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									                     Student Artist Funding Application

Completed Applications and all support material must be submitted in person to the Winters College Council Office on
or before March 4th 2011

If the Application requires review before the submission deadline, please submit application directly to the VP Finance.
Contact for more information.

Winters College Council will not accept applications submitted by fax or e-mail. Applications can be submitted during
office hours at the Winters College Council office (see Further Information)

Further Information
Room 002F – Winters College
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON. M3J 1P3


Telephone: 416-736-5389


Funding Amount
Funding awarded usually ranges from $50 to $1000 depending on amount of funding requested and the amount of
funding currently available in our operating budget.

Retroactive funding is not available.

Applicants for Student Artist funding must be a part of the student community at York University as determined by the
governing Winters Council at the time of application.

Affiliation to Winters College is not mandatory; however, applicants with affiliation to or clear involvement with Winters
College will be given preference with allocation of funds.

As a general rule:
       If the primary focus is ATTENDANCE or TICKET SALES, the Project will fall under “Event Funding”
       If the primary focus is ARTISTIC MERIT or the CREATION OF ORIGINAL WORK, the Project will fall under
        “Student Artist Funding”

The projects requesting funding must be of an acceptable nature as deemed appropriate by the governing Winters
Council at the time of application.

Assessment of Applications
Applications are assessed each term during the first council meeting following the term deadline. Winters Council
members (voting and non-voting) will be present to review and discuss the applications. Only voting members will vote
on the amount of funding and a majority vote (50% +1) must be reached in order for funding to be granted.

Applications will be assessed to according to the following criteria:

       Artistic Interest. Is the project innovative from a fine arts perspective? Are artistic objectives and rationale
        clearly explained? Would other fine arts students at York University been interested in the proposed project?
       Commitment of involved Artists. Has the applicant organized successful projects in the past? Has the applicant
        been granted WCC Event Funding previously?
       Feasibility of project. Is the budget reasonable? Have all possible expenditures and incomes been considered?
        Has the applicant applied for funding from other sources? Is the project a reasonable undertaking for a student?
       Community impact. Does the project impact a certain group or community? Would the York University or
        Winters College community be impacted by the project?

Assessment Results
Applications that are to receive funding will be notified via the contact information provided on the application within
two weeks following the term deadline. Instructions for obtaining the granted funding will be communicated.

Granted funds must be claimed within one month following the term deadline.

Applications that WCC has been unable to allocate funds for will be notified via the contact information provided on the
application within two weeks of the term deadline.

Funding Conditions
Applications that have been granted funding must submit a Final Report to WCC within two weeks following the
conclusion of the project.

The Final Report must include:
     The Financial Actuals of the Project in the form of a revised budget
     A written commentary on the overall success of the Project, also detailing any significant difficulties
        encountered during the Project.

Final Reports must be submitted to These reports may be brought before and discussed
in a WCC Meeting if deemed appropriate by the elected Vice-President of Financial Affairs.

WCC may request, upon submission of the Final Report, further details such as receipts or invoices.
Student Artist Funding Application


Name (the Project Organizer)

College Affiliation                                                  Student Number


Street and apartment/suite number

City                                                                 Province/Territory           Postal Code

(      )                                                             (      )
Telephone                                                            Fax

Email                                                                Website

AMOUNT REQUESTED: $ ____________________

PERIOD TO BE COVERED BY FUNDING: From ____________________ to ______________________

TYPE OF EVENT:        ◊ Dance     ◊ Visual Art & Design    ◊ Music     ◊ Film    ◊ Theatre   ◊ New Media    ◊ Other

TARGET AUDIENCE:        ◊ Youth     ◊ Adult ◊ All Public

PROJECT NAME: __________________________________________________________________________

PURPOSE OF PROJECT (15 words or less)

    I accept the conditions of the funding, and I agree to abide by the WCC’s decision.
    I hereby certify that I have signing authority for this application and I am authorized to approve this
      agreement on the organization’s behalf.
    To the best of my knowledge all of the information listed above is correct.
Name of Student Artist or Organizer                                           Signature
On a separate page:
   1) Applicants that represent student clubs or established student groups at York University should state the
       mandate/mission statement and a brief history of the organization including previous Projects and

    2) Ad hoc groups or individuals should list the names of individuals involved, their student numbers, college
       affiliations, year of study and program of study. Resumes for involved artists are optional but recommended.


Please include a typed, maximum TWO page statement answering the following questions:

    1)   What are the artistic objectives of the project?
    2)   How is this project innovative and unique to your selected art form?
    3)   What artistic processes will be used or explored during the creation of this project?
    4)   What are the technical demands of the project?
    5)   What public impact do you expect from this project?
    6)   Are there any future plans for this project beyond what has been outlined in this application?


On a separate page, please provide a detailed schedule for your Project.

Be sure to include (if applicable):
     Preparation Time
     Set-up and transportation
     Rehearsal or build time
     Project Opening
     Project Closing
     Clean-up time


On a separate page, please provide a detailed budget for your event. Your budget should be typed and easy to follow.

Be sure to included both Income and Expenses in your budget.

You should also consider the following (if applicable):
    Venue rental
    Materials
    Transportation
    Sound and lighting equipment rental
    Ticket price AND expected ticket sales
    Sponsorships
    Promotional materials
       Funding from other Colleges or similar Grant Programs
       Royalties


On a separate page, please answer the following questions as succinctly as possible:
   1) What venue is being considered for this project? Explain why this venue was selected.
   2) Have you applied for funding from other sources? If yes, please identify sources. If no, why not?
   3) Will your project be of interest to the community of Winters College?
   4) What are your plans for promoting and marketing your Project?
   5) How will the success of the Project be measured?


Please include any other materials that could help us better understand your project.

This can include:

       Written explanation
       Press clippings
       CDs
       DVDs
       Photos or slides
       Letters from York Faculty in support of project
       Samples of previous artistic work

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