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The Best Nursing Schools In Florida (DOC)


									Florida Career College (FCC) are adding a Physical Therapist Assistant
(PTA) program to its Brandon campus.      "Since the baby boomer age band
is getting older, athletic injuries and medical troubles experienced by
the wide-ranging populace that have need of physical therapy, there are
then super job possibilities in this field," said Dr. Kory Thomas, DPT,
program director Program Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant
Program at FCC Brandon. "This is a fabulous supplement to our curriculum
and degree offerings and therefore enhances Florida Career College's
mission to groom pupils for jobs that are popular so they move
immediately from the classroom into the workforce." "Physical Therapist
Assistants aid persons of all ages who've health-related concerns that
inhibit their quality of life," stated Thomas. "I'm extremely excited to
start this new program at the Brandon campus."

  Florida Career College School of Nursing will be adding an innovative
new intermediary program for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who plan to
become Registered Nurses (RNs).       "This is thus a fantastic
supplement to our School of Nursing curriculum," stated FCC Boynton Beach
Executive Director Michael Schwam. "Our Associate's Degree Registered
Nurse series commenced in August and is packed to capacity. Now these
programs are incredibly vital to us for the reason that our goal at
Florida Career College is thus to train students to move promptly from
the classroom into careers that are mostly in need." The U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services claims that the national lack of RNs should
be projected to get to twenty pct by 2015. The Florida Center for Nursing
supposes that the existing state scarcity of RNs will soar to 52,000 by
2020, with South Florida as the geographic part with the utmost need.
"Among mounting chances and work opportunities for nurses in South
Florida, we give the instruction and hands-on coaching that our scholars
could want to make it," stated Maxinee Black-Arias, RNC, MS-HRM, MSN,
Dean of Nursing for Florida Career College. At present, Boynton Beach is
the lone FCC campus with the School of Nursing. The school's ninth and
latest campus, Boynton Beach spans 35,183 square feet, including 9,000
square feet of classroom and laboratory space dedicated to the School of
Nursing and the 5,000 square-foot Spa at The College, that is open to
the community and then offers a choice of beauty treatments.
Florida nursing schools are well known for their training and have very
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