Hanging Gardens by wuzhengqin


Erin Jones

Hanging Gardens
      Hanging Gardens
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were
thought to be built by King
Nebuchadnezzar for his wife. Although
it may not be real the love story behind
it is awe inspiring. Built around 600
B.C. and rumored to be over 400 feet
long, 400 feet wide and over 80 feet
high Nebuchadnezzar built it for his
homesick wife who longed to back in
her mountain home. When she first
came to the palace the gardens were
built to make her feel loved and
welcomed. Being as tall as it was it
was only fit that the giant Euphrates
river water the plants by using canals
that ran under the gardens.
              Hanging Gardens
         Although the Hanging Gardens may not be real
    is that it was one of the seven ancient wonders of
    the world. Here is a list of some of the current
•   The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá
•   Christ Redeemer
•    The Roman Colosseum
•    The Taj Mahal
•   The Great Wall of China
•    Petra
•   Machu Picchu
       Erin Jones

Rights, Hammurabi’s Code
Rights, Hammurabi’s
As you may already know
Hammurabi’s code was the
first written set of laws. It
was also a very advanced
set of laws. Each law had a
certain punishment. If you
broke a law and were found
guilty you were punished.
Hammurabi expected that if
a law was written down you
would obey it. Being one of
the best preserved legal
documents found it was
written on a stone tablet
that was over six feet tall
and contained two hundred
eighty-two laws. This great
legal document united all of
Rights, Hammurabi’s
     Hammurabi’s Code is similar to the
 laws we have to day. For example we both
 have the death penalty in our laws.
 Although our laws today don’t have the
 death penalty as much as Hammurabi did
 in his code of laws did. Another way these
 laws are similar is that they are both
 written down by or made up by powerful
 leaders. Although Hammurabi’s Code may
 not have been written down by Hammurabi
 himself (he probably had a scribe do it for
 him) they were created by him, just like
 our laws are created by our president.

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