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									CLASS of 2012

What Will This Year Look Like?
   Register for ACT/SAT
   Explore Post-Secondary Options
   Review Transcript for Accuracy
   Campus Visits (two days this year)
   Visit the Career Center
   Check Out the Internet!
   Meet with your counselor!
English 9-12                  12 credits
Social Studies 9-12           12 credits
Math 9-12                     9 credits
Science 9, 10, 11-12          9 (inc. Earth Sci.) or 12 credits
Phy. Ed 9                     2 credits
Health 9                      1 credit
Add’l PE                      1 CLASS
Add’l Health                  1 CLASS
Fine Arts 9-12                3 (or 4) CLASSES (Counselor Explanation)
                        68 TOTAL NEEDED

You should have at least 50 NOW, with a full course load all year, to be
      considered “on track.” If you do not, please see your Counselor.
      Post-Secondary Planning
 Military Opportunities-Check Career
  Center for recruiter visits.
 Job Opportunities- Check Career Center
  Job Board
 MCIS- MN Career Information System
 College Planning-Technical Colleges,
  Community Colleges, Universities
College Admissions Testing
 ACT vs. SAT
 ACT Writing
 Registration Info.
 Test Dates/Deadlines
 Some schools require scores be sent
  directly to them from ACT—make sure
  you know this!
 SAT Info:
  ACT Dates

                     2011-12 ACT TEST DATES
Test Date                  Registration Deadline     Late Registration Deadline**
September 10, 2011         August 12, 2011           August 26, 2011
October 22, 2011           September 16, 2011        September 30, 2011
December 10, 2011          November 4, 2011          November 18, 2011
February 11, 2012          January 13, 2012          January 20, 2012
April 14, 2012             March 9, 2012             March 23, 2012
June 9, 2012               May 4, 2012               May 18, 2012

                      Register On-Line at www.actstudent.org
                                  FEE: $34.00
                       ACT + WRITING TEST FEE: $49.50
                          **Late registration add $21.00
      Senior Year Plan
 Senior Meeting with Counselor: Meetings
  will be scheduled at your request! Please
  stop in to make an appointment.
 Register for ACT/SAT if needed
 College Visits (2 days)
 Gather application information/Visit college
  web sites so you are aware of what you
  need to do.
 Watch deadlines (early decision, etc.)
 Financial Aid Deadlines, FAFSA
          Choosing a College
 First and foremost: THINK ABOUT YOU!
 Type of school: Private, Tech., State,
  Religious Affiliation, Size, Cost, Location,
  Housing, etc.
 Extracurricular activities?
 Academic support?
 3-5 schools; include a “safety school”
 Meet with your Counselor as needed
  College Application Process
 Meet with Counselor to explore options; make an appointment
  with your counselor if necessary.
 Obtain and complete applications; online vs. paper.
 Neatness counts! Black ink is preferred! No pencils, colored
  pencils or glittery gel pens!
 Bring the completed application, the application fee made out
  to the specific college and a $3.00 transcript fee to the
  Career Center. Transcript fees can be check or cash. If you
  are sending several applications at one time, you may submit
  one check for the total amount.
 Complete application and pay fee online.
 After you complete your applications either on paper or
  online the last thing you do is come to Career Center and
  complete the salmon-colored form and give it to Mrs. Kes.
  This is how you let us know where to send your transcript and
  test scores.
  College Application Process
 It is your responsibility to find out if the school has an
  application fee (it is usually on the application itself)! Please
  submit a check payable to the school, NOT CASH.
 Fill out the salmon-colored form indicating relevant
  responsibility to know which colleges have counselor/school
  forms that need to be completed by a counselor.
 You can expect that your application will be mailed within 5
  days of when you turn in ALL needed application material.
  This will only take longer if you do not have everything you
  need turned in together.
  College Application Process
 If you are applying using the Common App., you still must fill
  out the salmon-colored form, as Counselors cannot
  electronically send a transcript.
 We will attach an official transcript, a copy of any testing
  report and your year-long schedule to each application
 We will mail your application for you.
 Make arrangements with testing organizations (ACT, SAT) to
  have official score reports sent directly to the school if
  necessary. Do not forget NCAA if you plan to participate in
  collegiate athletics.
 If your application requires a mid-year report, turn that in to
  Mrs. Kes as well.
      Teacher Recommendations
 Make sure they are NEEDED.
 Ask at least 3 weeks in advance.
 Ask a teacher who knows you well- preferably one
  who has had you in class more than one trimester.
 Respect the teachers right to decline; if a teacher
  hesitates, it is probably better to ask someone
 Obtain a Personal Information Sheet from the
  Guidance Office or download off of Career Center
  website to fill out and give to the teacher writing
  your letter.
      Teacher Recommendations
 Ask your teacher to turn the letter into the
  Career Center/Mrs. Kes. She keeps a copy on file
  for you.
 If you are using the college’s recommendation
  form, please fill in the required information, give it
  to the teacher and ask the teacher to turn it in to
  the Career Center/Mrs. Kes upon completion.
 If you are applying using the Common App., please
  have a conversation with the teacher vs. just e-
  mailing them the request.
 Remember to thank the teacher for their time and
  kind words!


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