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									Jobs are now structured differently. You will earn credit for every assignment that you complete
rather than for every 10 assignments CrowdFlower has implemented several important changes
based on your feedback:

      Earnings — You can earn payouts in smaller, more exact increments than before. This
       eliminates long work periods with no earnings payout, and it means you get paid for each
       task you do. Tasks typically take less than 5 minutes to complete.
      Savings — You have a "piggy bank" that will persistently store your earnings. You can
       stop working or change jobs whenever you want without losing what you earned!
      Visibility — You can track your earnings progress and your running accuracy score.
      Bonuses — You are now eligible for bonus payouts! Doing good work on certain jobs
       will lead to bonus payouts.

We are confident these changes will increase your enjoyment and earnings. Please use the in-Job
"Send Feedback" feature if you would like to comment on these changes.

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