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                                     ISSUE RESOLUTION

Issue number: 3               Issue title:    Training Facilities Availability

Source of issue/Date originated:      22 JUL 2005

Description of issue:
Given the breadth and depth of critical training that will be required for a successful
implementation, we need to make available designated training facilities equipped with
the appropriate computer work stations and teaching aids (e.g., projection equipment,
teleconferencing, flip charts, etc.) to support the project training requirements.

The training component of the implementation project could be divided into three types:
technical/functional training; supporting product/tools training; and end-user/remedial
training. Training to address the technical and functional aspects of the application
software includes specified sessions for Advancement, Financial Aid, Finance, Human
Resources/Payroll and Students (including registrar, bursar, admissions, residence life,
and advising) - - sufficient to advance implementation. Also, there is a need to train
people on supporting products and tools - - Oracle products, Luminis Premier,
Operational Data Store, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Cognos ReportNet and PowerPlay,
and so on). Finally, there will be end-user and remedial training prior to “Go Live” for
each module.

The technical/functional training sessions alone are to include forty-five (45) suggested
training sessions to learn the five component systems of Banner. SunGard SCT delivers
these training sessions from Tuesday through Thursday during normal work hours. The
Schedule of Visits (including training and consulting sessions) should be provided to us
by mid-August.

While most institutions secure two designated training facilities (with at least one
additional facility) for the project duration, our accelerated approach to implementation
places an additional demand on the need for training facilities.

Currently, we have scheduled the computer lab in Rockwell Hall 103 through the School
of Leadership and Professional Advancement (Boris Vilic) from September 2005 through
the fiscal year 2006 (with plans to extend into FY 2007). A list of other potential training
facilities throughout campus has also been identified (Refer to Training Facilities
Availability.xls). However, these facilities are primarily used to serve students (and
faculty) and are therefore not readily available for three-day blocks of time during any
week of our semesters. Consequently, we need to consider alternatives.

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   1. Conduct no more than one training session in a calendar week and extend the
      project work and schedule accordingly.
   2. Purchase a mobile “training anvil” that consists of twenty or so laptops on a cart
      with a communications connectivity hub that can be deployed to available
      classroom/conference room facilities.
   3. Identify training facilities (e.g., RH 223, Library lab, Law lab, etc.) that are not
      consistently utilized during the three-day blocks to identify potential part-time
   4. Construct a new computer lab.
   5. Sequester an existing computer lab - - part-time or full-time.

Recommendation and rationale:
We recommend that the owners of existing computer lab facilities identify availability for
use by the DU-IT project team for system education and training, specifically where
three-day blocks of time can be offered. The available times need to be provided to the
DU-IT Project Director by 10 August 2005. At that time, we can assess our training
requirements in light of available training facilities to determine whether we can cover
our needs for at least this fiscal year. In the event we cannot cover our needs, another
alternative will need to be explored.

Impact assessment:
This issue needs to be resolved as part of our Service Delivery - - Start-up phase of the
DU-IT Project to ensure adequate training facilities are available as we work with the
SunGard SCT Project Manager to plan work and schedule. Failure to resolve this issue
will delay work and scheduling.

Date resolution needed by: 15 August 2005 or when planning with SCT

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