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									Coolest specializations for MBA 2012

Master of Business Administration or MBA has been around for many decades now. Managers
in the field of human resources, marketing, finance, operations and production have been
benefiting from the higher knowledge and exposure offered by the MBA for all these years. The
best news for this new age, however, is that MBA is no longer limited to the few fields only.
MBA 2012 is open to professionals across streams.

A career in finance is itself split into banking, insurance, financial services and investment.
Similarly, marketing is also further divided into core marketing, advertising, public relations,
communications, event management and brand management. To cater to the demands of the
people in all these specialisations, it is possible to pursue management studies in all these
subjects through MBA 2012.

In addition to all these, MBA 2012 admissions are also open for different niche subjects that
give professionals valuable insights into the subjects of their choice. Like an MBA in information
technology will talk about knowledge management, information management and e commerce.
Tourism and Hospitality consists of service marketing, consumer behaviour and safety and
security of tourists. Retail management involves studying consumer buying behaviour, buying
techniques, franchising and visual merchandising.

An MBA 2012 can also be obtained in healthcare management, pharmaceutical management,
logistics management, supply chain management, hotel management, media and
communications, power management and project management.

It is important to keep in mind that while opting for an MBA 2012, one must also ensure that
the degree is obtained from a reputed institute. As most professionals who choose to do an
MBA in the niche fields are already employed, it would be preferable for them to pursue these
courses from an institute that offers coaching through distance education.

Jaro Education, an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, offers one year, nine months and six
months MBA courses in collaboration with the United Business Institutes of Belgium. These
international MBA courses are offered through the unique 3 modes of learning, which includes
online lectures, weekend online interactive classroom lectures & weekend in person classroom.
While regular lectures on the various subjects are provided through the online medium, Jaro
Education also ensures doubt solving sessions are held at convenient timings on weekends for
the students to interact with the faculty and with each other. Jaro Education is the only MBA
institute that offers international MBA degrees in 17 different specialisations.

In short, Jaro Education is a reliable one stop shop for a valuable MBA 2012.

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