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             Ready! Set! Action!
With flash you can design your own show with
   the stages exactly how you want them.
            What do the kids say?
   Flash is cool!
   Flash is helpful!
   Flash makes programing easy!
   Flash is probably the best programing
    device that you can find.

   This was according to an interview I did with a 16 year old
This is what it looks like when you
     Some things to remember
When adding           When adding
objects:              animation:
 Your objects should  You must put all
  all have their own    your actions on a
  layer in order to     new layer in order
control them.           to control them
             What is a layer?
   A layer is each component that you add.
   On the upper left corner of your screen you
    will have a list of your layers.
   You can click on the area above the layers
    to create a new layer when you want to add
    a new component.
   Layers are the most important part of your
    personal show on flash!
Check out the layer in the upper
       left hand corner.
    What is important besides the
   The time Chart!!!

   It is easy to find
   The entire top of the screen shows the time
   The time chart tells you what will will be
    visible on your show at exactly what
   To indicate when you want a particular item
    to show simply click at that spot on your
    time chart
Check out the top of the screen!
So why would I want to use flash?
   You can create animation
   It is easy
   There are many components
   Even when you have learned many things
    there are still new things to learn about it
Can I really use it in the

   You don't have to know a lot about Flash in
    order to do a few simple things.
   Once you have shown your students these
    simple things they can teach themselves
    how to do more.
   Most computers now come with flash so if
    children have a computer at home they can
    work on their projects there or at school.
What could children use Flash for?
   Banners
   Advertisements
   Demonstrating their class projects in a fun
   Demonstrating a specific movement
    especially for PE
   Publishing their work online
          What about the cost?
   Most computers come standard with the
    Flash program so the cost is essentially
   If it is not on the computers you have it can
    be downloaded as a freeware license.
      What is the learning curve?
   Flash can be intimidating at first
   Children will need to be introduced to the
    layers and the time chart before they can
    probably get started.
   Once they have been introduced to a few
    basics they can learn how to add more
    components on their own and at their own
             See what it does!

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