill out an online
application. Upon receipt of your application, you will receive, via email, a link to the GMO
Online Training Manual which helps you learn more about your role as an Online Missionary
and how to use GMO’s secure online email system.
   After your application is approved, and you have notified GMO that you have read the
manual, your user login is activated so you can access the secured website for Online
Missionaries at At this point, you will enter a 4-week training
period under the supervision of a GMO Training Community Leader who will help you along
your journey with helpful tips, feedback, and answer any questions you have as you get
started. Upon completion of your training, you will typically be assigned a different
Community Leader who will be your on-going resource to answer questions, etc.
    As an Online Missionary from College Park Church, you can join our local CPC GMO
Support Group who meet regularly to share experiences, give each other tips and
resources, and encourage one another in meeting the spiritual needs of people the Holy
Spirit brings our way. If you would like to join with us, email John Spilker at to place your name on our Support Group’s Contact List.

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